Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 11


Hello again guys let’s try to get more comments if you want me to continue and soon there is going to be a upcoming revelation which will be very different to the show any way let’s get started

Recap: Rivanya love confession

Divya: Bhaiya…Bhabhi….Maa is calling you

Ritik: Okay you go we are coming

Ritik then pulls shivanya very close and is about to kiss her lips when she stops him and says

Shivanya: Abhi nahi……shaadi me baad

Ritik smiles and both go to yamini and tapasya holding hands…then yamini says

Yamini: okay beta shivanya you go home…

Shivanya: …..why…..

Yamini: Beta tomorrow is your sangeet …..yes Thant’s right your wedding date is finalized for after 2 days

Ritik gives a broad smile and says

Ritik: really maa!?!…..

Yamini: yes beta ….. Now let shivanya go home and you sleep also tommorow is sangeet the next day is mehndi and the day after is you wedding…..

Tapasya: right then we shall leave now….. Come on shivanya let’s go

Then tapasya and shivanyavgo back home…..its night time and shivanya is sleeping…..then the house phone / land line starts ringing….Shivanya hears this and gets up to go receive the call…she picks up the phone and it was ritik who called her…

Shivanya: Hello

Ritik: Hello Shuvanya its me Ritik

Shivanya: oh hello ritik…… His did you know it was me

Ritik: when you said hello I heard your voice …. Actually I called you to ask your number….

Shivany: Rituk………okay note it down it 0980983344 okay

Ritik: okay

The two then talk all night and its morning their sangeet… ritiks house early in the morning someone is ringing the doorbell…yamini opens the door as the servants have not arrived ……. She opens the door and sees a handsome young man standing there with a backpack…….and he says

Boy: namaste aunty…… Remember Me…….

Precap: Tanvi’ s plan to kill shivanya….

Guys thanx for reading and pls comment below

Credit to: Tina ji

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  1. Nice continue it and also update everyday

  2. Siddhi

    Really good

  3. It very very niccceee tinaji. Please update everyday and make the episode longer. Add some sensuous rivanya scenes

    1. I will and shreyaa can you pls update your ff’s

  4. There will be more romance but can you guess who the mystery character at the end of this episode is?

    1. Siddhi

      Is it vixen?

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