Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 10


Hey guys its finally the tenth episode thanx for reading Eternal Bond series so far and thank you for commenting I would just like to say that can all ff writers continue and update there ff’s soon. Thanx

Recap: Ending of Rivanya Engagement and Shivanya and tapasya come to Ritiks house

Ritik: After 2 days…..

Everyone in the room starts laughing loudly ritik blushes and sits down again next to Shivanya. Shivanya than whispers to Ritik

Shivanya: why….are you so impatient?

Ritik than gets up and says

Ritik: Okay you elders decide the wedding date………And Shivanya you come with me I want to show you the house.

Yamini: Yes Yes beta shivanya you go with ritik as we finalize the date.

Ritik than holds Shivanyas hand and starts to go upstairs with shivanya. Ritik takes her to his bedroom and says

Ritik: This is my……I mean our room

Shivanya: its nice

Shivanya than turns around and slips. She is about to fall when Ritik catches her by her waist they have an eyelock…….then slowly shivanya stands up properly Ritiks hand still on her waist. He then Pushes Shivanya really close to him. Both ritik and Shivanya close their eyes. Ritik brings his face really close to shivanya and says

Ritik: Do you love me……Do you wanna marry me?

Shivanya: Ritik …..I….

Ritik: Shivanya answer me……..

Shivanya turns her face away from ritik and starts blushing
Shivanya is about to leave when Ritik catches her hand and says

Ritik: I love you……..

Shivanya freezes she slowly ylturns around and looks into ritiks eyes. She could see love for herself in his eyes She hugged him tightly he hugged her back. Both smile after sometime ritik says

Ritik: So do you love me…….

Shivanya: …….I ……I……I do

Ritik then picks up shuvanya and spins around saying

Ritik: Yeeeeeaeaeeaeaaaaaaaassssss!!!”!

Shivanya: shushhh. What if someone hears you…..

Ritik: then let them hear me….

Shivanya: now put me back down…..

Ritik puts shivanya down and makes her say I love you again and again and again.

Ritik: say those 3 golden words again

Shivanya: I love you

Ritik: again

Shivanya: I love you

Ritik: again

Just then divya comes and says

Divya: bhaiya bhabhi maa is calling you down stairs…

Precap: Rivanya Sangeet new villain entry,……………Guys pls COMMENT if you want me to continue let’s try to get 5 comments then I will write next episode……sorry for boring episode ….hope you liked it…

Credit to: Tina ji

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