Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 1

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Precap:Yamini comes for alliance of shivanya and ritik

In the Car
Shivanya: hurry up please I am getting very late

Driver:Ma’am I cannot do anything there is too much traffic

Shivanya: aarghhhh…….

Shivanyas mansion
Ritik: How long will she take

Yamini: who

Ritik:My Bride

Tapasya : her name is shivanya

(Just then ritik gets a call and he goes towards window to attend it and as he leaves shivanya comes in)

Shivanya : Namaste Aunty

Yamini: namaste beta

(She then turns to Tapasya and says)

Yamini:Your daughter is very beutiful

Shivanya smiles and sits down beside her mum

Tapasya : Where were you… (whispers to shivanya)

Shivanya: ma woh actually traffic…..

Yamini: Arey ritik come and have a look shivanya arrives

Ritik walks back while typing something on his phone and he sits beside Yamini

Yamini: Arey take a look at shivanya

Then both take a look at each other and share an eye lock
both of them fall in love at first sight but dont realise it
After a few minutes of silence Yamini says

Yamini: Ritik beta do you like her

Ritik: bohot ……(still looking at shivanya)

Hearing this both tapasya and yamini laugh and ritik and shivanya are embarassed…

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  1. niceeee. plzzzzz make it longer…. sorry guys i can nat comment in many ffs as i am very busy bcoz my exams are coming… so plzzz don’t mind…..

  2. Plz continue overwhelming saga of luv when’ll upload next ff

  3. Wonderful plzzz make it longer

  4. It’s good pls continue and add Precap.

  5. Guys thanks for all your luv I will try to update @ least 2 times an week and let me know if you want episodes to be long or short

  6. Pls continue as soon as possible.

  7. Amazing I m ur fan from wattpad I love the work you do there Tina ji please continue and write more ffs on here and on wattpad your ffs on wattpad are just amazing please update soon

  8. Oh my god Tina ji u do work here as well I am a big fan of your work I only read your work please update your ff page wattpad and eternal bond please eagerly waiting

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