Naagin- Enchanted Bond Episode 2


Hi guys thanks 4 all your love in the comment section and if you want me to change the storyline please do say so and there is going to be a update every Tuesday I will try to do as many as possible but only if I get more than 10 comments right now on to the story and feel free to throw rotten tomatoes and sandles on my work

Recap: Rivanya meet and fall in love at first sight

Yamini and tapasya are laughing loudly.
After a few minutes Yamini says

Yamini : Ritik do you agree to do this marriage

Ritik: Defiantly …… I mean yes I do

Yamini: Shivanya beta do you agree to this marriage

Shivanya looks at her mum and her mum signals her with her eyes with a yes so then shivanya said

Shivanya: Yes I do

Everyone is very happy then tapasya says to shivanya

Tapasya: Shivanya beta you just came for work you go and get fresh

Shivanya: Yes ma

Then shivanya goes from there to her room ritik also tries to go but yamini catches his hand and says

Yamini: Going to shivanya……(teasingly)

Ritik: no ma …… I was just…mmm…going to the toilet

Yamini: oh really?….

Tapasya : Yamini stop troubling the boy….beta you go to the toilet

Ritik: Yes ma

Then ritik goes towards where shivanya went while tapasya and yamini catch up on there old memories

Precap: Cute Rivanya moments and Villain entry

Guys please comment below if I don’t get at least 7 comments I will not continue the story if I get 7 comments by tommorow I will write the next episode tommorow so please comment if you want me to continue….

Credit to: Tina ji

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