Naagin- cute lovestory (episode 3)


Hey gyzzzzzzz I am very happy that many of you liked my ff and also got comments. Thanks for liking and commenting on my ff. So let’s start with the episode…..

Recap-Shivanya reaches Raheja Industries and gives the Interview

(Rithik and Rakesh discussing on Shivanya whether to give her the job or not)
Rithik-do you find her suitable for this job?
Rakesh-sir,I don’t know
Rithik-She has the potential to join the job and plus her body language is also good and strong.
Rakesh-that’s true sir I agree on that……..but look at her clothing sir
Rithik-so what?if anyone where’s Indian clothes in my office it’s ok for me.
Rakesh-sir in meeting that time what will you do?
Rithik-that time we will decide for now I need a secretary and you know it’s urgent for me…so please…
Rakesh-yeah I know sir that you need a secretary and it is very important.
Rithik-we will give her a chance and see if she can do it or not……
Rakesh-ok sir I will call the receptionist and tell her to call Shivanya….
(Both comes out of the Interview section room)

Shivanya at house….
Shivanya- god I didn’t get a call or a message not even a mail what to do now?(Shesha coming happy)
Shesha-de why are you tensed?
Shivanya-I didn’t even get a call or a message not even a mail and that’s why I am tensed……..i’ll get water for you.
Shehsa-I don’t want water or anything but I am just happy because I got admission in Raheja Universities for the course of Business Management.
Shivanya-Wow!that’s amazing!congratulations but will I get a job?
Shesha-de,don’t worry you will get that job so just chill.
Shivanya-I hope so
Shesha-de,stay positive because my heart is saying you will itself get this job
Shivanya-I hope so that I will get this job itself(phone rings)………..
Receptionist-is this Shivanya?
Shivanya-Yes………is this Raheja industries
Receptionist-yes…………congratulations ma’am you got this job
Shivanya-ma’am are you serious?
Receptionist-yes…………….please come today between 4:00 to 5:00 pm to collect the offer letter
Shivanya-ok..i will surely come(cuts the phone)
(Shivanya jumping in happiness)
Shehsa-de,what happened……..tell me also?
Shivanya-Shesha you can’t believe I got this job
Shesha-omg………..i am so happy for you
Shivanya-at 4pm we will go out and I will go and collect the offer letter
Shehsa-k and then party
Shivanya-k…..part for sure such a big good news we have
(Both of them goes out)

At Raheja Industries…….
Security-Congrats ma’am for this job
Shivanya-thanks…sir is there(enters)ma’am sir is there because I have to collect the offer letter.
Receptionist-sir is there you can go and collect the offer letter…

(Entering Rithik’s cabin)
Shivanya-may I come in sir?
Rithik-Shivanya right?
Shivanya-yes sir
Rithik-congratulations for the job and please stop calling me sir call me Rithik………and take your offer letter
Shivanya-k and thank you for the offer letter
Rithik-join the office from tomorrow onwards please
Shivanya-k………..i will join tomorrow onwards
Rithik-so see you tomorrow then

(comes out of the Raheja Induustries)………..
Shesha-congrats for your job and you also got the offer letter so now party
Shivanya-obviously party too banta hai
Shehsa-wait I will get my scooter
Shivanya-k (waits for Shesha)
Shesha-let’s go
Shivanya-k…..let’s go first shopping,movie and then food court with few of our bestiee……..what’s say

Predcap-Both of them goes for shopping

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  1. Good episode but rivanya romance is needed to become fantastic

  2. Siddhi

    Lived it but pls add rivanya romance and also read my ff’s

  3. Siddhi do you watch badi door se aaye hai
    And do you like bad I door sent aaye hai

  4. Siddhi do you watch badi door se aaye hai
    And do you like badi door sent aaye hai

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