Naagin- cute lovestory (episode 3)

Hey gyzzzzzzz I am very happy that many of you liked my ff and also got comments. Thanks for liking and commenting on my ff. So let’s start with the episode…..

Recap-Shivanya reaches Raheja Industries and gives the Interview

(Rithik and Rakesh discussing on Shivanya whether to give her the job or not)
Rithik-do you find her suitable for this job?
Rakesh-sir,I don’t know
Rithik-She has the potential to join the job and plus her body language is also good and strong.
Rakesh-that’s true sir I agree on that……..but look at her clothing sir
Rithik-so what?if anyone where’s Indian clothes in my office it’s ok for me.
Rakesh-sir in meeting that time what will you do?
Rithik-that time we will decide for now I need a secretary and you know it’s urgent for me…so please…
Rakesh-yeah I know sir that you need a secretary and it is very important.
Rithik-we will give her a chance and see if she can do it or not……
Rakesh-ok sir I will call the receptionist and tell her to call Shivanya….
(Both comes out of the Interview section room)

Shivanya at house….
Shivanya- god I didn’t get a call or a message not even a mail what to do now?(Shesha coming happy)
Shesha-de why are you tensed?
Shivanya-I didn’t even get a call or a message not even a mail and that’s why I am tensed……..i’ll get water for you.
Shehsa-I don’t want water or anything but I am just happy because I got admission in Raheja Universities for the course of Business Management.
Shivanya-Wow!that’s amazing!congratulations but will I get a job?
Shesha-de,don’t worry you will get that job so just chill.
Shivanya-I hope so
Shesha-de,stay positive because my heart is saying you will itself get this job
Shivanya-I hope so that I will get this job itself(phone rings)………..
Receptionist-is this Shivanya?
Shivanya-Yes………is this Raheja industries
Receptionist-yes…………congratulations ma’am you got this job
Shivanya-ma’am are you serious?
Receptionist-yes…………….please come today between 4:00 to 5:00 pm to collect the offer letter
Shivanya-ok..i will surely come(cuts the phone)
(Shivanya jumping in happiness)
Shehsa-de,what happened……..tell me also?
Shivanya-Shesha you can’t believe I got this job
Shesha-omg………..i am so happy for you
Shivanya-at 4pm we will go out and I will go and collect the offer letter
Shehsa-k and then party
Shivanya-k…..part for sure such a big good news we have
(Both of them goes out)

At Raheja Industries…….
Security-Congrats ma’am for this job
Shivanya-thanks…sir is there(enters)ma’am sir is there because I have to collect the offer letter.
Receptionist-sir is there you can go and collect the offer letter…

(Entering Rithik’s cabin)
Shivanya-may I come in sir?
Rithik-Shivanya right?
Shivanya-yes sir
Rithik-congratulations for the job and please stop calling me sir call me Rithik………and take your offer letter
Shivanya-k and thank you for the offer letter
Rithik-join the office from tomorrow onwards please
Shivanya-k………..i will join tomorrow onwards
Rithik-so see you tomorrow then

(comes out of the Raheja Induustries)………..
Shesha-congrats for your job and you also got the offer letter so now party
Shivanya-obviously party too banta hai
Shehsa-wait I will get my scooter
Shivanya-k (waits for Shesha)
Shesha-let’s go
Shivanya-k…..let’s go first shopping,movie and then food court with few of our bestiee……..what’s say

Predcap-Both of them goes for shopping


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