Naagin- cute lovestory (episode 2)


Hey gyzzzzzzz I am very happy that many of you liked my ff and also gave positive comments which boosted my confidence level because I thought that you all will find it creepy and boring. But I got good response so I am happy. I am also sorry because i updated this episode late night according to uae time it is now 11:49.So let’s start with the episode………..

Recap-Shivanya not yet reached the Raheja Industries

Shivanya-Shesha, fast look I am already late
Shesha-de,don’t worry you will itself get the chill
Shivanya-what do you mean by chill? You know na this job is very important for me
Shesha-de,I know that you need job urgently at any cost……de this is the last signal we are gonna reach very soon… now can you chill atleast
Shivanya-k fine thank god I will be able to attend this interview

Shesha-de, just have a smile on your face and remove the tension fromm your face
Shivanya-tension will be there only no if ii didn’t reach the interview and get a job
Shesha-de,we reached
Shivanya-thank god finally I reached
Shesha-bye de…..all the best
Shivanya-thank you

(Shivanya enters the Raheja industries but security guard stops her)
Security guard- who are you? Why did you come here?
Shivanya- I am shivanya and I came here for a interview
Security guard-wait over here…..i will check in the list that you have an interview or not….wait
(Security guard checking the list and searching the name Shivanya)
Security guard-k, go madam…..please go to the receptionist
Shivanya-ok and thank you

(Shivanya entering the Raheja industries and heads towards the receptionist)
Receptionist-May I know your name?
Shivanya-I am Shivanya and I got a call for interview for the post of secretary
Receptionist-k…..just wait over here ma’am I will call and ask?
(Receptionist called Rakesh)
Receptionist-Ma’am you can go to the interview section room.

Shivanya-where is it?can you just tell me the direction
Receptionist-Ma’am go straight and then take left.
Shivanya-thank you

(Shivanaya waiting in the Interview section room)
Pune-are you the candidate for the interview?
Shivanya-yes,I am the candidate for the interview
Pune-just sit over here ma’am sir is busy with one important meeting……….it will get over very soon

(Some people coming out )
Pune-Sir,she is the candidate for the post of secretary
Rakesh-k…..tell her to come inside after 2 mins and sir is tired also so get a juice
Pune-ok sir…….I’ll tell her and bring the juice also…
Rakesh-ok(enters the room) sir the candidate has already arrived and since you are tired so I told the pune to bring juice for you

Rithik-that’s good tell her to come after 2 mins
Rakesh-pune has already told her
Pune-May I come in sir?
Rakesh-come in and keep the juice over here
Pune-k sir
Rithik-pune, send that girl inside we will drink the juice later as now it is 2:00 pm the time which we have to take the interview and the candidate is waiting
Rakesh-sir u are right we will drink the juice later…….pune take the juice and give it afterwards
Pune-k(Goes out)….sir is calling you ma’am you can go?
Shivanya-k(enters)may I come in sir?
Rakesh-come in
Shivanya-good morning sir
Rithik-your name please?

Rithik-Please show your certificates
Shivanya-sure sir
(Interview is going on)
Rithik-you will get to know the results very soon

Precap-Shivanya being tensed and Shesha is happy

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  1. The epi was very nice ?. Keep writing clivisha

  2. Very nice episode but add rivanya romance

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