Naagin (Colors) 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Naagin (Colors) 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with guru trapping Sesha under a fire circle. Shivanya thinks Sesha went to kill Guruma and guruma must have captured her, she should go and save her. Rithik asks where is she going. She says shiv temple as she had prayed for nagin’s destroyal. Rithik says he will also accompany her.

Sesha tries to take snake form, but could not. Guru maa says until kumkum is on her body, she cannot even get up. She takes knife and is about to kill Sesha when Ankush with Yamini enters and says she should first torture her and then kill her. Gurumaa’s hawks bite and torture Sesha.

Shivanya reaches shiv temple with Rithik and prays. Bhairavnath thinks there must be something important, so Shivanya came here. He asks Rithik to perform jal abhishek/water bath

of shiv idol. Rithik goes to bring water. He asks Shivanya if anything is wrong. She says Sesha must be in trouble and she wants to go and save her. He gives her shivji’s ash and says if she smears it on her body, she can enter gurumaa’s cave for 30 minutes and to save Sesha, she should get gurumaa out of cave.

Shivanya gets her bitten by snake thinking she has to do this to get guru maa out of her cave. Rithik sees her falling on floor and runs towards her. Shivanya says snake bit her and only guru maa can save her now. He carries her into car and then towards guru maa’s cave.

Ankush goes to Shailesh’s house and tells Ramya that he got a good news for his friend. Inebriated Shailesh shouts because of him, Tanvi and Rithik’s marriage did not happen. Ankush says Gurumaa caught nagin.

Gurumaa is about to kill Sesha with poisoned knife when Rithik enters and pleads to save his wife. She asks who is he. He says his parents had come some time ago and performed kaali maa’s havan. Guruma follows him out of cave till car and asks where did snake bite. He shows Shivanya’s neck. Guru maa says he needs to get some jadiboti/herb from jungle. He asks how does it look. Gurumaa says she will accompany him and takes him towards jungle.

Shivanya gets out of car, takes gurumaa’s form, gets into cave and calls Sesha. Sesha asks her to not come into circle as she will burn. Shivanya says gurumaa’s powers are out with her and nothing will happen to them. She gets her up. Hawks attack them and they kill hawks and walk out of cave in snake form. They then get back to human form. Shesha thanks her and says she knew her friend would come to save her. Guru maa comes with Rithik. Sehsha turns into snake and Shivanya goes back and sits on car seat as usual. Gurumaa smears herb on her neck and snake bite wound vanishes. Rithik thanks guru maa and tells Shivanya that guru maa saved her. Shivanya thanks guru maa.

Gurumaa goes back to her cave and does not find Sesha and finds hawks dead. She prays kali maa to give back life to her hawks. Hawks get alive and informs that someone like her took nagin from there. Guru maa thinks it must be definitely another icchadhari nagin.

Rithik brings Shivanya home and says she has to take bath with herbal water. Shivanya says she will not have cold water bath He forcefully takes her to bathroom and pours herb mixed water on her head. Agar tum saath ho….song..plays in the background. He then says she should go and change now, else she will catch cold.

Ankush and yamini reach gurumaa’s cave. Gurumaa says snake escaped. Ankush asks how can she escape from her grip. Guru maa says someone came and rescued her while she was away, but her poisoned knife will kill her for sure. Yamini finds Shivanya’s chain on floor and reminisce she giving it to her.

Once coming out of cave, Yamini shows chain to Ankush and says she gave this chain to Shivanya. He gets confused. She says she must have come into guru maa’s cave, else why would chain come here.

Shivanya reminisces Rithik’s love and concern for her and thinks she lied again a true person today. Sesha asks what is she thinking. Shivanya says Rithik. Sesha asks why is she thinking of him so much. She says he thinks more than her and she lied him even today. Sesha says it means she loves him. Sesha says showed concern for one who is worried for her is not love. She gives anklet found in panchner haveli and asks it to give it to guruji and find out whose it is. Servant knocks door. Sesha turns into snake and hides. Shivanya opens door. Servant says Yamini called her in hall.

Shivanya meets Yamini and asks why did she call. Yamini asks what happened to her chain. Shivanya stammers. Yamini says it is with her and she found it in Guru maa’s cave, why did she go there . Shivanya gets tensed.

Rithik gets romantic with Shivanya. A man asks Sesha why are her eyes sparkling. She gets tensed. He takes her near window to sight a moon. She hugs him from behind to stay away from moonlight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow ? thanx h Hasan 4 d fast update…… Loved d epi as well as rivanya scenes…….??

  2. Superb cool epi. Shitik are aswsome romance. And i waiting 4 precape epi.

  3. Madhuri kumari

    Awesome episode

  4. bakwaas illogical story….

    1. You start again great fooooooooooool :p

    2. Whats ur problem? I jus don understand why r u always after the show? Your comments are bakwaas.

    3. marry shivrit 4ever ?❤

      who r u????? y u saying that???

    4. Hey mottu
      What’s up man
      Oh yeah you’re just a bla bla bla

  5. Thanks for updates..nice episode

  6. So this how our rajat tokas enters da show flirtng sesha great!!!!!

  7. The episode was awesome l loved ritik and shivanya today

  8. the man who shesha from behind is rajat tokas as nevala

  9. I think the man hidden in the old chamber is rithik’s look alike whose painting was shown..the story is getting intesresting..

  10. Who’s dis new character?

  11. yes I think rithik is that man son who is in preson rithik k parents k 7 b kuch ghalat kya gaya

  12. Episode was nyc but precap they showed like next week y?????today v dnt hav?????

    1. Today colors star dust awards show wil be telecasted at 7pm…so no naagin today..

  13. whats ur problem losted cutiness and lxp i will write whatever i want to write………… understand ………. whatever in my heart i will writ u r just a bigggggg fooooollllll………
    so jst keep quiet…………

      1. bla bla bla………………………………………………………………………….

  14. Wow….i love it…am sure shivanya will fall in love ❤ with ritik…he is too cute…????…let me know what u guys think?..

    1. Yes definitely…she loves him but dont know whether she wil live with him forever after her revenge mission gets over…

  15. Gossips saying that there will be second season for naagin…sesha to fall in love with rajat tokas who is a nevla…love naagin..can’t see naagin today…

  16. i loved shivik scenes; ritik is a very gud husband & his love towards shivanya is pure;loved him ;sesha is superb& waiting ror next week . when vil they reveal the devdiwaali raaz? Shivik rokzz

  17. adipoli!!…i luv naagin

  18. Wow! What a nice epi… I love it so much.

  19. marry shivrit 4ever ?❤

    wow…….nice episode………….its going to b end in may……….sad but there is season 2……………..waiting 4 today episode eagerlyyy precape was so romantic………

  20. My dearest cutie pie and Lxp…did mottu’s words ever stop you from loving this serial??…if no then how can u guys expect that he will change his views regarding naagin….everything is fine with naagin…but he hates it…that means something is wrong with him…not with anyone else…

    Plz don’t take it otherwise…this is just a small suggestion from ur frnd…I know how much it hurts when you see people commenting bad about something which is actually good….

    WO kya hai na…bade-bade desho
    Mein aisi choti- choti baate toh hoti rehti hain…..senorita..?????

    1. chill dear……why r u getting hyper?!!we r jst doin it 4 fun………………….v jst wanna get on his nerves!!!!!

  21. I wanna declare here dat dis is the only ekta kapoor’s best serial made EVER…in terms of concept,, story,,screenplay,,editing,,vfx,,casting…and a lot more…thanx a lottttt to her for giviing us such an awesome show?????….

  22. Nice episode shivanya and rithik rocks..bus o devdi ka raaz khol jaye maza ayega..shivanya agar tumara intekam pura ho jane par ritik k liye qurbani nai de sakti kya tum?…rajat tokas plz naagin ki help karo

  23. naagin gonna last till may and not till march………………so rivanya fans ……..rejoice!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Yup Nandhini….you are absolutely ? right…but I fear if this gonna last forever….anyways….

    Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst …??

    1. Well said sanam????

  25. Hey!!! Nandhini….are u Tamil?? Just curious…?

  26. Hi sanam! ☺Yes i am a tamilian…i am frm chennai..

  27. I knew that u belong to south India….u surprised!!!!!….actually the way u write ur name says it….
    I wanna tell u how much I admire south Indians ? ❤ …..U people are too good….
    Can I ask you one more thing??…Do you understand Hindi….?…I mean I have seen many south Indians commenting here….do you guys also follow Hindi serials???….I have nothing to do with these things…just asking out of curiosity..?

    1. Ohh!! Thank you so much sanam☺….i am so happy to hear dat you admire our people!☺☺…yes i was really surprised at frst wen you askd if i am a tamilian??…i can understand some hindi as i studied it as a 3rd language in my school and i grew up watching many hindi programs…and yes we people follow most of the hindi serials…it all started when some of those serials wer dubbed in tamil and telecasted in our regional channels…after watching them we began to develop an interest for them for their interesting storylines and scenes and we are fascinated by watching your north indian culture, rituals, way of living, and many more and after dat we switched on to watch them directly in hindi to experience the viewing in its original form…what made us love them is the concept of joint family system and its values in many serials.. apart frm the regular saas-bahu things,,they are also showing the love between all family relationships in many differnt ways…and also
      the making of the shots in grand and beautiful sets as equivalent to movies makes us hooked to them everyday!!???

  28. wait Rajat Tokas will enter now as Ichhadhari Nevla – Kabir !!! More excitement to come !!!

  29. i just loved this drama

  30. Hiii! There,
    Can any 1 here knows where is naagin set is located ???!
    Plz if any 1 know kindly reply

  31. That’s so cool ? of u nandhini…lemme tell u that I also love south Indian movies…I don’t know Tamil but have little knowledge regarding Telugu …like Nuvvu Ella unnau??…ha ha ha ?…correct me if am wrong….Am a fan of prabhas, kajal, ram charan teja and above all cheeranjeevi…??…… And thanks for loving us…and sorry if I disturbed u ?…

    Nandhini u r such a sweetheart…love you ?…

    1. Woww!! The actors you have mentioned here are my favorite too in telugu! Especially kajal!…she is my favorite in both telugu and tamil?…and thr is no correction here…you are speaking good telugu dear☺☺….and…thr is no need to ask sorry to me here…it was not a disturbance at all….i am soooo glad to chat with you here??? Love you too yaar!!??☺☺

  32. Oh!!!! ..thank u so much…nandhini..?…for these loving words..??

    1. ☺☺☺

  33. still one more day to go. . . When is kabir entry. . . im very much excieted friends

  34. Super Rivanya… words to describe their chemistry simply in Malayalam ADIPOLI…..kalakki…..

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