Naagin (Colors) 8th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 8th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with someone falling down after drinking Sesha’s given alcohol. Everyone run towards man including Ankush Raheja/dad. Doctor among them checks and says he has consumed poison. Sesha hears that and fumes that someone else died instead of Ankush. They rush him to hospital. Ankush asks Yamini not to worry as their family is safe. Guest lady discusses that snake must have taken revenge for troubling it. Rithik’s sisters see her and says they are seeing her for the first time. Lady leaves and changes into Sesha who says Anksh escaped this time, but she will not spare him next.

Yamini says they have to do havan. Ramya says what is the need of havan. Yamini says Rithik’s escaped accidents twice and series of accidents are happening with them all,

so havan is necessary. Ankush’s friend asks not to think about her past. Yamini says it their past. Ankush asks them to shut up.

Rithik brings Shivanya back to haveli. Shivanya says she will go to kichen. He holds her hand and they both get lost in thoughts. O re piya….song..plays in the background. Tanvi comes and thightly hugs him from behind and says where was he all night, she is very tensed as a series of accidents happening. He asks what happened. She says her engagement dress spoilt and Rao uncle.. Ankush enters and says Rao had a small accident and takes Ankush in.

Ankush asks Rithik why was he looking at waitress so intesely. Rithik says she saved his life. Ankush says he should thank her and move on. Rithik asks he is thinking wrong. Ankush says he considered him always as a friend and not son, so he wants to suggest him that he should think of long-termin profit and forget about short-term profit, meaning he should think of Tanvi and not waitress. He did not become rich Ankush Raheja just like that. Rithik asks what did he do. Ankush jokes that he lost his dignity, his fame, name, etc. Rithik asks what does he mean. Ankush laughs that he is trying to get back to father’s role. Rithik also laughs.

Rithik’s cousin gets inebriated and asks young ladies to bring him kebab. Ladies say they are dancers. He asks them to bring kebab dancing then. Sesha who is among ladies tries to leave, but he holds her hand and walks a bit distance. Her hand elongates so long. He says he paid her for her dance. She smirks and asks what about kebab. He turns and panics seeing long hand and leaves it. Shivanya comes there and asks what happened. He asks if she saw that lady. She says nobody is here. He says he got drunk too much then.

Yamini prays god holding kumkum that she fulfilled all responsibilties and god should protect her family.

Ramya jokes with ladies that she is very hot, etc. Yamini jokes that Ankush wants to compete with Rithik and Ramya wants to compete with her daughter. Ankush comes and tells his friend that he looks too fat and jokes to tuck in his tummy.

Ankush calls Rithik and Tanvi and announces guests about their engagement. Everyone clap. Rithik looks at Shivanya. Ankush says he came back to this haveli to find his roots and he has not forgotten his royal culture, so he has called Delhi’s dancers. Sesha starts dancing sensuously with ladies on Dilbar sunta jaare…song… Rithik continues looking at Shivanya. Ankush sees that and warns him to concentrate on Tanvi and not waitress. Ankush continues looking at Shivanya though. Shivanya while walking drops Ankush’s brother’s alchol glass and it falls. Her hands gets injured. Rithik tries to walk towards her, but Tanvi holds him. Sesha continues dancing and drags Yamini and others ladies for dance. Everyone start dancing. Something falls on Sesha’s hand and it turns into snake ski. Yamini sees that and looks at her shockingly. Sesha runs from there. Yamini follows her asking who is she, why is she running. Sesha converts into ichadhari nagin. Ankush comes calling Yamini. Sesha then converts into snakes an crawls. Yamini shows snake to Ankush and says dancer girl became snake. Ankush follows snake which escapes via door. He finds anklet and then closes door. He tells Yamini that he will lock the door permanently and they are leaving tomorrow as he does not want their 20-year-old secret to come out.

Rithik finds Yamini outside haveli and forcefully pops in pills into her mouth. She says she is allergic to allopathic medicines. He says illness is allergic to allopathic medicines and applies ointment on her hand wound. She tries to leave. He stops her and asks where is her husband. She gets confused and then says he is at home. He asks what does he do. She says weight lifter. Rithik asks howmuch weight he lifts. She says 50 kg. He asks if he lifts 2 girls like her. She says he is not wrestler. He asks where did she meet him first time, in gym or holding lassi glass. She says neither both, she saw him outside and had love at first site. He says he thought love at first site is a myth.

Yamini’s friends taunt Tanvi that her fiance does not love him. Tanvi says he is rich and handsome and loves only her. Friends taunt then why is he not with her.

Shivanya tries to walk out. Rithik asks where is she going. She says to work. He says then she should go inside haveli. Rithik hears someone calling chote malik and asks Shivanya if she heard it.

Ankush calls snake charmer and gives money to catch Sesha. Snake says nagin cannot get away from been sound. Ankush orders servant to lock door. Servant says he did. Ankush says he needs strong lock. Rithik runs towards door and lock opens easily. He enters into room with Shivanya. Ankush locks door from outside and applies wax on lock. Shivanya knocks door and pleads to open door and says her voice is not going out. Rithik says he heard in old days, one can hear outside’s voice but not inside’s.

Snake charmer starts playing been. Shivanya gets headache and says medicine is working adversely. Rithik holds her ears and she relaxes. Sesha panics hearing been sound and tries to run outside haveli. Charmer stops her and says only a snake can panic hearing been. She tries to bite him, but he escapes and she falls down. He plays been again and she converts intosnake and tries torun. He follows her and throws back. She converts into human again and tries to run. He holds her hand and continues playing been. She converts into snake again and he holds her, but she tries escape into jungle. Whole Raheja family come out and are shocked to watch such a big snake. Charmer continues following her. She bites his leg and climbs tree into human form. He hits her with wooden plank and she falls down with half human and half snake. He holds her tail and finally catches her.

Rithik asks Shivanya if she is feeling fine. She says yes. He asks if she will run back to her wrestler. She says he is her husband, so she has to. He asks how does he look like, if she has any photo. She says no and they should try to find way out from here, else they will get stuck here.

Snake charmer catches Shivanya into snake form and throws her into water. She chokes into water and pushes Charmer. Charmer asks to dig ground and set fire, snake will come into her real form.

Shivanya says Rithik she saw big Kunwar’s photo. He asks where. She hlds his hand and points up. He starts looking at her face. She says it is his photo. He is shocked to see himself as kunwar wearing raja’s attire.

Precap: Yamini scolds Rithik for not believing her and says she had only one way to save her family and had to punish snake. Rithik says the way she punished it, snake will not come back. Shesha looks at kunwar’s photo and says this time truth will win and she will not keep quiet until she takes his life

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Todays episode was nice… mouni snake??????i dnt want her to be naag…..

    1. yeah.mouni definitely is a snake…….

  2. Plz some one clear ma doubt…. s mouni roy also a naagin..???? S she also here to tak revenge frm arjun…. I rly don understand…. wil der b no luv story btw mouni n arjun..???

  3. Is mouni a snake?? I don’t want her to be snake.nice episode

  4. According to wiki Mouni is also a naagin.. a sassy one.. But I don’t think she is here to kill Rithvik. She had chance. I think she is saving him from Sesha.

  5. Nice episode

  6. Nt at all she is nt nggin

  7. sorry …but der r many mistakes n d written updates …
    1.ritwik finds shivanya outside d haveli not yamini
    2.snake charmer catches shesha into snake form nott shivanyaaa….
    nddd thank you 4 d written episode.

  8. Naagin is nice but its only on two days too bad am i right guys

  9. Mouni is naagin according to the new promo..where she says “””with each passing day I am getting closer to u(rithik) as I come closer ur end is coming near…I am naagin”””

  10. Mouni Godavari

    Mouni is also a nagin But she is here to save rithik from shesha

  11. Hi guys,
    Yesterday’s episode was really good.
    And yes mouni is also a nagin, but she’s not negative nagin. It’s ada khan is who negative.

  12. Mouni is nagin as she closed her ears when snake charmer played snake music though she said its due to medicine allergy. She probably is the snake on lord Shiva’s neck-shakti, who will do according to her thought whether to save or harm rithwik. This is my POV that I came across watching the story so far

  13. Mouni is naagin but n think she is coming now to kill ritik but later she she will safe him from ada after knowing ritik clearly

  14. Hi aliya,
    I think what you’ve said is Right.
    The thing is that I really want to know what really happened 20 years ago.

  15. its mysterious but only 2 days is not worthy….end sasural simar ka and bring naagin into that slot

  16. why cant we see naagin all 7 days a week???

  17. mary christodoulou

    nice serial with vr good actors

  18. according to me Shivanya is also a Naagin .. she was disturbed in the storeroom with the snake charmer’s music! Mayb a backup plan if the main Naagin cannot attack!

  19. I m aalso Nagin

    I thin Mouni has come to take revenge but later she will come to know that Rithik is really good and she will save him from Adaa
    I love both Adaa and Mouni and the serial is awesome.
    Just take it in Pl of any serial.
    So fat its the best show in colors with grey actors and awesome plot and I rlly want it to be week days show

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