Naagin (Colors) 7th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 7th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankush and Yamini entering their room and searching nagin. Ankush finds book on floor and says he kept it in cupboard, how did it come out. Yamini sees snake skin and shouts. Ankush says this is snake skin. Yamini says then it is proved nagin came here. Ankush sees window open and says she escaped from window. He says one who wanted to kill then is dead, that means this one is another nagin, they have to meet guru maa now.

Yamini and Ankush meet gurumaa who takes snake skin and nagin’s blood stained knife and performs pooja on them. Blood falls in a bowl. Guru maa says nagin did not die and is alive. Ankush says she told nagin will die. Guruma says someone is protecting her, but she will kill nagin soon.

Sesha goes to shiv temple to meet Shivanya.

Bhairavi asks who come she is here. She says she needs to talk to Shivanya right now. He says Shivanya is resting and should not be disturbed and asks what happened. She says about Rithik’s neck tattoo mark and says Shivanya must be knowing about it. Bhairavnath asks her to find out the secret behind it as she is staying in that house now. Sesha says she will and leaves.

Gurumaa performs pooja on Shivanya’s blood andShivanya starts shouting in pain with blood oozing from her wound. Bhairavnath gets worried and calls gurudev. Gurudev checks Shivanya’s wound and says it is verydangerous poison and somone is trying to kill her with mantras, so even he cannot help. Gurumaa tells Ankush and Yamini that nagin will lose all blood from her body and will die. Yamini asks why is nagin not yet dead. Gurumaa gives her belpatra and says if nagin is inside she will not go out an if she is outside, she will not get in.

Bhairavnath pleads gurudev to save Shivanya as he is shivji’s ardent follower. Gurudev prays with closed eyes and says he can save shivanya only for 1 day and says only shivi can save Shivanya and she has to go to shiv temple.

Angad praises Rithik that he killed nagin when everyone could not. Rithik says she bit Shivanya, so he had to kill nagin. Anjali says nagin is dead finally. Ankush and Yamini come and says nagin is not yet dead, so guruma gave them belpatra to tie it on all doors. Angad and Anjali tie belpatra on doors. Sesha thinks of meeting Shivanya again and tries to leave from window. Rithik enters and stops her and says nagin comes via this window and mom told she is stil alive, so gurumaa gave belptra. He ties belpatra on window.

Gurudev tells Bhairavnath that only Rithik can save Shivanya by taking her to shiv temple. Bhairavnath says Rithik will know that Shivanya is nagin. Shivanya says if he does not come, she wil die and even if he comes, she will die. Bhairavnath says Rithik will come and says her parents sacrificed themselves for shivji and even she is shivji’s discipline, so Shivaji bring Rithik. Gurudev asks Shivanya to go out and reach temple passing all the hurdles. Shivanya leaves. Gurudev says even Rithik is in danger as he has tatoo mark and is related to Shivanya. He can feel Shivanya’s pain and only god can help them now.

Shivanya walks in jungle towards shiv temple. Hawks attack her. Sesha thinks she needs to find out the secret in nagmani book and know why Ankush is safeguarding it. Shivanya calls Sesha via telepathy. Shivanya tries to leave via window, but belpatra stops her. She fumes that humans have made a belpatra protective barrier around whole house and she cannot go out now.

Bhairavnath tries to take lift from passing by vehicles, but no one stops. He thinks he has to go to Rithik and only he can save her. Sesha goes near door and looks at belpatra. Yamini asks what is she doing. Sesha says she was checking if belpatra is not broken.

Rithik feels Shivanya’s pain and calls Shivanya worriedly. Yamini asks what happened to him. He says he felt Shivanya is in danger and wants to see her now. She says she must be resting in room. He tries to run towards room, but Sesha comes in shivanya’s disguise. Yamini says Rithik thinks she is in trouble. Sesha thinks how can Rithik sense shivanya’s pain twice, what connection the both have. She tells Rithik she is fine and nagin cannot come crossing belpatra barrier.

Hawks attack Shivanya. She changes into snake and gets into cave, then comes out and thinks she has to take her parents’ revenge at any cost and starts running again.

Sesha changes into snake and burns belpatra via electric wire. Yamini sees belpatra burning and calls family. Angad sets off fire. Ankush says nagin is very powerful and he will kill her at any cost. Bhairavnath comes outside Raheja house and thinks he has to call Sesha with been sound. Sesha changes into snake and escapes. Ankush sees her and shows it to family. They all panic. Ankush then hears been sound and comes out to check.
Shesha meets Bhairavnath and asks why did he come here. He says Shivanya is in danger and only Shivji can save her, Shivaya has to go to shiv temple with Rithik within 3 hours. Sesha asks why enemy’s son. Bhairavnath says it is gurudev’s word. Ankush comes there and they both hide. Ankush sees them and thinks nagin is still alive. He then sees Bhairavnath and thinks snake charmer escaped 20 years ago and is still alive. He brings gun from his room and shoots at them. They both hide behind walls. Sesha sends Bhairavnath by saying she will bring Rithik to shiv temple at anhy cost. She then turns into snake and gets into house.

Rithik tells Yamini that he heard bullet sounds. Yamini says Ankush is upstairs. Ankush comes and says nagin is alive and he saw her going out. Sesha comes in Gurumaa’s disguise and says they have to be alert for 3 hours as they and nagin are in danger. Ankush asks her to think how to kill nagin. She says Rithik and Shivanya should go to shiv temple and pray there. She then goes out and changes into herself and then snake and enters house again to take Rithik to shiv temple.

Rithik tells Ankush and Yamini that he will go to temple with Shivanya. Sesha comes back as Shivanya. Yamini says she will also accompany them. Sesha says only they both will go and tells Rithik let us go. Ankush asks Angad to lock all doors and windows.

Shivanya sees mangoose around her, so she turns into snake and crawls on trees. She then takes human form and runs again.

Rithik gets Sesha/Shivanya into car and thanks her for agreeing to come to shiv temple for his family. She says it is also her family but thinks she is doing it for Shivanya.

Precap: Yamini says Shivanya her true face came out now. Rithik says Shivanya is not nagin. Guruma says she will prove it and throws ash on floor. Shivanya starts dancing like snake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Nandhini

    Thank you finally for the update…now i got it…rithik and shivanya are somehow connected with the birthmark in the back of his neck….woww how cool is dat their love is so pure…i am sure if rithik comes to kno dat his wife is a naagin who came to avenge her parents murderers,,he wil
    definitely understand and wil help her….

  2. motuu

    yuck yuck!!!! dis serial is pathetic..naagin..:/ all dos who watch dis show
    r dumb bla bla bla!!! sab ke sab gadhe
    ho..bakwaas .. Stop this shit story

    • chinu

      Yuck yuck are pathetic yaar not naagin…& you are big big dumb..ha ha…funny fellow…..and also you are big donkey … bakwaas motuu bakwaas….very funny..ha ha ..

    • riya

      C’mon MOTTU !!!!!! Everyone here knows dat its just a fiction and can never happen in real life!!!! We r just watching dis serial bcoz its actors r wonderful and their acting tooo??……… And ………
      You have no right to tell anything against us!!!!?? UNDERSTOOD?????!!!! and from next tym guys we wont reply to such people……….. We know that u were d one who cheated …….. First protested against d serial and then changed d name and again wrote ‘ I DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE LIKE MOTTO BATE DIS SERIAL’ am I right???? And yes guys a humble request to you all……. Plzzz from now on don’t ever bother to reply to such c**p ??

  3. dishu

    I feel u r “ATTENTION SEEKER”..
    U might not b getting importance/attention in ur outside world so u just came here to seek for d same..

    This shows ur mentality..
    If u dont like this show why r u watching it n commenting here..

    It simply means u r also fond of this show n u just simply want to capture attention..

    N if u actually dislike this show then seriously it proves u might b suffering from mental disorder coz though after so much of hatred u r continuosly watching this shown n also commenting..

    Dont u have something called as self respect.. coz if u had that u might had stopped commenting negative as most of our grp members back fire on u..

  4. shivam

    @ mottu uncle : gadhe toh aap ho mottu uncle.. Na pasand hai naagin fir v dekhe ja rhe ho.. Aapse bada gadha toh koi ni.. Na pasand hone pe log ek bari,do bari koi kam krte hain but aap toh dekhe hi ja rhe ho n inna na pasand hone k bad v u just go on commenting on updates n replies of otha ppl.. inni faltu ki chizon k liye patience n tym kahan se late ho uncle mottu?? Ohh i got it!! Aapko attention ni deta na koi ghar me,college me or office me uncle.. Aap pareshan ho na apni lyf se so u jus wanna bcm a big critic hero thru these updates.. So tht ki social sites pe aapki frn list ki number bdhti jaye. Hai na?? Koi na.. Go on uncle ji. Sb ko khush hone ka haq h hamari country me.. Aapki inne dino se comments dekh dekh k im forced to say ol these things uncle.. Koi na uncle ji keep going. 🙂

  5. I think ritik is not son of ankush n yamini. Vo log ritik ko sirf us tatoo ke liye mante hai. Ku ki vahi unlog ko nagmani tk pahuch skta hai…. Is anyone agree wd me?????

  6. Joya

    Ritik is not son of ankush and yamini……. Shayad Ritik un insan ka beta hain ji devdi me kaid tha….ritik wo raaja hai jo nagamani ki raksha karta hai……means nagmani ki raksha karna uska farj hai…….

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    So much emotional….
    Ritik can actually feel that shivanya is in danger…. and thanks to guru ji who said that human and nagin love story is since their past life….
    I hope precap me shesha ho otherwise shivanya ka badla adhura rehe jayega…. ya fir ritik ko apni family ka sach pta chal jaaye..
    I think is show ka end ya ab track film nagina ki tarha hoga jaahan shri devi bhi nagin hoti hai and end me human form le leti hai ….

  8. Dhivyanjalee

    But I am Bord seeing one hero with two heroines… In all the serials Itthought naagin must be different but it is all so the same…. Bord love story….

  9. SAM

    Mottu tujhe itna kuch kehne Ki haat bhi phir Tu sab commenter to pareshan karti hain?What’s problem with u?Tum Keya kabhi bhi dimaag par chot payi ho Keya?kis mitti Ki bani ho tum?

    Todays episode is really nice & enjoyable.Sesha Ki acting la jawab hain.Voh kitni maturely sab problem ko handle kar rahi hain.Yamini Keya sach Mein shivaniya Ki sacchai Jan jayegi?

    i think sesha bhi dhere dhere rithik ko pachand karne lage gi.pher shivanya & sesha Ki bich Mein rithik ko lekar fight start ho jayegi .
    what’s the opinion of others?M i right or wrong?

  10. Neha

    good epi but why they’re making a love triangle. since Sesha hates humans, her lover should be a naag not Ritik . Ritik is only for Shivanya.

  11. Kumud

    every one will see shivanya’s naagin roop.evey one became shocked.but then shesha comes in disguise of Shivanya.and save shivanya. others misunderstand shesha as shivanya.

  12. Neha

    you are right kumud. Sesha will save her sister. i know in show they’re cousins but i always imagine them as sisters

  13. vidya

    Hi. Naagin is my favorite serial. It was an awesome episode. The tatoo in rithik neck will be there 4 the people who must protect the naagmani. Shesha must never love rithik. Rithik is just only for shivanya…….love u both a lotttttt

  14. Rite

    @chinu,,,@Aaliya,,,@dishu,,,@SAM,,,@Mahe,,,@shivam ….i totally agree withuu allll…..
    mottu u r very bad….mottu plzz chale jao yahase….
    Sabke batduaaye lena aachi baat nahe hai…..

    Naagin is one of the best serial…Its getting interesting day by day….
    I m waiting for next episode…. 🙂 ……Love uuuu Rivanya…. 😀

  15. sanam

    Wow…this is so interesting ?…love the actors and their acting…am a big fan of this serial….keep going..?….lots of love? ??…..

  16. Priyanka

    Oh my god so intense!!
    Guys ignore motu, he/she is just here for your attention. Don’t respond to him/her!

  17. aastha

    Its te 1st rime I’m commenting…. I cme to know te story f tis serial a few days bck frm ma bestie n I immediately lvd it… certainly s getting interesting day by day……I hpe shivanya ll b all ri8…..guts cnn u Tel me te meaning f tis wrd: ichadari naagin????????

    I dnt understand u mootu…..hw cn u Cal tis wonderful serial yuck?????n moreovr f u hate tis serial I wonder y u waste ur time watching n commenting here…….u certainly mst b mad……r u being rude to seek our attention??????if so tere r mch better ways to do it……n morevr u shud nt hurt others wth ur wrds jst bcoz u r feeling bored or nt happy……r u a psycho??????

    Im sorry f I hurt urs or anybody else feelings……………..

  18. Misa

    I also think rhitik is d son of dat man who is being captured in dat haveli n d vry interesting twist i cud see is d man is rhitik look alike,his eyes, did u guys noticed dat ?

  19. Disiya krish raan

    Mahe very good!and mottu mahe use hand only if your in infrent of me I use sandle for beat you……………

  20. Disiya krish raan

    Mahe very good!and mottu mahe use hand only if your in infrent of me I use sandle for beat you…………..

  21. subhi

    Omg… one nagin is not enough that another nagin falling in love with ritik.I like shivanya feeling but i don’t understand that why is she loveing to ritik.He is son of Killer and most brutal killer. may be ritik also a ichadhari nag because both have same mark.but she love him …girls are so complicated …shesha is romantic girl and shivanya is s*xy girl .

  22. Siya

    This show is different from all other sas bahu wale stupid shows….,,,???? nd this makes me luv this show a lot nd these people r making story interesting day by day I Just Luv It ….,,like totally

  23. Shraddha Sharma

    Writers plz don’t spoil the jodi of shivanya and ritik; by bringing Shesha b/w them…
    I read on spoilers that there will be a love triangle where shesha will try to spoil ritik and shivanya love story….

  24. Disiya krish raan

    Aastha is it your real name?? Iam so glad to hear that name after a lot of days.becoze I am a big fan of is pyar ko kya naam doom ek baar phir

  25. vini

    l luv this serial so much .shivanya n rithik best jodi on tv ever.n i admire sesha .but dont make shesha to fall in lov with hrithik .

  26. mottu

    okayy nw tell me who d hell r u yr….i jst stopped commenting here for sometime n u r doing my job with my name….jst filling my place…okayy as ur wish keep it up…..wat cud i say to my fan @motuu….
    hey u misspelled my name….
    btw i don’t watch dis naagin serial….n plzz before commenting on me jst look at the logo….
    okayy @motuu in my absence jst fill my place…..
    i jst hate copycats yaar shw ur identity…stopp using my name…got it…
    okayy u r doing all this becoz u knw i m famous in this forum so u commenting here on my behalf…maje le rahe ho….okayy go on
    goddd my fans following my path with name….

  27. I really like the chemistry between real shivanya and ritik not shessa…i wish shivanya come soon in ritik house…by after knwing reality by ritik…….guys u wish shivanya come quick…

  28. In the coming episodes, we will see a declaration of love from Shivaanya
    The love story between Ritik (Arjun Bijlani), Shivaanya (Mouni Roy) and Shesha (Adaa Khan) is getting more intriguing by the day. We have seen how Shivaanya is falling in love with Ritik but cannot express her love for him. In the coming episodes, we will see a drunken Shivaanya telling Ritik that she loves him a lot. She will also tell about him Shesha. However, it won’t be Ritik but Shesha in his disguise.

    Shesha will be upset knowing how much she loves him and remind her that she is here on a mission to take revenge for her parents’ death. We will also see Shesha getting attracted to Ritik as she will realize how much he loves Shivaanya. As per buzz, there is a chance of a love triangle happening between these three. One of the more intriguing aspects is the birthmark on Ritik’s neck that has been spotted by Shesha. Apparently, that birthmark is only on the necks of those who know about the divine Nagmani.

    In the last episode, we saw how Shesha tries to take Ritik to the temple so that he can save Shivaanya’s life from the fatal blow. The Raheja family has approached Gurumaa to save themselves from the Naagin and she told them to tie belpatra over the windows. Will Shesha poison Shivaanya’s mind against Ritik? Stay tuned for more updates.

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