Naagin (Colors) 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Naagin (Colors) 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankush taking Sangram Singh forcefully into his car. Sesha sees that in nagin’s form, changes to human and thinks who is the person Ankush took in his car.

Shivanya reminisces Sesha’s words that her mang tika was given by Panchner’s raja to her mom and mark on Rithik’s neck means he is also related to raj vansh and has connection with nagmani. Rithik comes and asks what is she thinking and jokes. She asks when didhe get tattoo on his neck. He starts joking again and changes topic. She says that mark is related to nagmani and whoever possesses it will get lots of wealth and peace. He says his wealth is her and she can sacrifice many nagmanis for her. Shivanya thinks Rithik is innocent and does not know anything about nagmani.


tells Ankush that Rithik is Panchner’s rajkumar and only he can bring nagmani. Rithik enters and she starts her drama. She tells Rithik that they are from Panchner’s royal family and protectors of nagmani, but nagin wants to steal nagmani. Rithik says he will protect nagmani from nagin and will bring it to her. Shivanya hears that standing near door and angrily thinks Rithik lied, he knows about nagmani, but then thinks he may not be involved in her parent’s murder. Rithik comes to room and tells Shivanya that nagin is behind nagmani and he promised mom and dad to bring nagmani for them.

Yamini goes to jungle where Ankush has kept Sangram Singh and starts emotionally blackmailing Sangram that she betrayed him being his sister, he had a big dysnasty and was raja, but she made him beggar, he is very bad. Ankush tries to console him and she shouts at him that he is the one who made her betray her brother. She continues emotional atyachar and finally pushes him from cliff. Ankush asks why did she kill her brother. She says he was alive as he could get her nagman, but now his son Rithik will get her nagmani, so he had to die.

Sesha aks Shivanya if she saw Rithik’s true face today, now she has only way to protect nagmani, to kill Rithik. Shivanya pleads her not to kill Rithik and says she will give him mild poison and make him unconscious for 18 hours, he will not get nagmani then. Sesha agrees. Shivanya goes back to Raheja house, sees Rithik on sofa, and tries to bite him with mild poison but falls down. Rithik turns and sees her on floor and laughs that she used to taunt her, but fell herself. Shivanya thinks why could not she touch Rithik. Rithik shows guruma’s ring and says dad gave it to him and now if nagin touches him, she will burn.

Yamini tells nagmani buyers that soon her son will bring nagmani and they should get 800 crores ready. They say they are ready with money.

Rithik travels with Ankush towards cave where nagmani is. Shivanya and Sesha try to stop his car via tornado, but he does not stop car. Sesha then throws boulders and Rithik stops car on time and walk in jungle. Sesha says they have do something more. Sesha becomes Yamini and Shivanya grips her in nagin’s form. Yamini pleads Rithik to save her and he runs towards her. Ankush stops him and says this is nagin and not Yamini as yamini has guruma’s ring as locket and he asks her to show her ring. They both turn back to nagins and escape from there. Rithik is shocked. Rithik then goes into cave and sees nagmani.

Bhairavnath prays shivji to protect Shivanya and Sesha as they are trying hard to protect nagmani. He then sees in havan fire that Rithik is trying to pick nagmani and prays Shivaji to come himself and protect nagmani. Shivanya and Sesha watch helplessly hiding in a corner. 5-face snake comes and tries to protect nagmani. Sesha happily says shivji came to protect nagmani. Rithik bendsto pick nagmani. Snake sees Rithik’s neck tattoo and does not bite him. Rithik picks nagmani and looks at it carefully. Shivanya shockingly watches and thinks what miracle is this. Gurudev watching this on havan fire thinks what did nag devta see in Rithik that he let him take nagmani.

Rithik reaches home and shows Yamini nagmani. Yamini gets happy and prays for his long life. Rithik gives her nagmani and she happily hugs him and thinks Rithik will die like his father.

Sesha with Shivanya walks in jungle with gurudev and asks him what to do now, Ankush will sell nagmani to foreigners. Gurudev says only god can save nagmani. Blood drops falls on his hand from tree and he sees a man on tree. Shivanya says she has seen these clothes somewhere. They get him down and Shivanya says she saw him in haveli and sprinkles water on him. Gurudev sees his face and says he looks exactly like Rithik and has tattoo mark on his neck. Shivanya says he is Rithik’s real father.

Precap: Yamini stabs nagin and she falls down. Ankush tells his goons to kill Rithik and portray it as accident. Rithik’s car falls from cliff.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t want rithik to die..?
    I want sesha and shivanya to help rithik from the evil yamini

    1. Don’t worry..shivanya will save ritik..i hv seen in spoilers..

  2. Great Episode

  3. Ritik will come back in new face gurmeet will be new ritik I guess let’s wait n watch it’s getting to be ended by may as per news in google

  4. sarayu (honey)

    nice to see your read your comment

  5. sarayu (honey)

    priya’s. especially 7th one

  6. how can rithik die???????? shivanya would even risk her life to save her love…interesting story……

  7. Where r u Spoiler boy I.e, Deepak
    Waiting for ur comments

  8. such an interesting I’ve never seen . I love shivanya she is so cute .

  9. Wow sofeya. U really watched the serial carefully

    1. Ssss Deepika I watched the serial carefully as it is a weekend show
      I don’t even miss a single scene
      Even though I have exam next day I watched Naagin my parents scolded me but I managed
      Loveeeeee Naaginnn❤

  10. Dhivyanjalee

    Boring…. Stopped watching it…

    1. Hey Divya plzzz don’t do this it is a good serial plzz watch it as many twist r going to take place
      It would be fun ? to watch

  11. I too luv rivanya nd sofu u r awsm

    1. Thankuuuu Sri
      I think u r talking about me only
      Where u r from dear
      Sss we love Rivanya?

  12. I think ll r back sofeya n bye as my subjects r going to begin pls don’t forget me guys. N pray for me guys. I m very scared. I ll soon back. Hey Deepak n Sanam how do u did ur exams ?

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    1. Welcome back my buddy deepak☺ and my dear sanam☺ so now its a relief to 3 of us frm exams??….hey deepak wat abt our naagin fan club?? Got any ideas?? And sita…all the best for ur exams dear☺ dont be scared…all wil go well smoothly yaar??…hey sofeya! ….for time being i am relaxed…i didnt think abt the results?…i wil get serious the day before the results announcement only??….

      1. Nandhini SSS yaar before the results day it
        will be soooooo horrible can’t express in words
        My exams are going to end on 15th March

      2. @sofeya: All the best dear???….perform well….you will surely get best results of what you expected in ur exams???!!! Love u a lot!!❤❤❤

      3. Thanks a lot Nandhini
        Love u too ?

  14. there is news that once again shesha will disguise as shivanya and have some fun:p then yamini will come with an idea that shivanya and rithik should b married

  15. Naagin’ has been doing phenomenally well since its launch, and has taken the entire industry by surprise. The show aired on Colors is gearing up for a second season as the first part is all set to bid adieu. According to reports in the media, the makers have planned to retain the leading ladies Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan for the second part.

  16. As Mouni aka Shivanya and Adaa aka Shesha are already a hit with the masses, the makers apparently don’t want to take any chance with ‘Naagin 2’. Hence, they have decided to continue the second season with both the beautiful ladies. However, it is yet to be decided if the male lead, Arjun Bijlani, will be a part of ‘Naagin 2’ or not.

  17. thanks for the spoilers @Deepak

    1. Wow nice na that mouni nd ada also in naagin 2…

  18. Tq guys fr ur updates nd i too luv ravanya i think its a best jodi

  19. Hey guys do u read the spoiler shesha n ritik romance :@

  20. Deepak what about Naagin fans club

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    2. Hey Deepak actually my name is not sita n mash . My name is Maasha

  21. Namita Gaurakar

    I missed the epic and according to spoilers shesha to romance ritik in shivanya’s roop…….very bad sis shesha is….???

  22. guys please wish me for my exams

    1. All the best for ur exams dear☺??

    2. All the very best for ur exams dear smkty☺??

    3. All the best by the way which class u r n pls pray for me also

    4. All the Best dear

    5. Of course my all wishes with u….go and do well..waise kis cheez ka exa h..

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    6. All the best.????
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  24. Naagin has possibly turned out to be the best investment for Ekta Kapoor and Balaji. Why? It has straight away moved to the top slot on the TRP chart and we are not kidding. A fictional tale, replete with mythological references- there’s an ichhadhari naagin, ichhadhari nevla and what not – Naagin has wowed the audiences with the plotline.

    But now, the show is going for a seasonal break. Yes, that is definitely happening and Naagin will go off air this May. But don’t worry, it will be back soon! Here’s all you need to know about Naagin season 2!

    When is it back?

    Naagin will be back on air early next year for another season. The show has been picked up really well by the audiences and it will only grow where it leaves.

    New characters!

    Yes, once the show is back, the makers will bring in a lot of new characters. More villains are expected to storm the show. And who knows, like Rajat Tokas, Ekta might get another casting coup in place. We are sure.

    Arjun no more?

    The lead of the show might not be back. Arjun Bijlani, who plays the male lead on the show might not be back next season. Sorry, Arjun fans but Ekta has other plans in store.

    Mouni and Adaa might stay!

    There were rumours that Mouni and Adaa’s characters will also die in the season finale. But all that’s mere hogwash. Ekta has already made plans of retaining these two actresses on the show. So even if they are dead, expect them to be revived from the dead and reinstated on the show.

  25. Naagin: Shesha dreams as Ritik’s wife and jealous with Shivanya.
    The love triangle of
    Shesha, Ritik and
    Shivanya is going to add spicy drama in the upcoming episode of the show Naagin.
    Shesha has already
    attracted towards Ritik and wants to stay with
    him always just like
    Shivanya finally realizes her love for Ritik and also
    accepts his love.
    Yamaini asks Ritik and
    Shivanya to have
    Shivratri Pooja because they are newly married
    Ritik and Shivanya get
    close Ritik and Shivanya come
    to Lord Shiv temple
    where they hug to each other romantically.
    Shesha sees then and
    gets jealous seeing their romance.
    Shesha assumes herself as Ritik’s wife and doing Shivpooja with him.
    Shesha’s increasing love for Ritik is going to bring a tough time for Shivanya.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  26. Naagin: Shesha to ditch Shivanya and sleep with Ritik.
    The upcoming episode of Naagin will show that Shivanya asks Shesha to stay at Raheja house until
    she completes her work.
    Shehsa takes Shivanya
    avatar and enters in the Ritik’s room.
    Ritik brings a necklace for Shivanya on their first month anniversary.
    Ritik ties the necklace
    with his lips which
    touched Shesha.
    Ritik’s touch ignites love in Shesha’s heart for him.
    Shesha removes the
    pillow between Ritik and her on the bed.
    Shesha enjoys Ritik’s
    company and ignores
    Shivanya Ritik gets happy when Shesha assuming her Shivanya sleelp very close to her.
    Shivanya calls Shesha but Shehsa do not hear and stay with Ritik.
    Will Ritik’s love become the reason behind war between sisters Shivanya
    and Shesha.

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    How are u all
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  28. i want shivanya to be a wife of rithik not shesha………i want to se this serial more than 2 years pleaseeeeeeeee don’t end this in may…

  29. please change the power of shesha that she cant convert herself into another icchadari nagin pleaseee

  30. nagin is a Very beautiful story

  31. thank you so much guys

  32. great episode…………………. i love it,………………………………..

  33. This sesha is unimaginable….either she is too aggressive or too passionate….at first she is the one who always wanted to kill rithik whenever she gets chance in the frst place…she wil even harm him badly…but now she is feeling love for him? disgusting!…

    1. Yes nandhini…same thoughts…i mean she is really unpredictable…and so is the serial ?…

  34. I lv nagin serial… Bt timings are nt good guys… Isn’t it???

    1. Yess nehal…only thing which is bad about naagin is she appears only on Saturdays and Sundays..hahaha?

  35. Guys who are exitcited for today episodes….plz comment fast……????

  36. Yeah @deepak am so excited to watch today’s episode.

  37. Yup…too excited…?

  38. As per a reliable source, “Yamini and Ankush will plot to trap Shivanya and Sesha on the occasion of Ritik-Shivanya’s sixth month wedding anniversary. Yamini will first provoke Shivanya by indirectly conveying to her that Ankush does not have his protective ring on his finger. While Shivanya would go behind Ankush to kill him, Sesha will yet again get into the avatar of Shivanya and will be present at the party hosted by Yamini for Ritik’s wedding anniversary. However, Sesha will receive a shock when Yamini will choose a moment when Shivanya is away, and will plan for a surprise ghatbandhan and wedding yet again for Ritik and Shivanya.”

    Will Sesha go through the rituals of marriage in the guise of Shivanya? Or will the real Shivanya arrive on time?

    We tried calling the actors concerned, but did not get through to them.

  39. Yap guyz Very excited

  40. Em too excited??

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