Naagin (Colors) 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with snake charmers/sapera playing been at Raheja house. Shivanya feels uneasy hearing been sound and turns into snake. She follows Ankush to his room. Yamini asks Rithik to find out where his father is. Rithik calls Ankush and hears him shouting at nagin that he brought her here purposefully to kill her and asks her to bite him and see. Rithik tells Yamini that nagin is in papa’s room. She asks him to bring gurumaa’s knife and rushes to Ankush’s room. Ankush plays with nagin and asks again to dare bite him. Rithik brings knife and throws it on nagin. Nagin gets injures and leaves room. Rithik runs behind it. Yamini stops him and says she will not let him risk his life. Rithik says he will kill nagin today and rushes out.


rushes to jungle injured and falls down unable to tolerate pain. She then calls Sesha. Sesha comes and asks who stabbed her. Shivanya says Rithik. Sesha says she warned her against Rithik that he will harm her, but she did not listen. She takes Shivanya to shiv temple and asks Bhairavnath to cure her soon. Bhairavnath checks knife and says it has most dangerous poison and only guru maa can have this poison. He says it is very difficult to cure her. Shivanya asks Sehsa to go and take her place before Rithik and family starts searching her.

Rithik searches nagin and does not find her. He returns home sadly. Gurumaa says nagin is dead now as she had smeared most dangerous poison. Sesha comes to Rithik’s room and stands in Shivanya’s disguise. He comes and hugs her. She fumes that he stabbed shivanya and is stinking from his body. He asks where she had been, he was very worried. He says nagin had come and he was worried that she would bite maa, so he stabbed her. He gets romantic and she fumes.

Bhairavnath calls whole nagvansh and asks them to help him cure Shivanya. Shivanya’s condition gets more worse. He thinks how to cure her now.

Rithik comes wearing towel from washroom. Sesha/Shivanya asks why did he come out nude. He says it is his room and his wife, so his wish. Their nok jhok start. He stands in front of mirror and applies deodorant. Sesha sees a tattoo mark on his neck and goes near him to check. He asks if she is getting romantic and turns. She gives him kurta and asks to wear. He says he will wear pajama first and removes towel. She closes eyes. He wears kurta pajama and asks her to open eyes. She opens eyes. He asks to do her work. She thinks what Shivanya used to do. He asks to create pillow barrier on bed. She realizes Shivanya used to create pillow barrier. They both sleep. Rithik hears Shivanya writhing in pain and wakes up worried. He checks her back. She wakes up and asks what happened. He says he saw her bleeding back and she writhing in pain. She says he stabbed nagin’s back and now he thinks she is nagin. He says he did not mean that and starts romantic nok jhok again and sleeps in her lap. She sees tattoo mark again and thinks she saw it somewhere else also.

In the morning, Sesha sitting on couch thinks there must be a link between tattoo mark and nagmani. Anjali comes with a book and says she took her nagmani and gives her book. Sesha realizes she is talking about book. Anjali says she saw this book and could not resist herself reading it. She read how cruel humans killed innocent nags for nagmani. She says she will search more stories on net and will share with her and walks out. Sesha reads book thinking why did not Shivanya inform her about this book. Ankush comes and snatches book and asks where did she find it. She says Anjali gave it. He says he was reading book and it got missed. He takes book with him. She tries to follow him, but Rithik stops her and asks where is she running. She says mom is calling in kitchen. He says today is special day as they met 3 months ago on the same day. He takes her to room and shows ceiling with stars painted. She asks what is it. He asks if she is really shivanya as she loves stars and he thought she does not have to go to terrace again to see stars. She smiles and thanks him. He then says he will apply sindhoor on her forehead as anniversary reminder. She thiks humans are emotional fools. He takes her to temple and picks sindhoor. Yamini comes and takes her to kitchen. She relaxes.

Sesha thinks how to get book from Ankush now and know secret of nagmani book. Ankush comes and gives Yamini a locker key and asks her to keep it safely. Shesha thinks he must have kept book in locker. Once Ankush leaves, she says something fell on her sari and leaves towards washroom. She disguises as Ankush and takes keys from Yamini, goes to Ankush’s room, opens locker and finds book. She starts reading it. Ankush comes back to kitchen. Yamini asks if he found his file. He says he is coming from outside to pick his mobile. She says then who took keys from her. He says it is definitely nagin. Sesha starts turning into nagin and peeps from window and sees full moon. She gets tensed that she will turn nagin now on full moon night completely.

Precap: Guru maa says Ankush and Yamini that nagin did not die. Rithik calls Shivanya loudly. Shivanya thinks if Rithik comes or not, she will die. She comes out of temple and hawk attacks her. Ankush shoots bullets on Bhairavnath and Sesha. Shivanya falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What an epi yaar but I am not happy becoz shivanya was attacked by ritvik but totally nice epi

  2. Superb episode…
    But precap is not good…
    n i really hope rithvik ke saath waha shivanya hote…ths is 1 of the best show… :-*

  3. feeling sad for shivanya . Loved ritsha scenes today’s epi showed the love of ritik for shivanya . I think the tatoo mark in ritik’s is the mark of the protector of nagmani . Do any one agree wid me?

    1. ya i think also sooo….
      nice episode…but feeling bad for both…

  4. Poor shivanya Nw Ritik wil save her
    Dis haveli is ful of secrets
    Wt is d secret about tatoo?

  5. Shesha dies ??? D bullet goes ro shesha !!! Is it true ???
    I duwan shesha to die ….

  6. Disiya krish raan

    Ya Iam agree but some time that tatoo will conect ritvanya . I think shivanya born for ritik becoze their relationship is very strong.I feel so sad for rivanya.and I love both of you

  7. i think ritik is not ankush and yamini’s son.he must be son of that caged man to whom ankush and sailesh were threatening.they were saying that tell where is mani otherwise we will hurt him.and they are keeping ritik with them because of mani.and the 5th killer is yamini

    1. tu unknown ka unkown hi rah jayega!!! ye baat 10 saal purani.dimag kam kya? thinking urself einstein to decode it??:-P

  8. and that caged man must be the owner of haveli and ankush must be sarvent

  9. Ya i think tis is because ritik would be son of a human and a ichadarinaagin and might be the protecte of naag Mani…..i felt bad to shivanya…..and rithik…..i DNT want ritik yo romance with shesha… and today i liked shesha’s dialogues……

  10. yuck yuck!!!! dis serial is pathetic..naagin..:/ all dos who watch dis show r dumb bla bla bla!!! sab ke sab gadhe ho..bakwaas

    1. same to u

    2. Labiba tasnim kabir

      gadhe to tum ho tumhe acha nehi laga to hame gadhe kahogi yeh sirf 1 kahani or agar har1 show pe sirf sas bahu ko hi dekhayegi toh tv chnls to bandh hi jayegi….😯😄

    3. Agar terko pasand nhi hae tho tu gadha k. n plz hum ko paka mat
      This is 4u u stupid mottu

  11. awesome episode ?

    1. Yes absolutely☺

  12. I think ritvik is prince….. n tht caged man is king…. looklike of ritvik… n ritvik is his son(caged man)…..

    N tht man will be only one who knws tht hw to reach to mani… coz its sure tht it will b in very safe place …..n only that man n ritik can go there….that why yamini n anky gives him so much attention n pampere him a lot…. n anky was the gardener (malikaka) of haveli… n shivanya’s mom dad also works there as human.. n how ever anky get to know abt mani n real identity of them… n it all happened

    bt i wish only thing in this serial is that when ritik gets to know the real identity of shivnya n her pure motive .. he should support her….

    1. Agreed… I think tat poster of ritiks face belongs to tat caged man. He must be the king. Nd ritik must be his son o grandson watever… tat photo s definitely of the king … nd ritik s either his son nd grand son… yamini must be the fifth killer…

  13. What a twist serials shouldo b like this may be imaginative

  14. Mottu tum aise kyun bol rahe ho
    Serial bakwaas nahi hei

  15. love this show… my fav serial… sheshaa is too good… love ritik and shivaniya

  16. Hello motuu,what’s up buddy??I don’t know why u r so irritated on this serial?Is ur problem with story or hero/heroin?Frankly & friendly asking.I have noticed that u always hate this serial so much.Can i know ur point?Tum sabko gadhi bolti ho.Aagar tumko inn commenter se koi bhi gadha ya gai kahe toh tum ko kesa lage ga?If u don’t like this serial its ok.Don’t waste ur time.Time is very valuable.But don’t abuse others.u r expressing urs & others doing what’s the bigg deal?Don’t take it as advice .Take as request.

    Because ur comment is showing about ur personality.

    Anyone,agree with me??


      1. i also agree with uu….

    2. Motuu is attention seeker… She/ he use bad words against everyone because if anyone uses bad words then many people reacts.. Agar use ye show pasand nehi hota to Roz yeha comment hi nehi karta. Regularly is show ko follow Karta hai that’s why use story pata hai

  17. Disiya krish raan

    don’t like this serial leave here and if you like it stay here.

  18. I just love this serial, it is the best among all the serials, ritvanya best jodi……..

  19. it’s really horrible for shivanya.
    i never accept the pair of rithik and shesha.i think rithik shivanya will unite.

  20. i love this serial and the pairs

  21. Yr rajat ko v vapas lao yr shesha ki v love story honi chahiye !!

    1. Hello Sofia, my name is also same but spelling is Sofeya. Where you are from dear. Just casually asked dear. ?

  22. It is one of the best serials……..but wen will she cme to knw abt d 5th member

  23. plot is thickening now. they’re saying that Yamini is the fifth killer. lets see what will happen?, also you guys remeber the story , Sesha was telling Shivanya about the naagin and her lover . i think Its about past life and soulmates .

  24. i tnk rithik is son of that king who was protecting naagmani n rishi came together to protect was destiny…..i tnk shivji will protect his bhakt evn tis tym..shivanya bairavnath and shesha will b ok… .the fifth man will b a new entry in the show

  25. and sam i totally agree with u

  26. There will be triangle live between them ….n i hope shesha n rithik together n d story line is awesum !! Afterall shesha n rithik looks good pair too n ihope more romance between them ???

  27. Shraddha Sharma

    Emotional episode….
    And precap is more emotional….

  28. Shraddha Sharma

    What will happen if shesha and bhairvnath will die????

  29. I just felt that there are six people …..bcoz first there was figure of a lady standing near stairs in the flashback and if yamini was the fifth killer she would have been knowing about the nevla bcoz Monisha said that fifth person sent nevla ……..

  30. okay dude i understand mottu become famous in this forum as hater so u r using my name….good job!!!!
    saanu ki apni toh branding ho rahi h…lol
    bt yaar plzz show ur real side….stopp copying me…
    in vry first u apologized to naagin fans on my behalf nw u r abusing them….gr8
    lage raho

    1. Hey hai mottu don’t get confused yaar…he is not one who apologised on ur behalf..he is another one.&this person is using ur mask for timepass..he doesn’t have any guts to face with real identity..then what’s the use of his comment…..when he felt fear to face naagin’s big fun.keep smile..bye

  31. Who’s rithik den?

  32. guys see wikipedia in that they written like gaurav chopra is 5 th killer…check it out..

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Yes, i have also seen… but i dont get hows that possible… as in flashback they have shown shadow of a lady and 4 men…

    2. Ohh yes it is shown in wikipedia…gaurav chopra comes as son of shailesh mathur…but 5th killer??? Then yamini is not the 5th killer?? Very confusing….have to wait and watch…i hav also seen in you tube dat rashami desai may play a negative role in naagin….

  33. he is son of shailesh mathur ?

  34. Shesha nd ritik will be a better pair than shivanya nd ritik

  35. well this is something new…………..would love to see what happens next……i think sesha will fall for rithik’s love

  36. Please update today’s episode…as i am a tamilian i cudnt understand the conversation btwn bhairavnath and the main guruji when shivanya left the shiv ji’s temple to call rithik to save her life…i wanna know what they talked….

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Guruji said that ritik abd shivanya are related since their past life… he also said that now love story of human and nagin will start…

      1. Ohh thank you so much Shraddha!!☺?so dats why bhairavnath got shocked wen guruji said these things…

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