Naagin (Colors) 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soldiers chant maharaj ki jai ho for Chandravanshi Mahishmati raja. Raja says they are waiting since 25 years to get nagmani, but it is with suryavanshis. They will snatch nagmani from suryavanshis today at any cost. Sesha watches his speech standing behind. He sees Sesha and orders soldiers to bring her. Soldiers take her in front and ask her to bend in front of raja. She says she is nagin and knows only to bite. He says she is the one Rani ordered to bring. Sesha realizes that like bees, Rani rules even mahishmatis. Rani comes stepping on soldiers and asks where is the nagin whom she is waiting for 25 years. Raja points at Sesha. Rani says she will pray her if she brings nagmani. Sesha says even she needs nagmani. Rani says if she brings nagin, they both will use its

powers. Raja says let us go and break wall.

Rithik with Shivanya comes near wall and says he can hear mahishmati coming, how will they stop them. Shivanya says she will with her super powers. Sesha tells raja and rani that their whole army of 1000s cannot break wall and only she can break it. They all head towards wall and Sesha cracks wall with one blow of hand. Shivanya with her super powers sends fills cracks with snakes. Wall gets strong again. Shesha gets tensed. Rani says if wall is unbreakable by nagin, then there must be another nagin on the other side. Sesha says there was one nagin, but she has lost her powers. She changes to snake and enlarges herself to see who is on the other side. Shivanya also changes into 5-head snake/panchnag and enlarges herself. Sesha asks who is this new nagin. Shivanya shows her face. Sesha asks how did she get back her powers.

Shivanya says Sesha that they are protectors of nagmani and she should stop helpig evil mahishmatis. Sesha says she will get nagmani at any cost and will teach her a lesson today. she creates storm and tries to attack Shivanya. Shivanya retaliates with fire and blows of storm. Sesha throws axe and Shivanya breaks it. Sesha is shocked. Rani taunts this is all she had, she special dagger from bee hub and orders her to kill other nagin, else she will die. Shesha goes on the other side via wall crack.

Rithik explains nags that they should protect nagmani at any cost. Sesha stabs Shivanya from behind and she falls down. Rithik holds her in his lap and starts crying. Sesha says no there is no one between Rithik and him and even nagmani is hers. Shivanya asks Rithik to save nagmani. Rithik says he will not leave her alone. Shivanya insists. Sesha runs to get nagmani. She enters shiv mandir and gets nagmani from under shivling. Rithik comes and Sesha says now they both can rule this world with is nagmani. Rithik says he is protector of nagmani and is a suravanshi, does not want to rule this world. Shesha becomes snake and tries to attack him. He picks trishul and stabs her. Her injury heals instantly with nagmani power. Sesha strangulates Rithik, but stops saying she cannot kill her love. She leaves from there with nagmani and storm stops Rithik.

Sesha reaches mahishmati kingdom and raja extends hand to take it. Rani comes and extends hand. Shivanya gives it to her. Rani says she got nagmani after 25 years. Raja says let us keep it in its place. Rani walks out of wall instead of going to palace. Raja asks why is rani going out of wall instead of going to palace. Sesha says only nagin can do this. She follows rani. Rani goes to shiv temple and keeps nagmani on shiv ling and changes into Sesha. Shesha is shocked. Shivanya says nagmani went back to shivji and is safe forever. Sesha asks how she take rani Avantika’s form. Shivanya says she forgot that she is ichadhari nagin and can take any form. She further says she did not die and reminsices waking up in Rithik’s arms. Rithik gets happy seeing her alive. She says her powers will not let her die till sunset and asks him to go and protect nagmani and herself enters mahamishmati kingdom.

Rani comes out of palace. Raja asks how come she is coming from palace after going out via wall. She says if she can pass wall, she would have got nagmani 25 years ago. She reminisces Shivanya biting her and making her asleep. Shivanya comes on the other side of wall and says for another 25 years they cannot break this wall after sunrise. Sun raises. Sesha tries to break wall unsuccessfully. Rani orders bees to confine Sesha for 25 years until she breaks wall.

Shivanya and Rithik prays shiv ling and tells Rithik that she became normal human now and her duty is to do tapasya/meditate and his duty is to protect nagmani. Their ways are diffeent now. Nags come and surround shivling. Sivanya asks yogi raj what is happening. Yogi raj says it is a sign that they will have a child and child will be unique. It can be either human or nagin or both and if he/she marries human, it will bring badluck for him/her. Their child will born for sure. Shivanya says Rithik their life’s new chapter begings.

Shivanya and Rithik romance in flower garden. He dorns flower in her hair and she asks how to see how she is looking. He says she can looking into his eyes. She gets nauseous and says she is feeling uneasy. He says in human, it is common symptom of pregnancy and holds her tummy. She realizes that she is pregnant.

Yogi raj describes that new battle will start and either Shivanya’s son or daughter will be born. Whole serial’s flashback is shown and Yogi raj with his meditation realizes if son or daughter will be born. Shivanya and Rithik lead a happier life. Serial’s first season ends with a promise of second season with 25 years leap in October 2016 is promised.

Serial’s second season’s highlights are shown, starting in October 2016.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. A happy ending but I am sad it has end and arjun and mount would not be in season 2 and I am sure if they will be not there then the show’some try will be not that much that it was when it started.

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    I literally cried during the last part of the episode, miss you naagin. Bye ??

  3. muneesha binth Abdul gafoor

    Happy for the happy ending and waiting for the season 2<3 <3 <3
    Am eagerly waiting for the hero and the heroine of season 2:-)

  4. Woowwww naagin season two canr wait to c you…..
    Excited to c shivanya n rithiks child
    Sad dat season one is over
    We will mic u all

  5. Ayesha

    Superb ending for the superb serial. Epic ending . adaa mouni and arjun just nailed it. Each moment was breath taking and till the end the suspense was very beautifully maintained. Just can’t wait till October for the second season hope that the second season will take us more by surprise than the first one did

  6. awesomeeeee ending. but feeling veryyyyyyyyyyyy bad and I am crying?????????????????????????????????????????
    waiting for season 2. miss arjun bijlani bcoz he won’t be in season 2. and who is the daughter of rivanniya???

  7. Anjali

    First to comment!!! And that’s how good things come to an end… a new start awaits us all

  8. Devil

    Happy ending… The bestest serial ever. Arjun and mouni awesome pair… Loved the serial a lot… Thanks for the fabulous story.


    Wooowoooo what a fight!!! It was nail biting episode… and the best part was shesha went to shake hands with mahishmati/ Chandravanshi by using enemy’s enemy friend and they captured her, Shesha deserved this after betraying her God, Guru and even Shivanya….

    Now going to miss the show???????????????????????? and after knowing that show will come back on oct, its difficult to wait even…. but after 25 yr leap i am sure that shivanya and ritik will have naagin daughter and will have human husband for sure and will fight for naagmani with mahishmati….

  10. Priyaraj

    Good Bye naagin! I enjoyed this serial from the first day. Now all fans will eagerly wait for 2nd season. I just feel bad that Arjun Bijlani will not be there????

  11. Oh no! Naagin is end.

    Anxiously waiting for season 2.

    Well; i think naagin 2 will also get high trps like

    Will Miss, you

  12. Naagin

    I miss u naagin……. M feeling to cry…… Miss u lot .
    I excited to watch season 2, cannot watch so long. Love u love u love u. Miss’s u mouni, Arjun bijlani, superb couple . love u guys.

  13. anni

    Omg! If Ritik and Shivaya’s daughter marries human, it will bring bad luck for her !! Hmmmmm…. May be this time ritik-Shivaya’s daughter will fall in love ❤ with a ichchadhari NAAG..

  14. shipra kumari

    I will egarly waiting for seson2….love sivanya…ur eys is too prety…bye i want to see u in next episode also

  15. Sofia

    Seriously this serial had the best plot. The last episode is breathtaking. Hope the season 2 will be fantastic as the first season. I will badly miss Naagin.Please come back with mouni, arjun & adaa.The trio is awesome. 🙂 3>

  16. Nandhini

    I thank the cvs for bringing smile on our faces for its thrilling happy ending???….wowww the awesomeness has been maintained till the last scene…the end part made me cry but wit tears of joy…and after realizing dats the end of it,, i was really depressed?????…dont know exactly wat naagin 2 is gonna show us…have to wait for four long months???….BYE AND MISS YOU NAAGIN????

  17. Nandhini

    I really thank the amazing naagin serial which made me to love it and it got me some wonderful lifelong friends from this site like sanam,, sofeya,, deepak,, shraddha,, alia,, sita,,shubham and all dear commenting friends☺☺☺☺ it was a beautiful journey and more fun to chat and discuss with you guys over here….gonna miss dat fun until october??…i am soo glad dat few of our friends are in good contacts with me and my other dear ones alia and shraddha…i wil miss you here but i hope i will see your comments in other serials telly updates and i want you to do the same and be in touch my buds???love you and gonna miss you in naagin forum temporarily??????


      Of course nandhani i m also going to mis show and friends….
      But i hope we all get in touch on common show like in naagin we all become friends…

      Plz if possible tell me which other shows you watch and comment on it…
      Regularly i watch BHRK, CID, TMKUC, Aadalat
      Sometimes I watch KT, MSM, TAMANNA, YHM

      So plz u all also tell so that we can be in touch…

      • Nandhini

        Ohh!! I used to watch SNS and SKR regularly…i wil comment sometimes in SNS telly updates…recently i started to watch shakti in colors…we can also gear up for the next new show kavach as dis is also ekta’s supernatural finite series and we can comment in dat yaar???….what say???


        I hope so, we like kavach as we liked naagin….
        Becoz ekta maam ruins show after some time…
        But yeh definetly we can comment on that as it would be common on sat and sun for all

      • Nandhini

        Lets see how kavach will turn up…will it get ruined after som episodes or wud it be as great as naagin☺☺

  18. vishu

    hello RIVANYA FANS. naagin phir se shuru honevala hai. from june 18. every sat nd sun 7pm on rishtey channel. ENJOY.:)

  19. aaushi

    miss u naagin… waiting for season2 …. my fav. serial naagin… miss u beauty queen mouni Roy and handsome hunk arjun bijlani…

  20. Shivanya Rithik Raheja

    Gonna miss u naagin. . Arjun n mouni. .awsm pair. I love arjuns smile. .its so cute n lovely. Pls makers pair arjun n mouni in season 2 also. Gonna miss u badly arjun bijlani. .ur such a handsm chunk. .and mouni also..ur pairing was awsm. .love u rithik n shivanya . .miss u . .mmwwaaah. . .:-*

  21. tara

    miss u naagin, i hope we will get more surprises in season 2 to, i like mouni roy so much, i miss u mouni roy…

  22. WE ARE GOIMG TO MISS NAGIN. …… THUS SHOW WILL ALWAYS BE NEAR MY HEART . BUT CONSTANTLY WAITING FOR NAGIN SEASON 2 IN OCTOBER….. please don’t replace “Arjun Bijlani” by nandish sandhu……..otherwise I am not going to watch season 2 and sure.many more ……..

  23. Miss u naagin. Cant believe its over yesterday. Eagerly waiting for season 2 . Missing naagin. Anywaus kavach is only for 32 episodes. And then Naagin. Will badly miss rivanya??????. But happy for naagin will be back with season 2. A beautiful ending ?????????

  24. Oh my Godddddd
    Naagin ended so sadddddd
    Miss the entire team of Naagin
    And Miss u all My dear Friends
    I am thankful to God for having such good friends on this forum
    Love you all
    Tak care guysssss??????

    RAMADAN Mubarak to all???????????? from yours Sofeya

    • Nandhini

      Yes dear going to miss everything for four months??….we will be in regular contact in fb dear…and if possible you try to watch and comment the new show kavach the same time when naagin telecasted…i am also going to do dat dear…so that we all frnds will be in touch in telly updates☺☺☺

  25. Vaish

    Going to miss Naagin a lot…very nice ending…but glad it’s going to be back in october!!
    BTW was that Jennifer Winget in season 2 promo??

  26. Anjali

    Hey…! Happy to hear about Nagin Season 2. Shuru me tho pura family mujhe Nagin dekhne se daadthi dhi, phir 2 maine baath mujhe papa aur mamma ne yaad dila dethethe.. Finale pura family award show ke tarah dekha dha. So we all r so eager to watch Nagin Season 2. Hope it will become more hit than this. Tho Picture abhi baaki he mere dost!

  27. Yrrr…. Always miss u beautiful shivanya and handsome ritik… .waiting eagerly for season 2. ….jldi start ho yrr

  28. Soo sad coz naahin has ended….pr koi nhi yrr….season 2 abhi baaki h yrr…luv u mouni and arjun … U were luking awso tgthr

  29. harshita nishad

    missing u my fvt serial naagin,,,<3
    mouni and arjun plzz be on next season as well…….
    we love u both as couple a lot..

  30. Sarah

    Oh my god this serial is amazing , i never use to watch any serials so regularly like i watched naagin , a real epic with full drama and romance.

  31. nithya

    going to miss my favorite pair rivaniya
    love u arjun and mouni………..
    such a awesome pair

  32. Ify

    ‘The actors ‘re great’ i love Shivanay s good heart & Ri tik s love for Shivany. My credit also goes to the producer he or she is wonderful


    Today after watching recap of naagin last episode, i became emotional again….. ??????
    But yes will be waiting for season 2…

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