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Naagin (Colors) 3rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rithik trying to hug Shivanya. She pushes him and says though she is his wife, he cannot force her. He says he must have heard her wrong and thought she loves him.

Shivanya after killing Guru maa laughs and thinks she wanted to kill nag clan, but died herself. She then tries to leave but cannot not. Guru maa gets back to life and says she came with her wish but cannot go with her wish.

Rithik apologizes Shivanya for misunderstanding her. She starts crying and says he is good and she does not deserve him. He says he feels bad as he does not see love for him in her eyes. Their nokh jhok starts and then they laugh. He says let us stay here like friends and enjoy and asks what to start with. She says she wants to see his pic in raja’s attire.

He takes her to store room, but thye both don’t see photo there. He says they wasted time here and takes her back to hall.

Guru maa tells Sesha that she has more poison in her body than her and if she bites, she will die instead. She realizes something is wrong when her hawk attacked her and signalled that nagin is still alive. She then ties Shesha with wires while Shesha continues to resist.

Shivanya thinks she has to find out what is haveli’s secret somehow. Rithik jokes that he is hearing some weird sounds and says it is heard when someone’s tummy is full or completely tempty. She smiles. He says he will prepare food for her and starts cutting vegetables in kitchen. Shivanya thinks until he is busy cooking, she should search haveli. He burns food. She says she is hungry and needs food immediately. He starts preparing fresh food. She slips off silently.

Sesha tries to free herself from wires and succeeds finally and taunts guru maa that she cannot hold icchadhari nagin and now she will die. She extends her tongue to bite guru maa, but hawks attack her. She tries to run, but ground catches fire around her.

Shivanya searches for secret in store room. Rithik comes and asks what is she searching. She gets tensed, thinks what to say, and says she lost her mangalsutra and searched everywhere, so finally she came to search it here and found it here now. He dorns her mangalsutra in her neck and says mom tells mangalsutra is woman’s most precious posession. She sees Rithik’s photo in raja’s attire and asks when did he get it clicked. He says he did not and dad must have.

Guru maa chants mantras and attacks Sesha… Sesha tries to escape unsuccessfully.

Shivanya gets a dream at night and wakes up shouting. Rithik wakes up and asks what happened. She say she saw a bad dream. He asks her to relax and sleep. She thinks there is something in this haveli and she has to find out.

Shivanya searches store room and finds a door inside it. She thinks there is a secret mansion inside this mansion and she has to find out. She sees a huge lock and gets inside in nagin form and sees a man tied with chains. She thinks he must be her parent’s 5th murderer. She then runs back and tells Rithik that there is a room inside store room and takes him there. Rithik says there is a huge lock on door. She insists to break it. He breaks locks, gets in and says nobody is here. She heard someone’s voice inside and how can anybody escape. He says it is her imagination and leaves from there. She finds an anklet, reminisces seeing it in raja’s leg, and thinks there was someone here for sure and knows secret.

Shailesh and Ankush drag a masked man from haveli to jungle and discuss that caretaker called them on time, else their secret would have been out. Shivanya reached inside haveli and they have to know her motto.

Yamini is busy guiding cooks in preparing dinner. Rithik and Shivanya enter. She ask how come they came back so early. Ankush asks where did they go. He says to a hotel. Ankush says they went to Panchner’s haveli. Yamini gets angry and scolds why did they go to Panchner haveli even after her warning. Shivanya and Rithik get tensed. Ankush says Rithik he is his father and knows what is happening around him. He got caretaker’s call. Shivanya thinks Ankush took away tied man. Yamini asks Shivanya why did she go to haveli even after warning and disobeyed her. Ankush gets guru maa’s call that she caught nagin. Shivanya thinks Sesha had gone to kill guru maa and got trapped, she has to reach there and save Sesha.

Precap: Shivanya says Bhairavnath that she has to go to Guru maa’s cave and save Sesha. He says she cannot enter cage and will risk her life. She says she has to somehow and save Sesha. Injured Sesha thinks Guru maa will kill her for sure and submits herself to Shivji.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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