Naagin (Colors) 31st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 31st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a masked man shooting Manisha and escaping in his car. Sesha asks her who is fifth murderer. Shivanya who was in snake form turns into human and runs towards Manisha, but she dies before uttering anything. Shivanya and Sehsa then turn into snake again and follow car. They reach Raheja house. Sesha says she will go and find out who he is. Shivanya says people will doubt if she goes in, so she will go and find out who he is. Shivanya rushes in while Sesha turns into snake.

Shivanya follows masked man and holds his shoulder. She is shocked to see he is Rithhik. Rithik shuts her mouth and says he is fifth man and knows everything, if she knows the secret, she should help him and asks if she will become her partner. She nods yes. He asks her to meet him

in corridor in 5 min, she will find all 5 of them there. Shivanya thinks if Rithik really knows 5th man and killed Suri’s wife to hide scret. She goes to her room and wanders in her room restlessly. Sesha enters as snake and asks who was that masked man. Shivanya says she cannot believe that Rithik was that masked man. Sesha says his true colors came out, he is also murderer. Shivanya says he cannot be as he was 5-year-old when her parents were murdered. Sesha says so what, Ankush must have informed him everything and he is also a murderer. Shivanya says her heart says Rithik cannot be a murderer. Sesha says he is and she should wash her sindhoor with his blood. Sesha walks out of room. Rithik catches her again and says her 4 partners are in hall and she should also go in hall.

Rithik then frightens Yamini from behind as kidnapper and takes her to hall. His 3 siblings and Ankush emerge from behind sofas and Rithik says they all 5 planned anniversary surprise for her. Shivanya relaxes that he meant this. Yamini thanks Rithik and asks why is he wearing coat and hat. He says it is dad’s coat and hat. Shivanya thinks then masked man is Ankush. Ankush gives his gift to Yamini. She opens wrapper and sees weighing machine. Ankush taunts that she has put on weight and needs to join gym with him and jokes that even now girls are mad on his 6 pack abs. Yamini taunts that she can become slim, but he cannot regrow hair on his head. He says yes and says they are all going to haveli for nagpanchami pooja.

Shivanya goes to CCTV room and sends security officer to bring watchman and checks CCTV footage. She sees Rithik coming from outside around 1:30 a.m. and entering Ankush’s room and coming out wearing coat and hat. She thinks that means Ankush is murderer and Rithik is innocent. Ankush comes and asks what is she doing here. She says Rithik gifted her a watch and she thougt someone stole it, so she checked footage and later realized watch is with Rithik itself. Ankush says he would have bought another watch for her, why did she check CCTV footage. Security officer comes back with watchman. She asks watchman when did Rithik return home. He say aroun 1-1.30 a.m.

Sesha goes to temple and asks Bhairavnath guruji why did he call her. He says tomorrow is nag panchami and nags after 100 years of prayers will become icchadhari nag on this night. Icchadhari nags will also have to do prayers and they should not drink milk as it may be poisonous for them.

Yamini asks Ankush why did he plan pooja at haveli when nagin is behind their family. He says guruma has planned pooja and she will call nagin to haveli and will finish her. He reminisces Guruma’s plan and says they will mix poison in milk and feed nagin. Yamini says it is very dangerous. He says guruma wants to take risk and they will kill nagin with her favorite drink/milk.

Shivanya at home repeats she knew, he cannot be him. Rithik comes and asks what she knew. She runs and hugs him and says she knew he is not him. Rithik asks she hugged him thinking someone else and continues taunting her. He says many girls were behind him before marriage, but after she came into his life, they all escaped. Shivanya says she kept sola somwar vrat/16 monday fasts to get him and she is lucky. He gets romantic and she runs. He thinks she will tell him I love you one day.

Amrita comes to Divya’s room and says she is afraid after hearing about haveli and wants to sleep in her room. Divya permits. Angad comes wearing mask and blanket and they both shout in fear. He laughs that they were boasting that they are not afraid, but are shivering now.

Caged man repeats he has to return. Ankush reaches haveli with family. Rithik says they have to come here repeatedly. Amrita steps on rope and shouts snake. Angad starts taunting her that this haveli has ghosts with many secrets. Shivanya hears their conversation and says even she came back to know caged man’s secret, this time she will find out who he is. She thinks there is time for pooja, so she will go and find out now. Yamini comes and says she will prepare pooja flowers and belpatra and even perpare prasad. Shivanya throws belpatra in corner and thinks where is Sesha. Divya comes and asks what is she doing here. Shivanya says she is going to temple. Divya asks what about prasad. Shivanya says she is preparing it. Sesha comes and hides in flower tray. Divya picks flower tray. Shivanhya diverts her attention and Sesha gets out of tray. Once Divya leaves, Sesha take human form. Shivanya says she has to search nagmani and 5th murderer in whole haveli hiding from everyone. Sesha agrees.

Sesha searches nagmani in whole haveli. Rithik enters room and she changes into Divya. Rithik asks what is she doing here. Sesha says she is searching Shivanya’s bangles. Rithik gives her bangles and asks her to not let Shivanya home. Divya asks why. He says Shivanya likes stars on ceiling, so he will make stars with radium paint. Sesha thinks he is a fool and does not know Shivanya is nagin and will kill her. He sends her out. She changes and thinks if he was not loyal husband, she would have killed him.

Ankush enters his room, looks himself in mirror and thinks he need to stitch slim kurta as his abs are not seen with loose kurta. He searches wallet and finds his old pic as gardener and hides it in cupboard thinking if someone sees it, he will be in trouble. Sesha reaches as snake and once he leaves, picks pic and is shocked to see him as gardener. She thinks guruji was right, Ankush was a gardener, then how did he become owner of this house and only 5th man can tell the secret.

Yamini arranges pooja venue in hall and gives flowers to pandit. Shivanya says prasad is prepared and if she needs anything. Yamini asks her to go and rest. Shivanya goes towards her room when Rithik catches her and gets romantic. Sesha calls her and she runs saying something is burnin in kitchen. She meets Sesha who shows Ankush’s pic as gardener. Shivanya is shocked and thinks when he was gardener, how did he become so rich. She asks Sesha to take this pic to guruji to know the secret. Sesha leaves in nagin’s form.

Shivanya feels dizzy hearing been sound and walks into hall to see snake charmers playing been/snake flute and thinks who called them and why are they playing flute. Bhairvanth guruji performs pooja in shiv temple. Al icchadhari nags gather around him for pooja. At haveli, Shivanya gets more dizzy hearing been sound. Ankush removes ring purposefully. Shivanya thinks she will kill him today. At temple, Bhairavnath tells icchadhari nags to change into nag and submit their 100-year prayers to shivji. Shivanya starts turning into nagin.

Precap: Rithik tells Shivanya that nagin has come to kill his family and he will kill nagin. Rithik kills nagin by throwing knife on her. Gurumaa tells nagin is dead now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No….rithik can’t kill naagin. I think it is his imagination and now the truth is coming out that ankush was a gardener and to become rich he killed shivanya’s parents and took naagmani. He caged the king also but can’t guess who is the 5th murderer

  2. Dhivyanjalee

    Rithik’s dad is the person who was the in the havli (shivyani saw ) .. That is the secret in havli…
    They have done that because they need money…
    Now they are scared if rithik get to know the truth they will out of the house..
    His dream is a childhood memories or his dad love him so much so that he is dreaming about him…
    All the 5 murder might be working in havli 20 year ago…

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Who can be the fifth murder, samjg hi nhi aa raha hai???
    I think the person who is in haveli is might be related to Ritik some how and all these people were servents of that haveli, who became so rich after getting naagmani..

    Today in update spoiler I read that shesha will fall in love with ritik and there will be love triangle b/w three… its bad, do not spoil shivanya and ritik jodi writers….

    1. I think the fifth muderer is shivanya’s guru ji n he’s training sesha n shivanya so that they can find the nagmani..May be guri ji wants to become powerful by geting that mani.

      1. Is yamini not the fifth person.. I doubt its her… rithik is kings son so they r adopting him I think…

  4. Interesting…… Excited to know the murderer

  5. Waiting for next episode……..

  6. yamini is the 5th one,mujhe aisa lagta hai.aur woh admi jo haveli main hai woh ritik ke papa hai.aur anky yamini ka pyar hoga.mujhe aisa lagta hai

  7. U r ryt ahana

  8. Even pyrogeist r better than this stupid nagin. Hate this

  9. Dhivyanjalee

    i think rithik mother must be a naagin… And his father is the king…
    Rithik’s mother and shivanya’s mother should be friends that y there was a pic in shivanya’s house in front of havli…
    And then rithik’s mother would have told the king about naagamani… The one of the works must be listening to that and killed rithik”s mother ….
    The naagins must have thought that the king killed her and shivanya’s parents and took the naagamani… But 5 of them kidnapped the king and he is the person in havli..
    The 5 person is yammni she must be working in havli as servant for rithik’s then for money she must have killed Rithiks mother… That’s y she is scared of Snakes…

    1. I love it

      1. Dhivyanjalee

        Thank you

    2. Good one…i like it…

      1. Dhivyanjalee

        Thank you

    3. Awesome

  10. Disiya krish raan

    I agre with Divyangali’ some time it happend. Ritik is the son of a naagin and king so rivanya ka relationship is not a problem .becoze when their shaadi hue thi thab ek guruji shivanya ko aashirvaad diya he.philal oska shaadi ek maanav ke saath hue. Now I get a news ritik shivanya se naraz hoti he lekin eslka karan muge patha nahi.

    1. Dhivyanjalee

      Please can you say it in English… Because I don’t understand Hindi… And thanks for your comment

    2. I heard a news… Ki shivanya rithik ko Sab sach bata degi.. That she is a naagin. .maybe thats why rithik will b angry…donno it’s right or wrong.. .just a guess. .

  11. Amazing episode!…cudnt take my eyes off frm it even for a second…each shots are fantastic!… and rivanya’s scenes were becomig superb in every episodes,i.e.,their chemistry is growing good day by day…and the suspense content is increasing a lot!…same precap is shown as shown on saturday but the new promo scenes makes me no longer wait for it!

  12. The king who is caged is the real owner of the Haveli and all properties… Ritik is his son, not Ankush raheja’s.. Once Ankush raheja mentioned that he has the precious thing which is belongs to the caged man.. For that king Ritik is the most precious…

  13. The caged man is ritik dad

  14. I think the 5th murderer is a lady, probably yamini. Because in the starting when they showed shivanya’s flashback story, it showed a lady among the murderers and snake charmers. I think she was in yellow or light green dress. Also yamini is definitely involved because she knows the whole story and also knows that ankush was called maali kaka. She mentions that when shesha in yamini’s form calls ankush maali kaka. I don’t know how shesha knew about this and other stuff that probably yamini used to tell ankush to imitate yamini successfully. Maybe shesha is somehow related in minor capacity to all that happened 20 years ago as she seems quite literally venomous towards rithik for some unknown reasons.

  15. Disiya krish raan

    If shesha is the sister of ritik..ha…ha.. then then the story become more superb!the king and the naagin have two children one snake and one humen

    1. Dhivyanjalee

      Yes even I thought that…

    2. Sorry 2 say this…since shesha n shivanya r cousins ,u cant make shesha rithiks sister …coz e1 shivanya wil bcom rithiks cousin!!!

  16. Disiya krish raan

    I got a news that ritik misunderstand shivanya but why it happend that is I don’t know

  17. I like their chemistry..really

  18. I think 5th person to be who so ever but cageman is king and father of ritik and have same face as of ritik.they killed naag to get naagmani and save ritik life as bitten by snake in childhood.sesha may be the lover of king as soon she will fall in love with ritik due to same face. Ritik and shivanya will seprated as ritik consider her as gir family destroyer and shivanya think that due to ritik her parents get killed.

  19. Disiya krish raan

    You all are exited for the 5th murderer that is non other then yamini I got the news today.
    there fore our prediction that cave man is ritik’s father.

  20. hay i saw this trailer in which Sesha was saying that Shivanya is getting too close to Ritik then i’ve do somthing and then she shifted into Sivanya then they show Ritik embracing Shivanya but she was actully Sesha

    1. They are just spoiling the story by a love triangle… Flop…

  21. I am jz waiting for rithik and shesha moments !!!

  22. What you shake the camera sooo much? We don’t feel like watching as it will affect our eyes.

  23. I think Ritik is the caged man ‘s son who was the king of the haweli.Ritik has the same face as his dad and Ankush and Yamini have adopted the King’s son.Also the caged man only knows where is the Naagmani as in one episode it was shown that only he knows where it is and if he does not tell them they will harm the thing he loves most. Also from recent episode there is a possibility that Ritik himself is a Naag (somehow) because of a mark at the back of his neck which also has a mention in th Naagmani book that Shivanya and then Sesha was also reading.So , although Ritik might not be aware of this , but somehow he is related to the Naagmani. In the end maybe Shivanya and Ritik can actually marry each other as they both are Naag(ins) .

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