Naagin (Colors) 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yamini consoling Shivanya that Rithik will be fine and she can go and rest for sometime. Shivanya says she will be with Rithik. Yamini jokes that Shivanya loves Rithik more than his parents and leaves asking her to call her if needed. Rithik wakes up and asks who is she. She says she is his wife Shivanya. He asks if he is married and got a wife, why don’t he remember. She says she will call doc. He says he is having severe headache and asks her to kiss him if his wife. She says he is very naughty. He says when he slipped he saw a dream of him being a raja. Shivanya says people say if some incident happens in childhood, it haunts in dreams. He says he saw a brightest diamond in dream. She says mani. He says he did not see money. She says it is nagmani.

He says he does not know all that. She asks him to rest while she brings soup for him.

Shivanya smears her hand on mirror and Guruji Bhairavnath comes on it. She greets him and asks if he has important message regarding mangoose. He says he does not know but with his knowledge, he came to know that mangoose is inside her house. She says she does not see anyone with mangoose signs. She says some outsider must have come in. She realizes it is Kabeer and says Tanvi’s would be fiance came from forgein. He asks her to bring his wallet, comb or something which he touches daily and often. She says okay and leaves in nagin form.

Shivaya as nagin enters Kabeer’s room and sees Yamini correcting his cupboard and leaving out. She hides in mirror and then comes out and leaves taking Kabeer’s watch. She then goes to guruji who is doing havan and gives Kabeer’s watch. Guruji chants mantra and asks why did she bring dead man’s watch. She says it is Kabeer’s watch. He chants mantras again and shows dead man’s image on havan. She says she does not know who he is. He says this deadman has some link with mangoose. She asks him to show him where this deadman is. He shows direction. She walks out and sees mangoose footprints and follows them to a cave till footprints stop. She thinks she needs to find out what is in this cave. She removes stones from way and sees smelling deadbody, checks his pocket and finds Kabeer Oberoi’s driving license. She gets tensed thinking mangoose is at home and Sesha went with him. She has to go and rescue Sesha. She turns intosnake and rushes to save Sesha.

Angad drives car with his sistes, Kabeer, and Sehsa. Kabeer thinks he will kill this icchdhari nagin today for sure.

Shivanya reaches home and sees Rithik watching TV. Rithik asks her to join. She says today is Saturday night and wants to go to night club. He is surprised and says he will get ready soon.

Kabeer reaches night club withh Shesha. He asks her what she wants to have. She says juice. He orders juice for her and 5 alcohol shots for him. She asks why so many shots. He says he wants to enjoy night today and after 5 shots orders 5 more, then 5 more. Sesha says he will fall ill. He says he will not. After shots he forces Sesha to dance with him and then acts as puking. Angad asks wht happened to him. He says he wants to puke and says he will go with Sesha. Sesha takes him to washroom. He smirks thinking he is fine and locks door. She asks why did he lock door and asks if he wants to become mangoose and says she identified him with is stinky smell. He falls with her on bed and says sheis beautiful nagin and will be dead. Sesha says she knew who he is from the beginning and did not inform even Shivanya as she wants to kill him. He says she can kill him. They both roll on floor and then become mangoose and snake and start fighting.

Shivanya reaches night club Rithik and tries to leave. Rithik asks her to dance. She says she wants to go to washroom and goes in search of Sesha. She finds Kabeer mangoose attacking Sesha and pushes him down. He shouts one more nagin came. She says today one more enemy will die by nagin . The both pin him down and Shivanya forces alcohol bottle into his mouth. He gulps whole bottle. They both then turn him into mangoose and torture him till he is half deadh and throw him from balcony. He dies. Shivanya tells Sesha that mangoose wanted to kill he, but he did not know until nagin finishes her revenge, she will not die. Sesha asks who sent him. Shivanya says now he is dead and cannot tell who sent him. Angad and his sisters walk towards their car and see mangoose. One of them comment thank god Kabeer did not see mangoose, else he would have panicked. Angad throws mangoose body aside. Shivanya watches everything and then tells Sesha that she is injured and with her special powers cures Shesha.

Shivanya then finds Tanvi’s mobile on floor and Sesha says that means mangoose killed Tanvi. Shivanya says why did not he break phone, there is something in it. They both see their confession clip and discuss that Tanvi knew they are nagins, so Kabeer killed her to stop her from informing anyone. They both then try to leave when they hear SMS sound, find Kabeer’s mobile and read SMS that he must have killed nagin by now and he should meet her/him at kali ghati. Shesha says this is the same enemy who sent mangoose Kabeer and will call her now. Shivanya stops her and says she wants to know who she/he is first. Shesha sends SMS to Rithik as Kabeer that he is returning back to Canada and says now nobody will doubt that a mangoose had come and died.

Shivanya goes back to dance floor with Sesha and tells Rithik that she will drop Sesha home in his car. Angad takes Rithik with him. Sesha and Shivanya then reach kali ghati and wait for enemy to come. They turn into mangoose and snake and walks in front of a lady and are shocked to see Suri’s wife. Suri’w wife thinks mangoose as Kabeer and orders it to kill nagin right now. Shivanya and Sehsa turn into their human form. Kabeer’s wife is shocked to see them. Sesha says she does not know to laugh or cry, if she thought her mangoose would kill an icchadhari nagin, she is wrong. Ichadhari nagin gets her form after 100 years of prayers. She can kill her with her blow. Suri’s wife tries to run, but Sesha extends her long hands and strangulates her neck and asks who sent her. Suri’s wife says fifth killer sent her. A masked man comes in car and shoots her before she tells his name.

Precap: Rithik tells Shivanya that nagin has come to kill his family and he will kill nagin. Rithik kills nagin by throwing knife on her. Gurumaa tells nagin is dead now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Fatarajo

    I wonder what will happen when Rithik will come to know that his love Shivanya is a Naagin, I can’t imagine that πŸ™ I hope something not serious and good will happen if Naagin and human falls in love πŸ˜› and honestly speaking this Kabir is quite annoying , the most annoying thing in Naagin is Kabir but his acting is not bad but still I don’t like Kabir

  2. Ranaji

    What ritvik killed shivanya in precap??? Pls shivanya and ritvik romance yaar pls do writers but I loved today epi very much

  3. shanaya

    I think 5th killer is rithiks father who seems like rithik cz thre was a pic in store room which was rithiks in raja’s attire and he was wearing anclet in leg and shivanya also saw a man with anclet in his leg in haveli so i think that ankush is nt rithiks father and rithiks father is the one who was in pic in raja’s attire

  4. Shani

    I agree with sneha that is not rithik.I missed tndays romantic movements of ritnya I want to know ritik reaction. If their love story will end?? I know shesha will start love for ritik.If she will separate ritvanya???

  5. Shani

    I agree with sneha that is not rithik.I missed todays romantic movements of ritnya I want to know ritik reaction. If their love story will end?? I know shesha will start love for ritik.If she will separate ritvanya???

  6. bharathi

    5th person will be Yamini. Rithik is not the son of Yamini and Ankush. He is the son of that raja who is born to save nagamani. The person who is kidnapped is the raja. Raja is not dead.

    Shivanya will be injured but not dead. She will be replaced by sesha till she gets cured. Further scenes of seshs turning to shivanya will be very interesting and funny.

    Watch and enjoy

  7. Raja ji

    Rithik is not even son of raheja..He is son of the King who have authority of nagmani..raheja was just a mali of his mahal.

  8. eema

    you know guys I have a feeling that hritik is not ankys son..His father is the person imprisoned. …and he is the chosen one to help nagin get the first episode it was shown hritik having a snake bite mark on his neck…….I may be wrong…bt still love guessing;-)

  9. Sne7

    Rithik is the son of a king who has been captured by Ankush and gang. He can’t be the 5th murderer. I guess its a new character!

  10. anni

    I think ritik’s real father is that man who is locked by anky ji.. Ritik and that man will look same. Ritik doesn’t see himself as Raja in his dreams, actually he sees that man. The man is a good person and protecting the mani

  11. ram

    Ritik wil b son of naagmani rakshak king & Icchadhari nagin’s son…book shivanya reading about nagin & Human love story…had missing pages.ankush raheja adopt ritik to blackmail a person who know where nagmani is kept

    • Nandhini

      I too think the same…rithik maybe born to the king and an icchadhari nagin…their story is only mite hav been written in the book…then i also get a feeling dat aftr shivanya’s revenge mission gets over, she and rithik wil live together…aftr getting to know dat she is a icchadhari naagin rithik may forgive and accept her….

  12. Meera

    I want some more rivanya movements and the naagin that ritik killed shud not be shivanya. and after knowing that shivanya is naagin he should accept her as he loves her so much.

  13. Swathi

    They end that chapter!i mean Icchaderi nevla….I feel laugh Booz the way the 2 naagins kill that nevla.
    I miss the 1st 5 minutes of today’s epi.
    Any way luv u RIVANYA……???

  14. Neha

    Shivanya shouldn’t die though i like Sesha’s cherecter more but still Shivanya is the heroine. she shouln’t die. aur vo bhi Ritik ke hatho se

  15. Nandhini

    Dear friends,, shivanya will not die…she wil be badly injured…to save herself she wil reveal the truth to rithik dat she is an icchadhari naagin in her days of recovery…

  16. Soham

    There’s a lot of suspense..

    1.Will Ritik kill Shivanya? What happens to Shesha then? What happens to Ritik then?
    2. Who is the chained man? Why do his eyes look like Ritik’s?
    3. Who sent kabir?
    4. The story of the nagin and her human lover?
    5. The place they show the mani is in now. What is that place?
    6. Rahejas’ secret past?
    7. Ritik’s past?
    8. Will viren get out of the coma? What if he does?

  17. Dhivyanjalee

    If rithik is not yammini son then y she should care about rithik??
    I think she is rithik’s anuty and his father’s sister….
    He is the person who was the in the havli (shivyani saw ) .. That is the secret in havli…
    They have done that because they need money…
    Now they are scared if rithik get to know the truth they will out of the house..
    They were scared if rithik marry a naagin he will get to know the truth… Or after 25 he will Knw that…
    Those dreams r his childhood memories..

  18. Disiya krish raan

    I donote understand anything if ritik is not a son of yamini then why she woried about ritik and if ritik know about shivanya is naagin then what is his reaction? But I am sure ritik is the person who what to protect nagmani. I think the ending of story rivanya ek saath rehegi.

  19. marry

    naagin is fabulous,,,,,,,,,,,,i watch it ……..episode was really amazing but guyss when naagin gonna end what do u feel?????? i know bcoz matsh loyal fans r facing that situation now a dayzzzzzzzz…………..hope people watch matsh too like naagin…………….

  20. piya

    I think d same rithik is dat king son whom he saw in his dream. n dat prison man is king. shivanya will not dead but will be injured.

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