Naagin (Colors) 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yamini stabbing Shivanya and killing her. Shivanya falls down in snake form. Yamini then digs ground and buries her and thinks she sent her bahu to her parent’s home, to heaven. She then takes Rithik from there.

Yamini feeds milk to snake Sesha and says she killed her enemy Shivanya today and she should do nagmani prassana pooja and then marry Rithik. She shows nagmani . Sesha thinks she will get both nagmani and Rithik. Once Sesha leaves, Yamini shows nagmani to Ankush maali’s pic and says his place was in ground and now she is sole owner of nagmani. Rithik enters and takes nagmani from her and says he does not need nagmani now as he brought it to protect his family and now does not need it. Yamini starts acting. Rithik gives back nagmani.

She says she will keep it safely and smirks in mind.

In the morning, Rithik immserses Ankush’s ashes in river reminiscing Ankush’s love for him. Yamini thinks maali Ankush reached his real place now after helping her reach her destiny. She tells Rithik that today she lost her husband and son. Rithik says Angad is fine and he is standing in front of her. She stabs him repeatedly. He reminisces Yamini’s fake love and llies. Yamini says she has to kill him before he gives nagmani to seshnag and says when she killed her husband for nagmani, why will she spare him. She also confesses that she even killed Shivanya. He reminisces Shivanya telling him that Ankush and Yamini are murderers. She also confesses that he is not her son and after stabbing repeateldy again pushes him water. Rithik falls deep in water. Yamini then starts acting that she kiled her son, daughter-in-law and even husband. She praises herself as very intelligent for sending her beta and bahu in panchatantra.. She says she will kill even Sesha for nagmani. With Shivji’s permission, snakes jump into water to save Rithik.

Gurudev and Sangram Singh wait for Shivanya eagerly. Sesha says she will kill them both for nagmani and Rithik. She tries to attack them, but yogi raj holds her and freezes her in ice block and says he lost his powers to destroy Sesha’s, now Sesha will be freezed till evening. Gurudev asks Yogi raj where is Shivanya now. Yogi raj asks him to use his given knowledgge to find Shivanya. Gurudev uses his knowledge and sees shivji’s idol and says shivanya must be somewhere around. He asks yogi raj and Sangram to go and get Shivanya while he guards temple.

Yamini holds knife and says with this knife, she can kill any nagin and Sesha will be gone. Chutkni nagin calls her from bottle and asks to free her. Yamini opens lid and frees her. Chutki comes out and asks what did she do with Ankush. Her jokergiri starts. Yamini blackensher face with guruma’s ring and sends her back in bottle.

Yogi raj and Sangram reach shiv idol which gurudev described and pray shivji to show where Shivanya is. Sangram sees snakes coming. Yamini reaches shiv temple holding knife and thinking she will kill sesh now. She tries to enter temple, but a protective barrier stops her. Gurudev is seen doing pooja. Yamini thinks Shesha must be playing trick. Yogi raj pays shivji and idol’s jata/hair water changes direction and falls on Shivanya’s grave. Sangram follow water. Yogi raj says water showed where shivanya is. Shivanya emerges from her grave and says Yamini can kill Rithik and she has to save him. She prays shivji to give her powes to save her husband. Some force takes her into water. She searches Rithik and prays god again. She with other snake reaches deep water and gets Rithik out .

Shivanya brings Rithik out. Sangram cries seeing unconscious Rithik and says Yamini killed Rithik. Sangram says he is not breathing. Yogi raj says Rithik cannot die as Shivanya got a boon that she will be sada suhagan. He says Sangram that his family tatoo mark will disappears after a person dies. Shivanya checks neck and finds tatoo mark. Yogi raj says nagmani can save Rithik. Shivanya says she will bring nagmani. Sangram says Yamini will kill her again. Shivanya says she will go in Sesha’s form. Gurudev tells Sangram that they both should pray till Shivanya comes.

Sesha reaches Yamini’s room and asks why is she holding knife, if she wants to kill her. Yamini says she is a boon for her and do nagmani pooja. Sesha looks at her suspiciously. Yamini says if she does not trust her, she can keep nagmani. Sesha looks at her. Yamini says she cannot ask gurumaa’s ring now and says she will burn if she touches nagamnil, Sesha asks where is nagmani and Rithik. Yamini says Rithik has gone out and nagmani is in her safety locker. Sesha leaves. Yamini starts her drama again. Angad enters. Yamini cries that she cannot forget Ankush.

Shivanya searches Yamini’s room for secret locker and finds it. She then gets out nagmani from it.

Precap: Rithik says Shivanya if life cannot unite then, death will. Shivanya says until she is alive, nothing will happen to him, her life is with him. Sesha tortures Gurudev. Yamini says who came to her home and took nagmani. Guru maa says Shivanya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. jinal

    shivnya save rithik by nagmini and hopefully she will save guruji also from shesha..
    But chamatkar pe chamtkar ho raha tha aj to shivji har jagah a gaye or to or sangram singh and shivnya ki help kri unhone kas real life me bhi itni sunte shivji apne bhakto ki

  2. shubham roy

    shivanya to bach gyi aur usko nagmani ki bhi power mil jayegi…ye serial khatam nahi hoga itni jaldi…..

  3. Malaika

    Sunay main aya tha ky naagin season2 ay ga jis main ritik or shivanya apna revenge lein gee or season 1 main dono mar jaein geee
    but aj ky episode main tu kuch or hi houa hai

    • Shubham

      No I have learnt that season 2 shall have a different story which will revolve around gurmeet Singh and rashmi Desai as nag and nahin…but I like the present cast and don’t wish for a change…and I think most of us think the same

  4. Shubham

    Hello Friends I am new here…I love this show I never commented since I was not aware of this website…by the way my isc result will be announced soon so wish me good luck…

    • Hey Nandhini
      Epi was OK for me
      At least Ritik got to know about her mother (fake)
      Anyways have a good day and today I will send you request but I need ur profile pic bcoz alot of people will be there Na
      Tak car dear

  5. Hey guys where r u all
    No one is commenting only Nandhini is giving rply
    Sanam.Sita.Deepak. and all others give ur comments
    Missing you all

  6. Debashis

    naagin ka or srif 4 episode bacha hai… inme kaise sab hoga!! or mahismati kab aayenge?

  7. Shagun

    I heard that both will unite in the end…….and in season two the will have a boy child……..hope this happens

  8. Aradhya

    Hellloooo Guyss…?i m new here ..i also luv dis shoe a lot specially rithik …??i wass not aware of dis site initially…

    I also doesn’t want d cast to change in next season .. plz all of us should tell our views through dis to ektaaa..?✊✌

  9. vid

    We know that Yamini,Ankush and his 3 frds want to kill rithik after taking naagmani than y they wanted to do marriage of Tanvi with rithik

  10. ghost

    Serial is ending but wished to see more VFX works. As the current VFX work is very low, hope the snakes looks a bid real.
    The way Shivanya gets a life from Amritjaal is fascinating but the VFx is very low compared to Chakrabatin Asoka. Again, the story lacks a bid unrealistic. Hollywood uses heavy VFX and CGI works. Hope for the best. Nagin season 2 is incomplete without Shivanya. Hope it relates to Nagin 1.Ekta being a creative producer knows the pulse of Indian audience. Hope Balaji is listening

  11. Ruth

    I am new here.
    This show is really flabbergasting!!
    The makers are going to make us suffer till season 2 is back.
    Yet Kavach might do a great job in the place of naagin.
    Can’t wait to see the climax of this season, new show kavach, and season 2 of naagin!!

  12. abi

    nice episode.plz do ritik will know about him ma and also make it sesha will be good sister to shivanya

  13. Shraddha Sharma

    Here is today’s update… forgive me for any mistake or any point missed…

    Episode starts with shivanya coming with naagmani in naag??? form and bees ???of mahismati attacks, she takes her half human form and says- not now!! I need to save ritik! And she prays to shiv ji and take 5 head naag form and burn all bees.. and take naag form and leaves…

    At home yamini come to her room and call for shesha.. she call and say where that black nagin went??
    She is about to leave, but remembers to check naagmani, and goes to check and do not find naagmani… she gets angry?????

    Near shiv ji… shivanya takes ritik on her lap and uses naagmani power to get back ritik.. she prays to shiv ji and uses the power of naagmani and says- please shiv ji! Save my ritik! Save him!..
    She further says- if till today, i fulfilled all my duties towards you and ritik, please save him!!
    Due to power to naagmani ritik start getting coniousness and he sits…

    Seeing this shivanya hugs him and cry?????… and after 2 min she realises and leaves him and ask him how is he??
    Ritik in state of surprised ???? and say i am fine..
    And i am sorry for what i did!! He says that till now you always tried me to show the truth of my mother and father but i did not listen you!!
    And ask how is she???
    Shivanya- I am fine due to shiv ji blessing..
    Ritik- I am sorry!! What I did!! You kept saving me all the time and i slaped you, never trusted you, thrown you out of my life… and after that also you saved me??
    Shivanya- Ritik you are my love, you are my life! How can I let you happen anything!!
    Ritik- You know when Yamini stabbed me, I was remembering you.. I was thinking that alteast not in this birth but in heavan i will able to meet you!!
    Shivanya and ritik cry???? in happiness..
    Shivanya- You are my life ritik!!
    Ritik- You are my life too!! Now I have only you in my life!!
    And they both hug each other while saying this… ????

    Shivanya- You have someone also in your life, who waited you for long!!
    Ritik is confuesd?????

    Shivanya takes ritik to near shiv ji.. sangram and guruji are shown praying…
    Shivanya says- look ritik he is your father!! Whom you have seen in your dreams!!
    Sangram sees ritik and imagines him as child and cry?? in happiness..
    Ritik see him and say- i always saw you in my dream and a child was me!!
    Flashback of young sangram singh and ritik as child is shown, whhile praying to shivji!!
    They both hug each other…
    Shivanya- Baba! Take this naagmani and do protection of it as it belongs to you…
    Sangram- No shivanya!! Naagmani belongs to shiv ji and now yuvraaj/ritik and you will do protection of it from yamini and mahismati!!
    Ritik in shock ????- who are mahishmati??
    Sangram tell him story in muted form and bees???? and horses are shown..
    Ritik- Yamini did!! He was about to say but sangram says- she is not human, she is devil and behind naagmani…
    She brought you as her child so to get naagmani!! She killed your mom and shivanya parents even to get naagmani..
    She kept me captured and tried to kill me even, I was alive due to memories of your and thinking about you…
    Ritik- how can a woman be like this??????

    Just than sunset starts…
    Shivanya- sunset is starting, we need to go to shiv mandir, otherwise shesha will kill gurudev(baba)!!
    Ritik- who is shesha??
    Shivanya- my masi daughter, my cousin, the other naagin..
    Ritik- but i killed her with help of guru maa!!
    Shivanya- No! It was all drama created by yamini, gurumaa and shesha..
    They all leave…

    Yamini reaches to gurumaa and inform her that black nagin took naagmani.. find her soon…
    Gurumaa- I cannot toch naagmani, how she took it?
    Yamini- don’t know…

    In shivmandir- freezed shesha start getting her form..
    Baba- i need to kill you as you are on wrong path otherwise you will kill many people.. and throws some powder but it goes on vain and shesh takes her human form…
    Shesha laughing????- baba! See its sunset… now your power will not work but mine will work!! ??????
    Baba- Shesha you are doing wrong for getting naagmani and ritik!!
    Shesha in anger nails one hand of guru dev and is about to kill him but stops and says- you are equal to my father!! I cannot kill you!!
    Baba- shesha, if you are feeling bad, come to shiv ji, he will forgive you!!
    Shesha in anger put nail in other hand and guru dev cries in pain…

    In jungle all are running towards mandir…
    Shesha- baba! I want naagmani and ritik both, no one thought about me, never…
    And puts nails in his both legs and he cries in pain…
    Again in jungle all are running towards mandir.. and night drawns with moon…
    And finally shesha- baba! You are my baba !!
    baba- shesha you are getting mad!! Do not do this… and recite Naama Shivaye..
    Shesha throws nail on his head and he dies and shesha leaves…

    After that they all reach mandir and see guru dev died…
    Guru recites mantra of shiv ji…
    And shivanya cries ???????? baba!!!!!
    And cries and say – shesha you did not do right… you killed our guru dev, who was equall to our father… ritik consoles her…
    shivnaya- till now it was revenge for my parents muder but now i will kill you shesha for killing baba…
    Ritik- i am with you in this fight and will not let you happen anything…
    Sangram- what will do you??
    Shivanya in anger look????- i will play same game what they were playing till now!!!

    Guru maa doing puja…
    yamini- what are you doing?? Find her, before she finds that ritik is dead…
    Guru maa call hawks and say- get that nagin from her place…
    hawks leaves…
    Hawks attacks shesha… shesha takes human form and think why they are doing this??
    She tries to kill them but in vain… they attack her and take her to gurumaa..
    Gurumaa captures her and ask where is naagmani??
    Shesha- I don’t have.. it is with yamini..
    Yamini- no! You took it..
    Shesha- No! Its with you.. you want all its power thats why you are doing this…
    Yamini- No!! You want it and ritik!! Thats why you took it…
    And their fight continues…
    Gurumaa stops them and say- put your 2 boond blood on this nariyal and which will burst that person have naagmani..
    Both do this by cutting thumb.. and guru maa put them in haven and after 2- 3 min says- you both do not have it, it is with someone else..
    Yamini- but it is took by shesha.. and onlly nagin can change form…
    Guru maa- shivanya!!
    Yamini- i killed her and buried her!!
    Shesha- it is not that easy, we must check her if she is dead or not…
    Shivanya is shown listening to all this… they both leave in naagin form…

    Near shiv ji, in jungle, where they killed her…
    Shesha take her human form and say yamini told about this place only and shouts shivnaya…
    Snagrama and ritik see her by hidden…
    Shesha take naagin form and goes inside buried place.. and shivnaya is shown burried by holding breath…
    Ritik- I need to take shivanya out!!
    Sangram- wait shesha is here only!!
    Shesha checks shivanya if she is alive or not and come out…
    Shesha- Sorry shivanya!! Due to love you died and due to love i will live with ritik!!
    Ritik gets angry listening this???
    shesha takes naagin form and leaves and ritik digs out mud and take out shivanya…
    Shivanya breathes heavily and ritik hugs her…
    Shivanya thinks i need to get away far from ritik, otherwise he will be in danger always…

    On sea shore-
    Shivanya- I am sorry ritik, i hided truth from you that i am naagin…
    Ritik- no! I am sorry as i never listened you!! You always told me truth but i not trusted you.. and hold ears..
    Shivanya is not able to see him like this and hugs him tight..
    They both were about to kiss?? but shivanaya goes back…
    Ritik- i get know that due to lie yoy always gone far but why now??
    Shivanya- becoz we can’t become one!! As i am naagin and you are human and one naagin and human cannot love each other, if they do so one will die and i will lose my powers.. and for now i can’t afford it as i need to protect you and baba(sangram singh) from yamini and shesha… after all reveange i will go my way and you on your way…
    Ritik is stunded after listening to all this??????????
    Shivanya- now i must leave and takes her naagin form and leaves…
    Ritik is shown standing there and watching helplessly????????

    At home yamini returns and say- i killed ritik but what will i say to his brother and sister??
    Her younger son- where were you mom?? Your phone was unreachable??
    Yamini in her drama- i don’t know what all is happening?? where is ritik went??
    His son- bhaiya is at home!!!
    Yamini in shock????????? and screen freez

    Precap- Yamini sees ritik and shouts as she saw bhoot??????????????????….
    Ritik in mandir to shivanya- I know how to handle yamini!!!
    Ritik’s brother and sister- mom how can you stab ritik bhaiya???
    LK’s friend’s wife- bhabhi how can you do so???
    Yamini shock???? and in horrified!!!

  14. shubham roy

    shradhha tussi great ho…..thanks for update….its too good as like I am watching show ……true lovers meet first time as like this…..its one of the greatest happiness moment of life….once again thanku thanku…

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