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Naagin (Colors) 29th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivanya telling herself that she has to reach shiv temple at any cost. She sees Rithik sound asleep and goes near him and changes to snake. Rithik wakes up and sees her changing. She bites his yes and makes him unconscious and leaves towards shiv mandir.

Sesha along with other icchadhari naags dances in shiv mandir while Bhaivranath plays been for them. Their blind guru comes and they all greet him. Guru searches bell and rings it and then goes and touches shiv idol and starts mantras. He then asks where is she who called him.

Shivany silently walks out of haveli. Ankush sees her as snake and follows her, but she dissappears. He continues searching her. Tanvi calls Rithik, but he is sound asleep. Her parents come there and scold her why did

she elope from her marriage and hiding in Pune here. Dad says he prepared her fake kundali to marry Rithik, but she failed all his plans. Tanvi says Yamini aunty herself requested her not to marry Rithik. Ankush calls Shailesh and says he wants to meet him right now. He asks what is left now, he insulted their frienship. Ankush says he saw snake which they saw 20 years ago and their life is at risk. Shalesh asks if he is drunk and disconnects call.

Shivanya reaches shiv temple and prays god to help her kill her 5 enemies who killed her parents. She then starts dancing with Sesha and other icchadhari naags. Bhaviranath asks her to take yogiraj Guru’s blessings as he is in prayes and his blessings will be from god Shiv. Shivanya goes and sits in front of him. Bhairvanth tells yogiraj that he should bless her to help her take her revenge. He sees past incident where Ankush and his friends kill Shivanya’s parents and blesses to be sada suhagan. Bhaviranath asks why did not he bless her to kill her parent’s murderers. Yogiraj says these were shivji’s words and not his. Shivji desitned her marriage and it is up to her to love or hate her husband. She should get her husband from harm and protect him.

Shivanya reaches home in nagin avatar. Rithik’s inebriated sister walks closing her eyes searching for her room and steps on her and thinks her room came. She sleeps on floor and thinks who is tickling her, opens her eyes and is shocked to see snake. She panics and runs. Her younger brother comes and she says she saw snake. He says she is inebriated. She points floor and he sees hose pipe and laughs.

Shivanya goes back to her room and removes poison from Rithik’s eyes. He wakes up and asks what is she doing. She gets nervous and says she leaned on him to pick something and fell asleep. He sees her veil stuck in his button and taunts her. She gets nervous and shy. He says he was joking. She smiles and sleeps on her bed. He sleeps on floor and smiles.

In the morning, Rithik’s brother and sister come and knock door. Rithik does not wake up. They continue knocking. Rithik at last wakes up and opens door. They hug him and sing happy birthday to you. They then don’t see Shivanya and asks where is bhabhi. He says nothing. After getting ready, he comes out. Yamini asks where is Shivanya. He says she left as her duty is over now. Yamini says she is this house’s bahu and should stay here. Shivanya brings cake and says she was preparing cake for Rithik ji. Brother taunts if bhaiya asked her to call ji… She shyingly says no.. Rithik then cuts cake and everyone sing happy birthday to you. Tanvi enters and shouts ay Yamini that she is celebrating after getting her son married to a servant instead of her. Yamini says why did she elope without informing. Tanvi says she requested her to go. Yamini says she did not. Ramya says her daughter does not lie. Tanvi yells at Shivanya that she is a servant and cannot be Rithik’s wife. Rithik asks her to behave with his wife. Ankush controls situation and sends them out. He then says he will go and check Viren in hospital. Yamini says they should cancel tonight’s party. Ankush says people willl question them, so they should not cancel party.

Shivanya in her room thinks what is she doing here instead of taking revenge, she cannot get attracted to Rithik. Rithik comes and asks what is she murmuring. She sits silently. He says she should not feel bad about Tanvi’s words and she is owner of this house, not servant.

Ankush goes to washroom and after shaving applies soap gel on his face. Tap water stops. He searches for water mugh and opens it. A snake emerges out of it and runs. He washes his face and hears someone calling him maali kaka/gardener and is shocked to see it is Yamini. He asks if she has gone mad. She continues calling him maali kaka. Yamini comes from other side and snake escape. Ankush asks why did she call him maali kaka. Yamini say she did not and she came just now. He panics and says years ago people used to call him maali kaka.

Viren gets out of coma. Chaya sees him opening eyes and says she will call doc runs out. She comes back. He says wo agayi hai/she came back. She asks who came back. He gasps for air. She turns into Sesha and strangulates his neck. Chaya is seeing requesting receptionist to call doc. Ankush comes there and asks what happened. She says Viren got conscious. Sesha changes into nurse and leaves smirking. Ankush enters and asks Viren what happened. Viren says nagin/snake came back and goes back into coma.

Ankush goes to Shailesh’s house. Shailesh says he will not attend Rithik’s birthday. Ankush says he did not come invite him to dance, but came to inform that naagin came back. When he told he must have imagined snake yesterday, he agreed, but today nagin changed into Yamini and called him maali kaka. Shailesh says they killed both naag and nagin and how can they come back. He says nagin finished Viren and now only 4 of us are left, she may kill either of them first, so he called panditji during party to capture nagin. Shailesh says he will not believe it and will not attend Rithik’s birthday party.

Ankush comes back home and murmurs naagin came back and Suri’s life is in danger. He calls Suri who is busy with his new wife and says he will reach India soon. Ankush says naagin came back and he called to warn him. Suri asks him not to worry and wears gloves to hide his 6 fingers.

Bhairavnath tells Shivanya that he asked her to frighten Ankush Raheja so that he can gather all his friends. She can easily identify and kill them. He furthr says one of them has 6 finger. Shivanya think she will take her revenge this time for sure.

Precap: Rithik and Shivanya dance romantically during birthday party.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. your revenge is right ,but on the persons who killed ur parents not on rhithik , accept him ….love u rhithik

  2. and shivanya

  3. Wow… Episode was cool… But I didn’t understand that part when Shivanya goes to temple and What she did with Ritvik?? And Honestly saying I really unbelieve this ‘Naggin’ thing… Like Ritvik It can happen in 80s or 90s films…. Anyways… I must say, Supernaturals powers are always outstanding….

  4. Nice epi… bt i should wait for next epi till saturday πŸ™

  5. Super chemistry .arjun and mouni u rocks

  6. Precape so romantic. Ritik told shivanya that u r owner of the this house. Which shows how much of he love her.

  7. Shivanya u want take revenge on ur parent death i accept that but ritik is so innocent. Y r break the ritik trust.

  8. Omi gods…lov d epi??….hv to wait fo next epi till Saturday..??……y???…lov u rithik so so much n u too shivanya..??

  9. Nicee episode
    Arjun and mounis chemistry is sooo good…but shivsnya Ritvik is so good…take revemge on the other Five…pls spare him…

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  12. Awesome serial & ritik shivanya jodi ws fabulous <3

  13. But next episode ws more interesting & also wait for rithik shivanya love scenes Ohh Saturday plzzz come fast

  14. Ritik (arjun bijlani) is doing awesome work in his charecter ?????
    I love this jodi soo much
    But East arjun is the the best ???
    But we have to wait until next week ya
    But it’s okay i can wait ???
    But thinking wat shivanya will do next
    Just forget it, but wat iz going to happen very excited to see

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    Wud love to know of sesha, who is she why she wants to take revenge,,also about dream of Rithvik

  18. First time I came to know that nagins also believe in sindoor and saat phere

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    but i have one question
    any one can tell me what is meant by sada suhagan

  24. Sathyasree venkat

    anyone tell me,what is the meaning of maali kaka

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  26. mary christodoulou

    very nice serial..i like it a lot!!

  27. Very nice episode……………….Love u guys

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  29. Sada suhagan means live with her husband happily forever iguess…@jenisha

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