Naagin (Colors) 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yogi Raj holding honey and saying sening honey, Mahishmati’s bee will come out of Sangram’s body. He shows honey and bee comes out piercing Sangram’s body. Sangram falls unconscious. Yogi raj says they should rush Sagram to hospital now.

Amrita and Kabeer’s engagement party with bollywood theme starts. Sesha thinks how to enter party. Kabeer says she will and shows injured and unconscious Amrita and says she will come with him as Amrita. She scolds why did he kill Amrita, she was the reason he is here. He says he did not kill her and says let us go now. She takes Amrita’s form and they both walk down. Angad and Neha greet them and announce their performance. They both perform sensuously on a romantic song. Sesha in between

taunts him. Shivanya asks Rithik to bring vibhuti/holy ash and walks behind him. Kabeer tells Sesha that he will kill Shivanya soon, sees her missing…Their performance finishes.

Rithik comes with Shivanya and announces Shivanya’s special performance. Shivanya dances on Mai teri dushman, dushman tu mera…song..on been sound. Her performance finishes. Sesha turns into snake hearing been sound, Kabeer turns into mangoose and their fight starts. Mangoose injures snake. Shivanya requests Rithik to save Sesha as she cannot see her sister dying. She takes vibhuti from Rithik and throws it on mangoose. Mangoose loses its powers and runs out into jungle. Sesha follows him.

Rithik and family get worried for Amrita and start searching her. After searching her in her room, Shivanya tells Kabeer must have hidden her outside home and leaves with Angad. Cupboard door opens and Rithik sees her in cupboard. He calls Shivanya and Angad and they both rush in. They all get out Amrita.

Mangoose runs into Guru maa’s cave. Gurumaa sees him injured and cures him with special water. He takes human form and yells he will kill black nagin. Gurumaa scold him why is he behind nagins instead of getting her nagmani. He asks what is in nagmani. She tells its features. Kabeer says if he had known nagmani’s features, he would not have been behind nagins and would have taken nagmani, asks where is it. She says in shiv mandir and only Rithik or Sangram can get it. Kabeer killls Gurumaa. Hawk attacks him and he strangulates its neck and says he wants to eat something else and not hawk and invites them to eat Gurumaa.

Yamini blames Shivanya for Amrita’s condition and says because of Shivanya, mangoose came here to take revenge and trapped Amrita, she will not let Shivanya stay in this house. Amrita stops her and says bhabi/Shivanya saved her and warned her against mangoose Kabeer, she always helped our family. She apologizes Shivanya followed by Angad. Yamini continues her drama, but Angad says she cannot send bhabhi out like this. Once Shivanya comes out, Yamini yells at her Shivanya says her own children did not take her side this and helped her instead, soon she will repent for her misdeeds.

Shivanya and Rithik then reach shiv temple and meet Yogi raj who tell about Mahishmati bee entering Sangram’s body and how he removed it and sent Sangram to hospital. Rithik says Mahishmati may attack soon. Shivanya tells about mangoose returning back. Yogi raj says Guruma relived it and gave a boon that nagin cannot kill it, so only Shivanya can kill it now with icchadhari nagin’s skin/kechdi. She should convince some ichadhari nagin to give its skin. Shivanya says she will convince Sesha to give her skin.

Kabeer mangoose enters Raheja house and grips Amrita’s neck. He warns Angad and sister to come and sit in front of him and calls Yamini. Yamini comes and he then grips second sister’s neck and asks Yamini to tell where nagmani is. Rithik comes and tries to free his sister, but Kabeer injures him and takes him along. He takes him to a cave and asks to give nagmani. Rithik says he will not even if he kills. Kabeer pours kerosene on him and threatens to burn.

Shivanya goes to jungle and calls Sesha. Sesha comes and asks how come she remembered her sister. Shivanya says she needs her help to kill mangoose again and wants her skin, since it is pooran maasi today and she removes her skin today, she can give her skin. Sesha asks why should she help her, she should take Rithik’s help instead. Shivanya says mangoose kidnapped Rithik. Sesha agrees to help her in exchange of Rithik and asks her to promise that she will go away from Rithik’s life.

Precap: Shivanya grips Kabeer in her tail. Yamini confesses in front of Sesha that she tried to kill Rithik and Shivanya for nagmani. Angad records it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my god that’s not fair y there r no rivanya scenes??

    1. Because the directors don’t want to much dirty scenes!

  2. nice update

  3. Brillant as always but I just hope that shivanya wont leave rithik.

  4. Nice episode.eager to watch tommorrow.Hi guys naagin serial will be ending on june 11.good news for naagin fans.

  5. ohhhhhh sesha I will kill u selfish witch….. and u foolish shivannya u shouldn’t stop kabeer. he would kill sesha that would better no sorry best


    Episode was mixed with emotions….
    but i am confused about precap, as what they actually wanted to convey i did not get??? Can anyone tell me??

    1. In precap its written wrong…its shesha who grips kabeer with her tail in half human and half naagin form…not shivanya….and yamini in her room will be having a conversation with someone (i think its shesha but i am not sure)…she confesses her crimes dat she killed rithik and shivanya for naagmani…angad will hear everything from outside and he will video record the conversation in his mobile …he will get shocked after seeing his mom’s true face…


        Thanks nandini


    1. No, she was not dead, she only healed herself and then she brought kabir to life. It was shown in one epsiode. pay attention

    2. Guru maa is dead

  8. Hi everyone & a special hello to my friends on this site nandhini and sofeya????????
    Coming to naagin shivanya should not beg sesha. She is too selfish and if it is rithik’s case, she can do anything even she can take shivanya’s life.
    shivanya should not promise sesha to give her rithik.?

    1. Hello alia!! Happy to see you here after a long time!???…and i also think the same thing…shivanya should not be too emotional and sacrificial…she is a good natured woman/naagin by heart but she should not let to be taken advantage of dat…hope she has a backup plan and dont do anything stupid….

  9. m afraid of d precap…wl shivanya really leave rithik…???

  10. guru ghantal is gone…thats very good and if shesha will know that yamini was killed ritik then shesha may be kill yamini….angad will also help to shivanya and ritik….

  11. I have one confusion that yamini is real mother of angad, amrita etc or they dont any relation to ritik and yamini….if someone know plz tell me….

    1. Angad and amrita are the real biological children of yamini and ankush….and divya is viren and his wife’s biological daughter…and we all know dat rithik is sangram singh’s son…as yamini and sangram singh are siblings, then rithik is angad and amrita’s cousin…they may come to know dat rithik is not their real brother but their cousin at the end or later….

      1. Then ritik should be elder among them, not amrita…. Ritik was five years old when anky and Yamini married to each other

  12. Hello Nandhini.Alia
    And other Naagin Fans
    How r u all
    Epi was awesome as usual
    Hav a great day guys
    Tak Car.
    Plzz a request from my side don’t try to go out bcz of severe Sun
    Oh Godd it’s tooo hotttttt
    Byee guys
    C u later

  13. Niceepisode,……

  14. But y shivanya is taking help of shesha…there r so many other naagins…

  15. Hi guys am new here. Guys mene sbs ke ek episode mey dekha ki shivanya or rithika pooja kar rahe hey, or yamini badly beating rithik. Suddenly shivanya turn to kali maa avathar. Can any one tel me wats the upcoming track, kya naagin end in a good note or bad?? Am very qurious to know abt it.

  16. It’s not kechdi . It”s kenchuli

  17. oh yes….it seems that 1 episode is enough to end this show finally…..I’m happily sad.good bye take care all fans of Naagin.

  18. Nice episode……..

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