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Naagin (Colors) 24th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivanya shaking Ankush and shouting he cannot die before telling Rithik what he did to her parents. She then leaves in nagin’s form. Yamini with Rithik watches that thinks she shot 2 birds with single target. She then walks towards Ankush and starts crying that Shivanya nagin killed her husband, she made a mistake by getting nagin married to her son, earlier nagin killed Suri and Shailesh and now Ankush. She acts as falling unconscious. Rithik breaks down, shouts Shivanyaa..and cries loudly.

Shivanya reaches temple and sees Sesha there. Shesha says their third murderer is finished now, this is what she wanted. Shivanya says she knows she wanted Ankush to accept his crimes in front of Rithik, but she got so blind in Rithik’s love that she killed

Ankush, she will never get rithik. Sesha says she knows her well and says once she kills her, she will live happily with Rithik. She bites Shivanya, but falls down. Shivanya says mom knew she can do anything in anger, so she fed her poison to her and made her more powerful than her. She shouts she can kill her. Shivanya says she is her sister, so she cannot think of killing her. Shesha angrily leaves.

Yamini and Rithik bring Ankush’s dead body home and start crying. Shivanya comes and asks what happened. Rithik says nagin killed dad and says he is worried about her life now. He keeps gurumaa’s ring on her palm and asks her to wear it. Shivanya says she cannot. He says because she is nagin. Shivanya’s skin changes to snake’s skin and she shouts she is nagin and becomes half snake. Yamini smirks that Rithik will kick her out. Everyone get afraid seeing her as nagin. Shivanya says Rithik that she did not kill Ankush. He says he saw her killing dad from his eyes. He kicks her out of house and locks door. He then cries kneelin down. Angad consoles him. Family then performs Ankush’s last rights. Yamini thinks nagmani’s 50% partner is dead and it is only hers now.

Shivanya walks in jungle sadly. She hears Rithik calling him and looks around and thinks even if he is not around him, how to explain her innocence to him. Chadariya jeeni re jeeni…song..plays in the backgroun. Rithik looks at her pic angrily. Thorn pricks Shivanya’s leg and she reminisces Rithik asking her not to keep her leg on floor and picking her. Rithik throws Shivanya’s clotheson floor, burns them and says for him she and her love are dead. Shivanya thinks how much ever he hates her, she will love him forever.

Yamini sheds crocodile tears. Her children console her. Ramya says let her cry and lighten her mood. All 3 children leave. Ramya gives her water. Yamini says whole glycerin bottle is finished and asks kali nagin/Sesha/Ramya to come into her real form. Ramya changes to Sesha and says acting ki dukan/Yamini’s drama is good. Yamini asks her to kill Shivanya. Sesha says she cannot kill Shivany as her poison runs in Shivanya’s blood. Yamini says then Shivanya will kill her. Sesha says only Rithik can kill Shivanya with his tattoo back. Yamini says he loves Shivany and will not kill her. Sesha says he will if he will know that his wife is trying to kill his mother. Yamini praises her thinking that she is like her.

Shivanya continues walking in jungle. Bees attack her and she runs to protect herself and hides in bushes. She thinks she saw them before and reminisces Yogi raj telling that when mahishmati clan comes, bees come. Shivanya starts following bees.

Sangram and Gurudev tied to pole chant mantras. Bees destroy rope and free Sangram. Sangram frees Gurudev and says Mahishmati always try to kill him, then why they saved him today. Bees then attack Sangram. Shivanya comes and burns bees to death and says nagmani is shivji’s property and nobody can take it, not even Sesha or Yamini. Sangram says Sesha tied them here. Shivanya says she knows and Sesha wanted to kill even him for Rithik and tellsthem whole recent story. Sangram says he will tell Rithik truth and will see if he will believe his real father of fake mother.

Yamini makes fake nail marks on her hands. Sesha says Rithik will easily identify if they are fake or real and scratches her hands. Rithik passes by. Yamini asks Sesha to show her drama now. Sesha turns into Shivanya and attacks Yamini. Yamini calls Rithik. Rithik shows his ring and sesha escapes. Yamini cries that he came on time, else he would have seen his mother’s dead body. Rithik says he cannot think of losing he. Yamini says nagin will kill everyone. Rithik says he will not let nagin kill anyone. Yamini says only he can kill nagin and orders him to kill her, only he can save his family. If he does not kill nagin, she will kill each of them, his love is her strength and weakness. Rithik says he will kill nagin. She says let us go to gurumaa, she will show them a way to kill nagin. She hugs him and thinks Shivanya’s love will kill her.

They both go to Gurumaa’s cave. Gurumaa does pooja in front of havan and gets a dagger from fire. She says this dagger has poison and with one blow, nagin will be dead. Rithik stands silently. Yamini says she knows it is difficult to kill one’s love, he can spare Shivanya. Rithik says he will kill her. Yamini asks where is Shivanya. Guruma says wheever nagin hides, his hawks will find her out. She calls hawks and Rithik/Yamini follow them. Gurudev and Sangram walk in jungle and see hawks. Shivanya comes there. Yamini says hawks stop, that means Shivanya is around. They both get out of car and Yamini hands him dagger. Sangram says Shivanya that hawks will kill her, so she should go from here. Gurudev suggests her to hide in shiv mandir. Shivanya leaves from there, thinks gurumaa must have sent them, extends her hand in air and strangulates hawk. Hawk flies again and attacks her. She then kills hawk with her tongue bite and says until she finishes her parent’s murderers, nobody can kill her. Rithik entes and says he can killl her. Yamini thinks Shivany will be out of her life permanently. Shivanya requests Rithik to listen to her once. He says he trusted her more than anyone else, but she killed her father and tried to kill his mother. He tries to stab her saying she is a lier, her love is a lie. Shivanya says she loves him truely. He reminisces their romantic moments and stops. Yamini thinks if he falls for Shivanya again, she will be killed, shouts Shivanya killed his papa. Rithik with great difficulty controlling his emotions looks at shivanya. Yamini holds Rithik’s hand and stabs Shivanya. She then takes dagger in her hands and stabs Shivanya repeatedly shouting she killed her husband and ruined our family’s happiness. Rithik says it is enough. Yamini continues tabbing Shivanya. Rithik holds Shivanya’s hand. Yamini looks at him angrily.

Precap: Yamini stabs Rithik repeatedly and he falls in water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Friends I am happy that you like our serial and I hope you like upcoming episodes of naagin and my role is very important in next episodes.

    1. Hey who ever u r but don’t fool us
      We know how actors be busy in their schedule
      And for a kind information Arjun will not comment here kk

      1. Now the shooting of naagin is finish.I have some little free time.

      2. Oh really
        Even though I don’t believe u
        Any ways if u r Arjun then y dint u keep ur photo haa????

      3. Priyanka chopra

        If u r arjun then I am Priyanka chopra

    2. 1st of all do you knw wt s your name is it arjun bijlan???? I heard it as arjun bijlani wt ever all the best

  2. excited for the next episode..

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Update today episode fast…

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    If anyone knows today’s episode??? Plz update as i only know some part as due to power cut…

  5. Well i hv seen the last part only.shivanya in disguise of sesha will take the nagmani n chutki will free herself from the bottle and comes under angad’s pocket.n precap shows ritik n shivanya will confess their love stating they cant stay away from each other n there shesha will torture gurudev n all the 3 villain will come to know that the naagmani is stolen guruma says that shivanya has taken it.
    Thats all i hv seen.

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    This much i have saw due to power cut… plz forgive me for this.. i am sorry for all those parts that i missed but i have tried my best to provide full update…

    Episode start with sehsa talking to yamini about killing shivanya. She leaves.. and yamini says to herself- Naagmani will me mine! For this I killed you LK ji..
    She see and lifts his asti kalash and says- you look good in this only. You were mali and worked in garden mud and now you are mud and laugh ?????.. she further adds that now she is only the holder of naagmani..
    Just than Ritik arrives and she is in state of shock????..

    She starts her fake tears and say- ritik! Due to that naagin we lost everything..
    Ritik- Mom! This naagmani, i bought to save my family, but now both naagins are killed so I will return this naagmani to Shesh naag..
    Yamini is shocked??? to hear..
    She start her drama and say- son! Your father asti kalash must be drown and after that you can do what you want, till than I will keep naagmani.
    Ritik agrees….

    Ritik and Yamini are shown on river side for asti visarjan..
    Ritik remebers everything related to his father, his friend…
    Yamini is lost in thoughts of what ritik said…
    ritik do asti visarjan and cry????
    Yamini say- due to naagin, i lost everything. My friends, my husband and my son!!
    Ritik shockingly ???- I am with you and his brother(name i don’t know) is fine at home!!
    Yamini shows her true face with knife and says- I knew.. but now and stabs ritik..
    Ritik is surprised shock????
    she stabs again- i killed your father for naagmani, i made you killed shivanya and you want to give this to shesh naag…
    Yamini background music plays.. and she laughs???????
    Yamini- I made lovers seperate now i will unite you both and stabs him again…
    She leaves ritik and ritik start drowning…

    After this there was power cut…. so i do not know what did she did…
    When light came, it continues from here…

    Yamini at home laugh and chutki naagin comes..
    She make laughing appreance and say- you killed everyone and my LK ji.. I did not watch him properly even..
    Yamini uses her ring and make horrified face of chutki..
    Chutki leaves and go in bottle…

    Shiv mantra are played and ritik is gathered by naags and naagins with safely…????

    In shiv mandir
    Baba, ritik’s father and guru ji are tensed as shivanya is not returned yet…
    Baba- is shivanya saved from that hawks or not?
    Guru ji is shown doing pooja..
    Ritik’s father- she must be coming..
    Just than naagin appers… but it turn to be shesha…

    Shesha- now shivanya will not come. She shouts her name shivanya!! shivanya!!..
    And she says- she used to come even on one call in name in heart but see she is not coming..
    All are shocked ????? after hearing..
    Baba- shesha you cannot kill her!!
    Shesha- I killed her but not directly but indirectly.. shivanya is being killed by his husband ritik!!
    All agian shocked?????
    baba- shesha you are going mad behind naagmani..
    Shesha- not only naagmani but i want ritik also… and smiles????
    Ritik’s father in shock????
    Baba- I taught you and brought you as my daughter!! What are you doing?
    Shesha tries to attack but guru ji stops her and make her freez..
    Guru ji- she will not do anything till sunset but due to stopping her my powers are gone week, i will do tapp to regain them.
    Baba- where is shivanya than?? She is fine or not??
    Guru ji- use your power and ask agni dev!!
    Baba does and agni dev shows shiv ji with ganga maa…
    Baba requests ritik’s father and guru ji to go and find shivanya..
    Guru ji- do maha mrituanjaye mantra..
    Baba starts and they both leave…

    Yamini comes to shiv mandir for killing shesha but she is unable to enter in mandir due to shiv mantra and power.. and she tries 2-3 times and she get electric shock… after that she leaves by saying might be shesha is also plotting against me…

    In jungle near shiv ji..
    Ritik’s father- how and where we will find shivanya??
    Guru ji- Shiv ji will show direction..
    they start prayer and song from babubali shiv teri maya played… and Ganga ji shows way by changing direction..

    Sangram ji follows flows of ganga and there from ground shivanya in form of nagin come out and turn into human form..

    Shivanya prays to ganga maa and shiv ji- I know ritik do not belive me, he do not want to see my face but i know yamini will kill him..
    Please show me way to save ritik..
    She further prays- today it is not my exam but your to save my love❤.
    Sangram ji is in surprised shock?????

    Miricle happens and shivnaya is taken by ganga maa to ritik.. she starts swiming and goes near to ritik.. with song of babubali in background..
    Ritik is surrounded by snakes??, she thanks them and take ritik out from the river, shown like ocean??…

    All on the shore and tries to make ritik concious… but in vain???
    Shivanya shouts ritik while pumping his heart..
    Sangram shouts get up yuvraaj…
    Sangram singh- I always waited for my son, but now he is not talking to me..

    Again power cut for 2 min…
    After it i saw…

    Sangram- you cannot do any ghing shivanya as if yamini see you she will kill you..
    Shivanya- I will do what shesha did always.. Shesha took my Roop to misguide ritik now i will take shesha roop and fool yamini..
    And she leaves…

    At home..
    Shivanya in form of shesha talk to yamini and ask somthing about naagmani.. (1 min power cut so do not know what she asked)
    Chutki shouts take me out..???
    Just than door bangs and shivanya take dragger/ knife from yamini and leaves.

    Yamini younger son- Someone came downstairs.. mom! Where you talking to someone??
    Yamini in her melo drama- yes, to myself. As i am not able to live without LK ji..
    And sheds fake tears ?????..
    Chutki somehow escape from bottle and come to younger son jacket and chutki smiles ☺☺☺..
    And they all leave from the room…

    Shivanya takes her original form and tries to find naagmani..
    She finds in small locker and she opens it..
    She prays to shiv ji- Shivji, I cannot touch this naagmani but if I fulfilled my duties truely than I will be able to take this naagmani to save my husband, my love❤ ritik.. but if anything i did wrong, when i will touch it, i will burn?.
    Shiv ji it is not my exam but your exam…
    Shiv mantras are played in background and shivanya slowly slowly touch naagmani.. and she successfully takes it.. and shivanya is realved and thankful to shiv ji.. and screen freez…

    Shivanya and Ritik saying to each other I cannot live without you..

    Shesha to baba- see now sunset is there and I have regain my powers, who will save you and she with her powers put nail on baba hand…

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