Naagin (Colors) 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shailesh reaching Shiv mandir venue and thinks nagin tricks and calls people here to kill them. He should be alert. Shivanya tells Sesha that their target has gone to Shiv mandir and she should also go there. Sesha comes out of house. Kabeer stops her and starts flirting with her. Sesha asks him to go to his fiance and leaves. Tanvi sees them together and asks Kabeer what is happening. He says nothing. She says she does not want any problem before marriage this time and will teach waitress a lesson.

Shialesh enters temple and hits his head over bell and thinks nagin bit him. He prays god to protect him. Bhairavnat says he will spare him, but he will be at risk always.

Tanvi walks behind Sesha yelling earlier Shivanya took away Rithik from her and

now Sesha waitress is trying to take away Kabeer, she will teach waitress a lesson. She is shocked to see Sesha turning into snake and then back to human and realizes she is icchadhari nagin. Sesha meets Shivaya and asks why is she still here when their target is at Shiv mandir. Shivanya says her family is around and Rithik always searches her. Sesha says she should not forget that she is icchadhari nagin and is here to take revenge from Ankush’s family and cannot love humans. She always blushes seeing Rithik, etc. Shivanya says she knows about her revenge. They both change into snake and leave towards temple. Tanvi records everything on her mobile.

Tanvi is shock to know that Shivanya is also icchadhari nagin and wants to kill everyone, she will inform everyone. She sees Ramya taking selfie with Gauhar and tells she needs to talk. Ramya says she will talk later and continues taking selfie. Tavni then sees Ankush busy taking selfie with Tushar and Aftab and says same. He also gets busy. She then walks searching others. Ankush then finds Shailesh’s ring on floor and rushes to shiv mandir.

Shivanya with Sesha enters shiv mandir and tell Shailesh that she will kill him for killing her parents in this same mandir. He plays maha mrityunjay jaap. Shivanya tells Sehsa she cannot kill shivji’s disciple. Shailesh laughs and asks them to touch him now. Sesha says even her parents were shivji’s disciples but Shailesh and his friends killed them, she has to take revenge. Ankush enters temple and they both hide. Ankush asks Shailesh why did he come to temple. Shailesh says he sent him here. Ankush says he did not and realizes that nagin played trick. He dorns him ring and asks him to never remove it. Shailesh says shivji saved him today.

Tanvi takes Kabeer outside and tells waitress Shesha and Shivanya are nagins. Kabeer laughs and says she is telling out of jealousy. Tanvi says she is not. He continues joking. She shows video clip. He watches it and says that means she will die. Tanvi says nagins will not spare her now. He says he will kill her. She asks who is he. He says he is mangoose, snake’s biggest enemy. He kills her finally.

Ankush gets Shailesh ready and brings him home back. Shivanya yells she will kill Shailesh somehow. Rithik comes and tells her that he and papa arranged surprise engagement of Tanvi and Kabeer and shows engagement rings. She says Tanvi is lucky to have a friend like him. He says she means she is lucky to have a husband like him.

Ankush announces Tanvi and Kabeer’s engagement. Rithik taunts Kabeer. Ramya asks Tanvi’s friend where is she. Friend searches her and says Tanvi is not found anywhere. Everyone see blood falling on cake and then Tanvi’s dead body falling down. They are all shocked. Inspector comes to enquire and questions if Tanvi had any enemy. Rithik says she was everyone’s friend. Inspector leaves. Ramya cries vigorously followed by Kabeer. Shivanya thinks who killed Tanvi.

Kabeer walks into tunnel and thinks he will not go before killing icchadhari nagin. He turns into mangoose and jumps gate. He reaches cave where he has kdept real Kabeer. Real Kabeer pleads to let him go as he is getting married and his fiance is waiting him. Kabeer mimics him. He then reminisces Kabeer traveling in his car and yelling about India’s bad roads, etc.. He sees mangoose in car and stops it. Mangoose gets out of car. Kabeer relaxes and gets back into car again. He sees mangoose again in backseat and shouts get out of my car. Mangoose gets out and turns into human. Kabeer is shocked and asks who is he. Mangoose mimics his voice. Kabeer askshow did he become human from mangoose, who is he. Mangoose kills him and takes his place. At present, real Kabeer tells he does not know he is. Fake Kabeer says he will send him to his fiance’s place and kills him.

Precap: Shivanya tells Sesha that they are alleged for Tanvi murder and should find out real murderer. Suri’s wife shouts mangoose will take revenge of her husband’s murder from nagin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I feel sin for tanvi… I like her a lot. I want her back ??… I really like her acting… And she didn’t do anything wrong…

  2. feeling sorry for tanvi . Didn’t expect this .don’t know wt wil happen to shivanya&sesha ,eagerly waiting to see nevla’s death

    1. do anyone know wt wil hpen to a nagin when she falls in love with a human?

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        I think truth will come out in tommorrow’s episode, or in coming episode that what happens when a human and nagin fall in love…

      2. if she wants to spend her life wid a human, she will lose her powers of being anicchadhari nagin ..means she will stayin human form becoming special powers..

  3. I think shivanya will die at end…BT don’t want that to happen.I think I and my friends have become addicted to this great entertaining show naagin…just luv ritvanya

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Suri’s wife is mangoose…. ??
    That’s called real surprise…

  5. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    I like this show when I heard the name I thought what kind of concept it is but show is so gorgeous and also leads are also doing a good job , I enjoy this show but I felt bad for Tanvi what was her fault?

  6. Wat?suri’s wife is a mongoose??

  7. Do anyone know y sesha want to kill rithlk??

  8. Mouni Godavari

    But in history there is no icchadari mangoose

    1. Its just an imagination to bring some spice to the show….there is no icchadhari naagin in history as well…

      1. There r icchardhari nagin go and see it
        Actually they r originally from Egypt
        They have the power to go to any human form

      2. Ohh really.??!!! I am just hearing it now…i thought in india only till date thr was no such things…thanks for the info Aarzoo?…i will check it out…

      3. There r no such things as ichhcadhari naagins or nevle ow whatever…
        As for what Arzoo said.., the Egyptian snakewoman is a concept similar to what they say “Vishkanyas” n those did exist in the past n even till date.
        N as far as a shapeshifter is considered they existed in Egyptian mythology some what similar to our folk stories…

  9. I liked the blood spilling on the cake scene…and everyone’s reaction to dat was superb!!

  10. Guys I am really sorry for being so rude- Naagin is my favourite serial now! I love it

  11. who r u…???? y r u using my name…hellooo…..i didn’t knw that i became popular in this forum that’s y people using my name n gaining my appreciation n supports watever…bt in reality i m nt a bit fan of this bakwaasssss…..n btw whoever u r i think u don’t hv any identity that’s y using my name….
    bakwaas serial bakwaas actors bakwaas story bakwaas fans who hv no identity….lol….

  12. I lve for naggin seriyal rithik&shivanya super acting

  13. Hey new mottu….no need to be sorry…u don’t have to say sorry for something which u never did. …we can easily guess who the real mottu is….better throw that rascal mottu out of your mind…and enjoy the show….. Btw …what made you say sorry from that mottu’s side??????

  14. Colors site has to sue bz audience by-1.replacng cNWK ANDptng CNBAChoo .which attract audience now salman sir saying CNWk was boring in bb9 . What a excellency that they choss racist fixed finer bb9….fu**k you big boss n chanel you gys dont deserve respect.we are fool we outsider support feminism n you racist .i forget this is india if lalu prasad like men can becme CM why not tharki type…..n look im chalanging this n suceed cze nagin trp bcme 5 to 3.2… Wait n watch what happend to your other serial. Stay away from that channel everyone

  15. Feeling bad for Tanvi,she is totally innocent .She is a victim in b/w icchaderi naagin&Nevla.
    Wtch this serial only 4 RIVANYA………dashing ……..Awsome………????

  16. @sanam don’t abuse me when i m nt abusing u…n yeah jst ask ur new mottu y he using my name…..u all tried n still trying to avoid me bt godd..u failed…hahahaha….
    hey better for u to concentrate n chanting ur naagin name…

  17. in E24 … It is said tht naagin is soon going off air

    1. Yes sara ur right it was to go off air jan but due its high trp and immense popularity the team have extended it till may and d last episode might probably be on may 14….naagin 2 likely on cards but not sure

  18. mottu you idiot! haha get lost from here u jobless .. u dnt like the soap , f9 .. get a life of ur own .. y the hell r u here in the 1st place ? its a place dedicated to naagin fans and if u dnt like the soap .. ppl here will hardly care a damn , bt its so clear that U are out of work mah dear!! lol ..

  19. wow…..good newss….

  20. oh ho….look who is talking….she is raashi yuk….btw thnks for ur unwanted suggestion…but i m nt in mood in getting die…i’ll come again n again in this forum to comment on this stupid story…

    1. If you don’t like serial then you have right to scold but you don’t have right to call like bakwas fans….you are also bakwas mottu..y because u didn’t miss commenting on this.that’s why.bakwaas mottu..bakwas comment.

    2. Rashi aunty is villian of sath nibana sathiya opera soap!!!n here abusing other…..what going on aunty…..this is yr soul???? LoL

  21. Control your tng @chinu uncle n @sanam aunty ..syranynsh was cricitizg public who the hell are you to call him bakwass mottu ?any cmnt????

    1. Hey eve are also bakwaas..

      1. Kcmn Aunty ke tag kya bura hae age ko chipo mat!i will not mind!!!aunty ji you are fav i like wrinkle so much it remind me of sandwidch,please send your photo please!!love you aunty ji keep it up

      2. I think you have habit to send ur pics to uncle’s…thats y u asking me…if you like wrinkle uncle’s go with them ask sandwich..eve aunty..i hate you.


    1. And also you forgeted to mention your name rip eve aunty. .I mean who hate this serial..y because you mentioned their fans..

  23. Hi I too feel sorry about tanvi yeah this show is ending soon may bo on 14 may so sad??????????

  24. Rashi aunty please dont need to explain !!we now everything how to take decison!!jobles aunty give other advice not this advice..i will not take time to remove you this forum now i m seris im gng to cmpln about this challn througn telly cmplain form…this chnal should sufer in hell

  25. Sanam aunty!!!!!?????? Oh…c’mon just 16….

    I also wanna ask …who the heck is he to call us …bakwass fans…?

  26. hey thnxc mia for supporting me…actually i think they don’t the meaning of criticism….lol
    bt i don’t care i still commenting like that even worse….

  27. Plz update next episode

  28. hey mia gud job….!!!!

  29. Please write today episode

  30. Oops i frgt one name very very very special chinu uncle!!! No he is like my grandfather i respect him i will nt use anyway……….lol my dear uncle !!!:-*:-P:-):-DB-);-);-(:-D

    1. Hey eve grand mother …old girl.. control your tongue…lol…eve aunty…lol..

  31. No need to thanks they deserve this.i always support right even in people abuse me.i dont care what happed next bt we have to take stand for right.this channel colors do not deverse respect.i have sent comlain form to this channel through i waiting for their reply new .i wanna get rid of this show

  32. Plz update today’s episode

  33. Nice epi

  34. Lovely epi

  35. i liked the confrontation between Sesha and Shivanya. i like Sesha’s charecter more She is powerful and storng. in my opinon Sesha is the real nagin. sorry Shivanya fans

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