Naagin (Colors) 22nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivanya tells Sesha that she has power of love and even nagin cannot harm her. Sesha sees Ramya coming and changes into Rithik and warns Shivanya to keep her mouth shut. Ramya asks them to come along for engagement. Engagement starts and before dorning ring to Kabeer, amrita asks where is Rithik. Sesha comes in as Rithik and while hugging Kabeer asks him to keep his nails inside as he has explained Shivanya everything. Amrita and Kabeer then exchange rings.

Viren with his wife goes to police station and insists inspector to arrest Shivanya for trying to kill him Inspector says she cannot arrest anyone without proof. He says he is a live proof and was in coma because of Shivanya.

Kabeer converses with Shivanya and says he would be very happy killing her this time. Yamini

enters Rithik’s room to find proof and while searching sees Rithik gripped by a snake and silently walks out smirking. She sees real Rithik inside and fake Rithik/Sesha outside and thinks her black nagin/Sesha is wonderful, but don’t know what she is up to. Rithik sees belpatra on pillar and thinks only shivji can help him. He crawls towards it. Yamini stands behind fake Rithik and thinks what black nagin’s plan must be. Viren comes with police shouting and says she tried to kill him. Amrita says many murders happened here, but police did not come till now. Sesha/fake Rithik acts that police cannot arrest his Shivanya. Inspector says she has arrest warrant. Rithik hugs Shivanya and says goodbye. Shivanya says Viren is real murderer. Inspecctor arrests Shivanya and takes her along. Sesha/Rithik tells Yamini that he will bring back Shivanya. Yamini twists her arm and says she knows she is black nagin and asks what is she up to. Sesha takes her original form and says she will not harm her and asks to just wait and watch. Real Rithik crawls till belpatra and snakes runs leaving him.

Inspector puts Shivanya behind bars. Shivanya cries that her parents were killed by Viren and his friends in front of her and she could not do anything, she wants to prove that Viren is a murderer and needs her help, she can be around and if she tries to escape, she can shoot her.

Real Rithik comes out of his room and sees Viren. He holds Viren’s collar and shouts how dare he is to kill Shivanya’s parents and misbehave with Shivanya. Viren says he does not have any proof and if he tries to harm him, his wife will be in jail forever. Rithik says he wil bring proof and leaves.

Sesha/Fake Rithik goes to police station and bribes inspector. Inspector asks if he wants to bail out his wife. Rithik asks him not to release her instead and asks if his wife does not torture him. Inspector starts crying and says his wife tortures him a lot and even he wants to get rid of her. Rithik leaves smirking and turns into snake. Real Rithik walks in then and asks inspector to take as much money as he wants and free Shivanya. He tells ichadhari nag nagin’s story. Inspector laughs thinking he has gone mad and asks constables to send him out.

Sesha enters Kabeer’s room as nagin. He tries to grip her, but she changes to hum and he falls down. He turns into mangoose, brings ring, changes back to human and proposes her to marry him. She says they are enemies and she just needs his help to get nagmani.

Viren’s wife asks Viren not to go out as Shivanya may harm him. Yamini comes and says Shivanya is normal human now and cannot harm anyone. Viren then goes out and sees Shivanya. He laughs on her and says even if he hugs or kisses her, she cannot do anthing as she is not nagin now. She says she came here after biting 4 constables and will kill her. He says she cannot fool him and says he will kill her like she killed her parents. He tries to strangulate her and she pushes him. Inspector comes with team and Shivanya gives her Viren’s confession recording. Viren shouts he will kill Shivanya and picks inspector’s gun and shoots. Inspector pushes Shivanya and bears bullet. Shivanya shoots Viren and says her revenge is completely today, he killed her parents ruthlessly. Viren dies. Rithik comes and stands in a shock.

Shivanya then enters engagement venue with Viren’s deadbody. Viren’s wife shouts she killed Viren. Inspector says viren accepted that he killed Shivanya’s parents and plays recording and says Shivanya killed Viren in retaliation. Shivanya says Kabeer cannot marry Amrita as he is a mangoose. Kabeer says he is not and shows his driving license and other documents. Amrita shouts at Shivanya. Yamini shouts she is owner of this house and only her decision matters, she says Kabeer and Amrita’s marriage will happen and tomorrow is sangeet.

Yogi raj examines Sangram Singh and says mahishmati’s bees are inside his body and they have to get it out and kill to save Sangram.

Rithik takes Shivanya aside and asks what she means. She says Kabeer is a mangoose and tells him story how she and Sesha killed Kabeer before. Kabeer sees snake and kills it. Sesha comes there and he with blood aroundh is mouth warns her not to come in nagin form in front of him as he panics and is urged to killed nagin. Rithik asks how Shivanya how will she prove that Kabeer is mangoose. She says she got a plan and Sesha will bring Kabeer’s real form out in front of everyone.

Precap: It is sangeet ceremony of Amrita Kabir shivanya is doing the naagin dance on the song ..”main teri dushman, …”
Been is played loudly during that time Shesha who was in amrita form gets affected by been and she changes her skin and soon turns into naagin all are shocked , watching her in naagin form Kabir is unable to stop himself from turning into Nevla and thus exposes himself . Yamini , and the rest of the family is shocked to see kabir’s real form .
Rivanya are happy their plan worked .

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. shubham roy

    naagin shesha,viren,guru maa,kabeer….but shivanya alone without power….why ritik use naagmani power by self and finished all and give naagmani to sheshnag…live his happy life with lovely wife…

  2. sipi

    Hello naagin fans i need ur concern for my thought i just watch naagin n ashoka in tv n otherwise i read the updates like yhm ,kaala teeka bt whenever i go to the update blog its so irritating finding these ff(fan fiction) all over covering the page mainly swaragini urgh i m so disgusted i mean only 1 or 2 update in whole page n others are ff. I know u guys love ff bt this much fictions if u wanna read ur fav ff thn u will hv to remember its headline like our love heaven n hell etc .
    Well i found it irritating.

    Msg from Team: You can use written episodes only filter to get written updates only.

    • shubham roy

      me and my whole family were fan of tv serial meher….what means meher…do you know

  3. Ammu

    See we all r diff we have diff thoughts it is not necessary to have same thoughts it’s individual right to have thoughts
    Today’s episode was awesome??????????????

  4. GD nite guyss
    Tak car
    Sweet dreams
    Keep commenting everyone
    Plz plz plz
    At least this time we should reach 50+
    Plz plz plz plz guyssssss

  5. Nandhini

    Its an action-packed episode….the intekaam is justified now as viren is dead finally.!!…next the other vamps wil be killed one by one…waiting to see wat happens after the nevla is exposed to everyone….


    Shocking spoiler!!!?????
    Shivanya to die and will be killed by shesha as per today’s spoiler….

    • shubham roy

      whats up shraddha…..shivanya will kill kabeer by axe and shesha will be reunite.arjun third role as naag will also ready to come….


        Shubham writers can do anything.. if they can extent show by bringing dead people/animal, then they can do anything..
        We can only wait….

    • Nandhini

      Yes i too saw the new spoilers of shesha killing shivanya…good morning all my dear friends and dear sofeya☺☺ have a nice day!!

  7. Ammu

    Can you guys plz send me link to watch naagin episode full plz I can’t watch on TV because of IPL matches plz anyone plz I plead to u guys

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