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Naagin (Colors) 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a big snake/icchadhari nagin following Rithik and biting him. Rithik wakes up from sleep shouting snake and holds Shivanya’s hand. He says Shivanya that he sees same dream of snake biting him and asks if she also gets snake dreams, if there is a meaning to it or not. Shivanya says he should concentrate on his marriage today instead of finding meaning. Drunkard sister enters singing his brother will become husband, etc., and offers him drink and he denies. She then sees Shivanya and scolds her that she comes everywhere.

Viren misbehaves with Shivanya again and tries to hold her hand and says she should oblige to him, else he will show her CD to everyone. She breaks mobile, pushes him, and leaves. He smirks and thinks he will get her at any cost.


sees yuvraj’s torn photo in suitcase, calls Yamini angrily and asks how did this photo come here. She says she asked servants to bring haveli’s remaining items and they must have brought it by mistake. He rolls photo and says it is a big abshagun and he does not want anything wrong happening today. Shivanya thinks abshagun has happened already and they all will die.

Tanvi and Rithik’s haldi ceremony starts with a curtain between them. Family applies haldi to them taunting Tanvi and Rithik. Shivanya comes there. A lady asks her to apply haldi on Rithik. Rithik holds her hand. Viren taunts that he should get haldi and not hold hand. They both get embarrassed. Yamini hears that and asks Shivanya to give some haldi to Tanvi. Shivanya takes bowl other side. Tanvi thanks her for saving her would be husband.

Ankush relaxes on chair with facepack on. His friend comes and says their client Suri with 3rd wife is not attending marriage. Ankush says he will to show off his 3rd wife. Friend says their flight is stuck in Canada due to cyclone and flights are stuck for 3-4 days at least. Ankush says then they will postpone marriage as Suri is investing heavily in their company.

Rithik gets Newyork’s honeymoon ticket confirmation of one side and asks Tanvi what about return tickets. Tanvi runs from there. Rithik tries to follow her, but steps on something and injures his leg. Yamini runs into room to bring bandage and asks Ankush where is antiseptic cream as Rithik injured his leg. He says then they should postone marriage. She says Rithik’s marriage should happen before his 25th birthday.

Tanvi’s mom follows her and asks why did she come here. Tanvi says to escape Rithik’s question as she booked one way ticket to Newyork as wants to stay there permanently with Rithik and does not want to come back here. Mom says they will also come behind them. Shivanya hears their conversation and thinks she will not let Rithik go abroad. Rithik comes searching her. Angad smears his face with haldi. Rithik holds Shivanya’s hand thinking she is Tanvi and asks why did she book one way ticket. Shivanya says she is questioning wrong person and wipes his eyes.

Ankush asks family pandit to convince Yamini to postpone marriage and tries to give him bribe. Pandit says he is his family pandit and protecting his family is his aim, money does not matter to him. Yamini enters and Pandit ji asks her if she told anyone about Rithik’s kundali. Ankush asks what is in Rithik’s kundali. Yamini closes door. Shivany who is hearing their conversation outside changes into Ankush’s friend Sharan and enters in. Yamini tells that Rithik has markesh dosh and if his marriage does not happen before he turns 25 years old, he will die. Ankush asks pandit ji what is maresh dosh. Pandit explains and says Rithik should marry with a special rashi girl. Ankush asks Sharan to cancel Suri’s deal as he loves Rithik a lot and his marriage will happen today. Real Sharan comes near door, but servant stops him and takes from there. Shivanya comes out and changes into original avatar and thinks she will not let Rithik’s marriage happen today.

Rithik’s sisters taunt him. Yamini asks him to close his eyes and imagine his wife. Rithik closes his eyes and sees Shivanya as his bride. He nervously opens his eyes, then goes to Tanvi’s room. Tanvi wears veil and says they cannot see each other before marriage. He says he came to meet his best friend and says he is very bad, weak, etc., and she should marry someone else than him. He imagines Shivanya as his bride and would not be able to love Tanvi. Tanvi says she loves him since she was 10-year-old and will not let him become maahan. If he is a man who fuflills his promise, he should come down and marry her in mantap.

Viren catches Shivanya again and says she broke his mobile, but he made CD of her video. She breaks CD. He says he has copies in pendrive, laptop, everywhere. She asks what he needs. He says he wants to have suhagraat with her in a hotel and asks if she ready. She thinks he does not know he wants to love a naagin and will die today.

Rithik and whole family gets ready for marriage. Rithik asks them to go while he comes late.

Viren waits for Shivanya in a hotel room, gulping alcohol. Shivanya comes and smiles at him sensuously. He says she came so early and takes her in. She says he identified her right. He says he knew she is interested in him and asks to hug him. She asks if there is bath tub in bathroom. He excitedly says yes. She asks him to go in whle she follows him. He happily gets into bathroom, removes his clothes and asks her to come soon. She says she will come in 2 min and enters in Pooja’s avatar. He says he spent so much time with his wife Pooja that he imagines her in every lady. She massages his shoulders. He says his wife also massages, but she is lovely. She strangulates his neck. He asks what is she doing, turns back and is shocked to see Pooja. He asks tensely how come she is here, he loves her so much and did not do anything. She slaps him and says why did he come with that woman. He says he booked room for them to relax. She slaps again and asks if she should call that lady here. He asks to call, goes out and says she went somewhere. Shivanya changes avtaras into Pooja and herself repeatedly and says she is here. Viren gets afraid.

Yamini searches Rithik in marriage hall and asks Ankush and Pooja. Rithik is seen walking on road reminiscing time spent with Shivanya. He then gets conscious and thinks what is he doing on road instead of being in mantap.

Shivanya asks Viren if he is talking to her. He walks back afraidly and slaps himself thinking he is drunk too much and says he got afraid thinking his wife came. She asks where did he get afraid. He says bathroom and asks if she came there. She says yes, she came for him. He laughs and says he is very inebriated and asks to come now. She changes into Pooja again and then Shivanya repeatedly. He asks who is she. She turns into snake.

Precap: Shivanya bites Viren and says he can save himself if he can and says he is on the same situation where his parents were 20 years ago.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. We want ritvik and mouni not tanvi and rithik

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  3. What a brilliant saga, nyc precap
    Mouni…u r too fabulous….seeing u reminds me of SATI…..ND NOW SHIVANYA… this a coincidence

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  8. Super rithik and shivanya awzm

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  10. I love ShivRi .. Aww and then the song plays.. Plz no Tanvi and Shivanya is too good. I hope Rithik also helps him after knowing the truth. Love Naagin for its unique story not those typical ones where the naag is killed and she takes revenge etc.. Its diff as she is doting daughter who is taking revenge for her parents. Something new yaar.. Don’t call it as the typical hype .. Its totally different. N m still not over BD

  11. Rithik is innocent. Den y mouni wants revenge from him. They are just made for each other!

  12. I huge fan of this seriel. U r aswsome actor. Some month ago i saw in matsh seriel. And ur potion is end in matsh seriel that the day i really missed u. But ur comeback seriel serpent(naagin) superb selection. My hearty congrats.

  13. Whenever “o re piya” söngs played in naagin seriel i really enjoyed it. My fav song. Arjun bijlani u r fantastic actor. producer (mam or sir) make in tamil version of this seriel for lot of tamil fans.mam just try it. I hope tamil fans like that.

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