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Naagin (Colors) 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our visitors, Zuha , prs and AHT, here’s today’s update.

Detailed Update:

The episode begins at the Shiv Mandir , where Shivanya asks Guru dev did he called her , on which he replies No!She gets afraid of thinking that Rithik is alone with his enemies and fears if they harm him.She understands it must be Shesha or Yamini’s plan
At Rithik’s place Shesha takes the advantage to get close to Rithik as Shivanya absent for time being! She tries getting close to Rithik but he is informed by Shivanya and he gets aware of her. He smartly tricks Shesha , and captures her, and locks her with something called Bel Patta. Yamini finds out that Shesha is captivated in room and frees

her. Meanwhile the engagement ceremony of Amrita and Kabir is going on , Shesha takes Kabir’s form as he has head to bring an end to Shivanya’s character.Viren , who was in coma till date came out of coma and is determined to take revenge from Shivanya for what she did to him.
Shivanya comes back to Rithik’s place and heads towards their room , Kabir takes this as the perfect opportunity to kill her. He also heads towards Rivanya’s room in Nevla form. Shivanya then discovers that her Mangtika is lost and she starts searching for it.
Rithik enters and says , “Shivanya!” And hugs her , she also reciprocates.Nevla Kabir is forced to leave from there!

He (Rithik) breaks the hug and says,”I thought that you are Shesha, but I found out that you are Shivanya through your ring!” He continues , “Shesha! I captivated her here , she must be here!”
Shivanya says,”No she isn’t here!”

He gets in searching,but in vain.

Nevla comes out and changes his form to Kabir , and says to himself, “Today was the end of Golden Naagin , but that Rithik came in time and saved her!”
Ramya comes and ask him to come downstairs. He agrees and they both head towards downstairs.

On the other hand , Amrita is seen sitting with Shesha who has taken Kabir’s form! Amrita asks for a hug and Shesha aka Kabir hugs her, Shesha thinks,”What people have to do in love , even have to stick to girls Ugghhh!!!’ They break the hug. Amrita notices actual Kabir coming downstairs with Ramya. She can’t believe her eyes she stands up and says facing to the opposite side , saying , “I am so much in love with you that I see you everywhere!”
shesha turns to see actual Kabir and flees from there , Amrita turns back to see her/him gone and thinks ,”Is my fiancée a Naagin as well as!”

On the other hand Rithik says to Shivanya, “I promise you I will protect you from now an onwards , till date you have protected me now it is my duty to protect you from our enemies.”

Shivanya says ,”Take this ring Rithik! ”

She was taking the ring off when he stops her and says that you need it more.

On the other hand Amrita poses with Kabir and takes selfies he says , “That I am not Icchadari Naagin!”

He eyes Shivanya , who sees him and is left shocked at seeing him alive and thinks , “I have to inform about Kabir’s reality to Rithik!”
She heads to inform Rithik.

Kabir thinks,”This Naagin will tell my reality to all and I will be in problem! But when will this Black Naagin be helpful!”

He misunderstands Ramya being Shesha and eyes her and tries making her understand, Ramya misunderstands him teasing her and thinks,”Look at this age even young , handsome boys are after me , it is all because of my dieting and figure!”

Meanwhile Shivanya takes Rithik to a corner and says ,”Kabir is a Nevla , Shesha and I killed him and…”
Rithik says,”And make him fall of the window! ”

Shivanya is left shocked and questions how does he knows it.

He changes into Shesha , it is revealed that Shesha was in the from of Rithik.

Shesha says,”If you tell anyone about Kabir , I will be a big danger! ”

Screen freezes on Shivanya’s shocked , yet tensed face!

Precap:Yamini is seen informing someone that Shivanya is no more a Naagin.On the other hand , Viren now is revengeful towards Shivanya and wants to kill her , for which he tricks the police officers and points the gun towards Shivanya.

Sorry guys if I am missing something , I am posting at 10 , so if I am missing any part ,pardon me.

Brief updates:

The episode begins with Shivanya finding herself at the temple. She is horrified to find that Ritik is alone and so vulnerable to her enemies. Meanwhile, making use of Shivanya’s absence, Sesha attempts to get closer to Ritik, but Shivanya calls Ritik in advance and warns him of Sesha’s plans. Ritik smartly captures Sesha and locks her in the room with Bel patta.Yamini, who is in league with Sesha, finds out that she is captured and frees her. Meanwhile, the engagement preparations of Yamini’s daughter and Kabir is going on in full swing. In order to avoid detection by Ritik, Sesha turns into Ramya and heads to the function. Here sheruns into Kabir, who is the icchadari nevla and the two plot to take down Shivanya.As the troubles for Shivanya increase, she now has to deal with a new enemy, as Vivek is finallyout of coma and is out for her blood. Meanwhile, Shivanya comes into the house andKabir finds the perfect opportunity to ambush and kill her. But just in time, Ritik comes in and Kabir is forced to escape. Sesha who can take forms, is meanwhile guised as Kabir and attending the engagement ceremony to providethe perfect cover for the nevla.
But unfortunately, their plan foils and Sesha instead discovers that Kabir is at the party. On her way to disclose to everyone that he is a nevla, she is stopped by Ritik. But in a shockingtwist, it turns out that it was Sesha who was pretending to be Ritik and that she has kidnapped him. Sesha threatens to kill Ritik if Shivanya discloses Kabir’s identity. And so the episode ends in a stalemate.

The episode with shivanya reaching gurudev and asking him what happened to nag maani why did you call me guru tell her he didn’t call her Shivanya then says it has to be shesha sangram tries to attacknow Shivanya but fails and faints gurudev tells Shivanya to go
Meanwhile shesha in Shivanya avatar plans a suhaagrat ritik comes and takes her and tells her he will change her dupatta since it doesn’t suit her ritik tries to chock her and warns her he puts bail Patr all over the room so shesha can’t escape
Yamini catches amrita drinking wine and scolds her
Yamin I goes outsidea and sees bail patr and removes it shesha comes out Yamin scolds her
Ritik amrita tease each other
While the engagement is about to happen.
Shivanya sees Kabir and gets shocked
Shesha warns her if she tell Kabit is a nevla I will become dangerous Shivanya is shocked and tensed

Precap for tomorrow
Yamin I tells someone that Shivanya isn’t naagin anymore
The guy who went to comma now wants to kill her he tricks police officers and tries to shoot Shivanya

I forgot the guys name sorry
And sorry for it not being in detail

Update Credit to: prs, AHT

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