Naagin (Colors) 20th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rithik reminding Shivanya of her promise that she will leave Rithik and his house if she loses her bet. He says he does not want her to leave his house, but just wants to realize her mistake. Once he leaves, Mayuri enters and starts her witty talks. Shivanya asks her to leave. Mayuri says she is leaving now, but will come back soon.

Shivanya meets Shesha and asks her to explain Rithik that Ankush is using him. Sesha gives Rithik’s family pic and asks her to show it to Rithik. Shivanya takes pic and goes to her room. She imagines telling Rithik that Ankush is not his real father. He slaps her. She comes out of imagination and thinks she will show it to Rithik at any cost. Rithik comes and asks if she accepts her mistake or not. When he

holds her hand, she drops pic unknowingly. Mayuri comes and takes Rithik saying she needs his help. Shivanya stops her and says she cannot enter a couple’s room and she can take servant’s help instead of Rithik. She tells Rithik that she wants to talking something important and wants Mayuri to go. Mayuri leaves angrily. Shivanya tells Rithik that she accepts her mistake and he is right, so she will stay back here.

Sesha comes back to Shivanya’s home and smells stink of peacock/mor. She sees peacock feather on ground and realizes that icchadhari nagin is in this house. She takes father to shiv mandir and shows it to Gurudev. Gurudev says she guessed right, mor is in Shivanya’s home and is more dangerous than mangoose and hawk. Sesha asks how to get mor out. Gurudev says she will come out only during rains and he will get rains.

Shivanya starts searching Rithik’s family pics. Mayuri finds pic and gives it to Yamini. Yamini is shocked and asks how did Shivanya get it. Mayuri says nagin can go anywhere. Yamini goes to Shivanya’s room and asks if she is searching this. Shivnaya says yes. Yamini asks where did she find it. Shivanya says she had brought a book from haveli and found it in that. Yamini starts her emotional drama and says Rithik is her brother’s son. Ankush is a criminal who killed her brother and wanted to kill Rithik, so she married him to save Rithik. She requests Shivanya not to inform Rithik that she is not his real mother. Shivanya promises and thinks she does not know that her brother is alive. Yamini then asks her to promise that she will protect Rithik and even her when needeind. Shivanya promises. Yamini praises and hugs her. Shivanya’s skin turns into snake skin due to gurumaa’s ring. Yamini smirks seeing this.

Rithik feels guilty for scolding Shivanya and waits for her on terrace. Rain starts. Mayuri gets happy seeing rain and goes to dance for dancing. She sees Rithik and says she likes dancing in rain and dances sensously in front of him. She then holds him and tries to kiss, but he resists. Shivanya comes up to apologize Rithik and misinterprets seeing them hugging together and runs from there. Rithik runs behind her.

Shivanya goes to her room and starts crying. Rithik enters and starts consoling her saying that whatever mistakes she does, he loves her a lot and will forgive all her mistake. He canot live without her. Shivanya also starts emotional dialogues, and they both recoincile.

Sesha sees mor on terrace. Their verbal and physical fighting starts. They both boast about each other. Mor finally injures nagin and strangulates her neck. Sesha warns her that if she kills her, her nagin friends will not spare her. Mayuri attacks her finally and she falls unconscious.

Precap: Yamini asks Mayuri why did not she kill nagin. Mayuri says nagin will take them to nagmani. Shivanya comes and tells Mayuri is not a good woman, she saw her on terrace seducing Rithik. Ankush tells Yamini that she will die.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Bad guy.....

    Superb episode luv u rivanya…… ????but this mor is irritating….take her out soon……. and shivanya plzz..don’t believe that yamini…..

  2. salini nandi

    Omg..iss mor ko bahar nikalo..bohut erratting..this sril will gone to the hell..bcoz abb our kaya dikhana baki hai..srial ko lenthey kran hai to..neval ko bapass lao..definitely Rajat Tokas ko lao…i lve rajat so much…our plz dnt make fight rivaniya..bciz ttheihei

  3. Ammu

    Yaa guys icchadari mor so stupidbyaar don’t drag too much end this track soon hope rivanya won’t get part away we just love to see this serial it is soo different from others☺☺☺☺☺☺

  4. pretty80

    Kill mayuri. Shesha kill her. Rithik you are fooloed and so is Shivanya. Even Shesha Shivanya should know the fifth killer and tell the secret raaz to Rithik. Nice epi. Rivanya scenes were cute. Clap for Mouni and Arjun. ArjNi.

  5. JJ

    Can someone please tell Ekta to bring a love interest for Shesha? Like I’m sick of seeing just one love story in show 😛

  6. saina

    Is Sesha stronger than Shivanya? How is it Shivanya can’t smell the peahen? The same way she couldn’t smell the mongoose? Sesha is doing all the actions.

  7. purni

    i loved this epi rivanya rockzz and pls kill that stupid mayuri sesha & how dare she to dance wid ritik. Pls yamini ko jald se jald expose karna.

  8. aathira

    wat rubbish?????????????? how does peahen have feathers..dat tooo vth white body colourfull feathers…………….how rubbish

    • Sreelakshmi

      haha its true aathira
      i too thought abt that …………
      anyway how can a girl bcom snake with few seconds…. maybe there is some kind of magic behind that toooo
      and this serial is full of animation

  9. Nandhini

    Hii sita! Yesterday only i gotta see the last two episodes….at first shivanya and shesha were ahead in their mission…but now shivanya is looking like a prey in the hands of yamini…poor shivanya…hope she gets to know the truth of yamini soon aftr the mayuri’s track….

  10. Hyyyy guys shesha ko kch ni ho ga na or shavaniya ko mrna ni chaea ….yamini kko expose kro kis epi me expose ho gi butt shesha ko to mayuri ny kidnape kr lea us ki help k leay shavaniya hart gi …..

  11. Priya

    good epi but why this icchadhari mor yar . nevle ko hi villain bana dete firse. i hate that morni. aur vaise bhi peahen barish mein nai dance karti peacock karta hai. i think writers ko animals ke bare mein basic cheeze nai pata.

  12. Hii friends i am here.i am some busy but any frinds wants me on fb …my fb id is deepak kumar..and in my profile pic i play guitar..plzz friends send me request i wait yrs requst…bcoz i want to make naagin fan group…
    Especially to nandini,sofeya,sita,sanam…and all..who wants..

  13. subhi@

    shivnya is now exposed but not yamini .it is too bad…I want wish HAPPY HOLI to all naagin’s fan especially (ritik and shivanya )….

  14. [email protected],sita,sofia,sanam and all this my fb id link plzz give me reqq …..

    • Nandhini

      @Deepak: I gave you request yaar….i am really very sorry for the delay…i was caught up in an emergency…

  15. juby

    Why can’t shivanya confirm about yamini and ankush by taking each one’s form and speaking to the other?? What is a nagin’s IQ????

  16. k d

    The main actresa is shivanya ,but the role of sesha is much better then shivanya,she is living with the mour bt cnt smeel her but sesha just came for one time and she smells..btw nice episode,.like it

  17. rosy

    Have any 1 seen da recent promo i hate it sesha wl betray shivanya n wl openly tl her abt rithik’s closeness with sesha…n it wl b a face of b/w 2 i wonder hw cum rithik doesnt undrstnd dat its sesha in disguise of shivanya….ths is da strength of rithik’s love…i hate ths…sesha..

  18. Sana__vd

    Shesha is spoiling all the romances between rithik and shivanya
    I dont want naagin to end in next month ?????????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.