Naagin (Colors) 20th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 20th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Suri pleading Shivanya to save him from nagin Sesha. Shivanya says she is nagin and daughter of nag couple whom he killed 20 years ago. She has come to take revenge of her parent’s death. She is his path of death. He shivers in fear. Both Sesha and her beat him with temple bells. He pleads to leave him.

Rithik reaches shiv mandir area and sees Suri and Shivanya’s cars. He walks into temple. Shivanya throws trishul on Suri and it pierces his body and he falls down and crawls. They both then convert into nagin and bite him repeatedly. He dies.

Rithik enters shiv temple and sees Shivanya praying there. He asks what is she doing here. Sesha hides. Shivanya asks he was sleeping, then how did he reach here. Bhairavnath brings

pooja thali and gives it to Shivanya. Shivanya says she came to do maha pooja. Rithik after a lengthy dialogue prays god that he wants his wife’s company until he is alive. They both then perform milk serving on shivling. She says he is very kind hearted. He jokes that she looks sati savitri to him. She asks to do pooja silently and says today is maha shiv pooja and he will get what he wants. He prays for their long live togetherness.

Manisha comes to Ankush and tells Suri is missing since yesterday night and did not even reach air port. Ankush says he was so eager to go back to Canada, then where did he go. He calls Shailesh and says Suri is missing since yesterday and to bring him home if he finds him. He tells Manisha that she should wait for Suri at his house. Ramya apologizes Shailesh and says she sent Suri behind him to temple and he told Manisha was not there. She apologizes for doubting him. He thinks Suri did not inform her anything then.

Shivanya searches her parent’s pics in Rithik’s cupboard. Rithik comes and asks what is she searching. She says mangalsutra. He says she lost him then, gets mangalsutra out of his pocket and says he is mangalsutra. She wears it and he helps. He says he has given her parent’s pic for framing and will fix it in hall next to his parent’s pic. She gets tensed that Ankush and his friends will identify her parents.

Shailesh tells Ankush his fight with Suri at a temple for Manisha. Ankush takes his phone and deletes Manisha’s message and says he would have been caught. He says Manisha was in airport whole night, then someone else called him and Suri to temple, she is definitely nagin. Shailesh gets tensed and asks why did not guru maa’s ring protect them. Ankush says even he is surprised. Yamini knocks door and informs that police has come for interrogation.

Manisha calls inspector and complains that Suri escaped with new girl. Inspector sees Shivanya and asks who is she. Yamini says she is her bahu. Ankush comes and introduces himself and Shailesh. Inspector asks how are they related to Suri. Ankush says Suri is their good friend. Inspector says he will interrogate and leaves. Shivanya thinks whatever they do, they will not find Suri again.

Ankush tells Yamini that nagin has come back. Yamini says they should go and meet guru maa. They both go to guru maa’s cave and plead to save Suri as he is missing. Guru maa says she saw Suris ring on temple floor and with her special powers finds out that Suri is dead. Yamini pleads that her family’s life is in danger and she should help them. Guru maa suggest to do maha kali pooja and tells them its significance.

Photographer comes with Shivanya’s parent’s pic. Shivanya takes it. Ankush and Yamini come back and asks what is it. Shivanya says her parent’s pic. Yamini says Rithik must have ordered a frame as he was telling in the morning. Shivanya gets tensed. Ankush takes frame, but drops down with shivanya’s trick. He injures his hand and asks Yamini to dress his wound first. Yamini tries to see pic, but Shivanya says seeing broken glass is abshagun. They both leave. She takes frame to her room and apologizes her parents for vanishing their last evidence and burns it. Servant comes and informs her that Yamini is calling everyone downstairs. Shivanya says she will come in a min.

Whole family gathers. Rithik jokes why are they so serious. Yamini says they are all going today to guru maa’s for yagna. Rithik says Suri is missing, that does not mean they should be superstituous. Shivanya thinks her truth will be out if she goes there. Yamini says guru maa is giving protection to their family and she is worried about her family. Rithik says he will accompany only for her. She smiles.

Shivanya goes to her room to get ready. Sesha comes there and says whatever they try, they cannot escape from them both. Rithik comes and Shesha leaves. Rithik tries to wear unsuccessfully. Shivanya laughs seeing that. He gets shiy and starts his commentary. She says she knows to tie dhoti. He asks to help. She tries and he jokes. She says she will not help. He requests and his commentary continues. She ties dhoti and says it is done. He says he did not know dhoti is s*xy like Shivanya. She gets shy, then says she was preparing kheer and runs. She brings kheer and says she prepared it. He says he will eat whole bowl. Sesha from behind thinking Rithik will die as she mixed poison in kheer.

Precap: Rithik falls down after consuming poison mixed kheer. Whole family get concerned. Shivanya asks Sesha why did she mix poison. Shesha says he is enemy’s son and should die.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. saachi

    Shesha yeh Kya kiya ? well lets see hw shivanya is going to save her husband n escape from guru ma ?

    I just luv naagin

  2. Jenisha

    I m in love with this track.. It’s seriously driving me insane…. Plzz plzz i hope that shivanya ll fall for rithik..coz he loves her nd cares for her so much..

  3. Brity

    Episode was awesome… Cool.. Mindblowing…
    Ohh Ritik… He is so much innocent. But why Shesha? I think Shesha have some old issues with Ritik. She is so myesterious. Anyways, I’m sure Ritik won’t die. Cause, he is HERO!! Shivanya will save him and it will bring them more close..!! #mostexcited…
    Guys, do anyone know the song they played in yesterday’s episode when Shivanya was trying to get that Photo and even when Ritik holds Shivanya while sleeping..??? I really liked that music…

  4. K.praveena

    Shesa i will kill u. How dared u do mixxed the poisson on kheer. I thought shivanya gets angry on shesa with evil doing. Ritik u r awesome today. Nice acting.

  5. K.praveena

    Really awesome story. Ritik u r the best. And today ritik tried to wear the dress and he want to help from shivanya that scence superb. Overall superb epi. This is reallythrill, love and revenge story.

  6. akshu

    Todays episode was awesome and tis show is gng very good week by week….my fav show…..@brity i think the song is frm tamasha movie -agar tum saath ho

  7. K.praveena

    Ritik prays to god scence that i’m not living without her and he wants to shivanya as life partner till the end. He is innocent na. But shivanya not bad and soon she change herself and by her wish life full of with him. And ritik help to wear the mangulsta on shivanya neck. Aswsome

  8. Uma

    Shesha has some issues with rithik….remember she was talking to his yuvraaj kind of portrait… She says this time justice will happen and something like that addressing him as yuvraaj in havelis storeroom

  9. Fallingstar

    I think ritik is joking. But anyways he is just awesome. The innocence on is face n love in his eye can make ne1 fall for him….Shivanya pls fall for him soon.

  10. Shraddha Sharma

    I think Sesha ne sb jaan kr kiya h kyu k maine spoilers me padha tha k sesha k aisa krne s ritik nd shivanya jaa nhi paayenge or shyad kuch aisa b tha k sesha wahan puch jaayegi (somthing kuch tha) (for confirmation read spoilers)…
    Agr kuch aisa hua to kya sesha marr jayegi???

  11. shruti rohida

    sesha has mix poison so that shivanya is saved from going to temple & her reality does not come in front of their family members. so indirectly she is helping her

  12. mottu

    this serial when it will stop coming too boring …….
    they really making this serial more worse day by day . those who called their jodi best really it is best they look like perfect naag naagin couple hihihi…….
    ritik has to spend his whole life with a naagin hahaha and sesha look so irritating to shivanya kaunsi mazedaar h aur ritik to joker lagta h. use to circus m hona chahiye tha best place for him aur naagins ko zoo m …….
    yeah itna bakwaas serial h ki koi dekhna pasand na kare but i dont know why people r watching this. ,they r showing their choice is so bad for all the fans of naagin this serial is bakwaas …….

    • disha

      Tumhe kya dikkat aa rhi h log pasand krte h tog dekhege bhi you are fool ke bina pasand ke etna interest hahahahaha comments me b jhankne aa gya…… Hahahaha joker of zoo

    • patlu

      Abee oye moteee…!!! Tu mottu ritik ka mazak udayega….dumb..
      How vela of u..nhi pasand den also u watch..den also u post ur comments..
      Ur comment is just lyk a drop in an ocean..
      One naagin shud come to u shut ur mouth den

    • stg

      Motuu..if u r soo critical abt evrything, evrythings pathetic den come on u show ur creativity..Mr Talented Motu strt a fan fiction of urs n den v’ll see..atleast respect wrk of oders..ignore if u dnt it doesnt bothers any of de actors wid a comment of MOTUU!!!! Dnt try to gain attention…n himmat hai den writ a fan fiction..

    • jenna

      hey mottu, shala, if you dont wanna watch tgen, leave it, no one is forcing you to watch this serial, you dont need to bother, a***h**le. i wanna know, how handsome you are?everyone wants to be handskme or beautiful, its not our fault if someone or me is ugly。。。pehle apne dimak ka thikana laga benchod

  13. Payal

    please stop mottuu dont comment bad or negative, everyone likes this serial very much EXCEPT YOU and if you dont like then please change the channel, as it is your negative comments are not going to affect on anyone’s liking okay – This show TRP are highest in the history of television got it, anyways its just a waste of time to make a person like YOU to understand all this as you are total negative person and i saw you write only negative remarks / comments for each and every show, every channel so NEGATIVE MOTTU

  14. K.praveena

    Each and every loyal fans of naagin seriel. I requested u to don’t consider any negative comments of naagin and also don’t give to any importance of negative commender. Just forget the neg comment and also don’t read the such a comment. If u read the bad comment then u will getten irked.

  15. Swathi

    I can’t wait till the next sat.Is Sesha is-ve or+ve chara.RIVANYA is suuuuuperb.Arjun is soooo cute &caring.Waiting for nice moments.Hei mottu ur nt right.Its better to change channel&watch another show.Plz don’t make this kind of comments for getting attention.Naagin is no1 serial in colors.take this comment in good sense

  16. Brity

    Mottu.. Please dude don’t say so… Yes, you can change channel if you don’t like it. But don’t say something this type, Naagin is on Top at TRP..!!! Think twice before you say something…

  17. Hey motu
    What’s up man, What’s your problem? If you don’t like watching nagin then tune in to next channel. Sorry man don’t meant to be rude but yeah just did.

  18. safna

    Awesommee episde also ritikk was handsome.but dare sesha…ye usne kya kiya he????ritik kuch nahi hoga na?save ritikkk “GOD”

  19. Riya

    Are Shivanya and Sesha sisters ? mujhe lagta hai ki Sesha practical ban rahi hai ye dikha ke ki Shivanya ko distract nai hona chahiye use lag raha hoga ki agar Shivanya ko Ritik se pyar ho gaya toh vo badle ke bare mein bhul jayegi

  20. Rivanya

    Nice epi ,………loving the serial shivanya and ritik look awesome together ……and that shesha ,I just hate her ,don’t know what is her problem

  21. sanam

    I love this serial…but pta nhi kya hoga..?.? I really love shitik(shivanya and ritik) Jodi…i don’t know what will happen next…but I seriously wanna see Shivanya to fall for ritik….he is tooooooo good…and plz make sesha positive…she too is beautiful along with shivanya..

  22. slow update

    haissss srsly why are your updates so slow?? 🙁 Im not impatient.. I just have reasons why I cant wait for too long :'( argh

  23. rosy

    Are baba aab toh nayi episode aane mein waqt nahi rahi aab to kal ka episode koi post karo????
    Wats dis yaar????

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