Naagin (Colors) 1st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Naagin (Colors) 1st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our visitor, Shraddha Sharma, here’s the update.

Here is today’s update… forgive me for any mistake or any point missed…

Episode starts with shivanya coming with naagmani in naag??? form and bees ???of mahismati attacks, she takes her half human form and says- not now!! I need to save ritik! And she prays to shiv ji and take 5 head naag form and burn all bees.. and take naag form and leaves…

At home yamini come to her room and call for shesha.. she call and say where that black nagin went??
She is about to leave, but remembers to check naagmani, and goes to check and do not find naagmani… she gets angry?????

Near shiv ji… shivanya takes ritik on her lap and uses naagmani power to get back

ritik.. she prays to shiv ji and uses the power of naagmani and says- please shiv ji! Save my ritik! Save him!..
She further says- if till today, i fulfilled all my duties towards you and ritik, please save him!!
Due to power to naagmani ritik start getting coniousness and he sits…

Seeing this shivanya hugs him and cry?????… and after 2 min she realises and leaves him and ask him how is he??
Ritik in state of surprised ???? and say i am fine..
And i am sorry for what i did!! He says that till now you always tried me to show the truth of my mother and father but i did not listen you!!
And ask how is she???
Shivanya- I am fine due to shiv ji blessing..
Ritik- I am sorry!! What I did!! You kept saving me all the time and i slaped you, never trusted you, thrown you out of my life… and after that also you saved me??
Shivanya- Ritik you are my love, you are my life! How can I let you happen anything!!
Ritik- You know when Yamini stabbed me, I was remembering you.. I was thinking that alteast not in this birth but in heavan i will able to meet you!!
Shivanya and ritik cry???? in happiness..
Shivanya- You are my life ritik!!
Ritik- You are my life too!! Now I have only you in my life!!
And they both hug each other while saying this… ????

Shivanya- You have someone also in your life, who waited you for long!!
Ritik is confuesd?????

Shivanya takes ritik to near shiv ji.. sangram and guruji are shown praying…
Shivanya says- look ritik he is your father!! Whom you have seen in your dreams!!
Sangram sees ritik and imagines him as child and cry?? in happiness..
Ritik see him and say- i always saw you in my dream and a child was me!!
Flashback of young sangram singh and ritik as child is shown, whhile praying to shivji!!
They both hug each other…
Shivanya- Baba! Take this naagmani and do protection of it as it belongs to you…
Sangram- No shivanya!! Naagmani belongs to shiv ji and now yuvraaj/ritik and you will do protection of it from yamini and mahismati!!
Ritik in shock ????- who are mahishmati??
Sangram tell him story in muted form and bees???? and horses are shown..
Ritik- Yamini did!! He was about to say but sangram says- she is not human, she is devil and behind naagmani…
She brought you as her child so to get naagmani!! She killed your mom and shivanya parents even to get naagmani..
She kept me captured and tried to kill me even, I was alive due to memories of your and thinking about you…
Ritik- how can a woman be like this??????

Just than sunset starts…
Shivanya- sunset is starting, we need to go to shiv mandir, otherwise shesha will kill gurudev(baba)!!
Ritik- who is shesha??
Shivanya- my masi daughter, my cousin, the other naagin..
Ritik- but i killed her with help of guru maa!!
Shivanya- No! It was all drama created by yamini, gurumaa and shesha..
They all leave…

Yamini reaches to gurumaa and inform her that black nagin took naagmani.. find her soon…
Gurumaa- I cannot toch naagmani, how she took it?
Yamini- don’t know…

In shivmandir- freezed shesha start getting her form..
Baba- i need to kill you as you are on wrong path otherwise you will kill many people.. and throws some powder but it goes on vain and shesh takes her human form…
Shesha laughing????- baba! See its sunset… now your power will not work but mine will work!! ??????
Baba- Shesha you are doing wrong for getting naagmani and ritik!!
Shesha in anger nails one hand of guru dev and is about to kill him but stops and says- you are equal to my father!! I cannot kill you!!
Baba- shesha, if you are feeling bad, come to shiv ji, he will forgive you!!
Shesha in anger put nail in other hand and guru dev cries in pain…

In jungle all are running towards mandir…
Shesha- baba! I want naagmani and ritik both, no one thought about me, never…
And puts nails in his both legs and he cries in pain…
Again in jungle all are running towards mandir.. and night drawns with moon…
And finally shesha- baba! You are my baba !!
baba- shesha you are getting mad!! Do not do this… and recite Naama Shivaye..
Shesha throws nail on his head and he dies and shesha leaves…

After that they all reach mandir and see guru dev died…
Guru recites mantra of shiv ji…
And shivanya cries ???????? baba!!!!!
And cries and say – shesha you did not do right… you killed our guru dev, who was equall to our father… ritik consoles her…
shivnaya- till now it was revenge for my parents muder but now i will kill you shesha for killing baba…
Ritik- i am with you in this fight and will not let you happen anything…
Sangram- what will do you??
Shivanya in anger look????- i will play same game what they were playing till now!!!

Guru maa doing puja…
yamini- what are you doing?? Find her, before she finds that ritik is dead…
Guru maa call hawks and say- get that nagin from her place…
hawks leaves…
Hawks attacks shesha… shesha takes human form and think why they are doing this??
She tries to kill them but in vain… they attack her and take her to gurumaa..
Gurumaa captures her and ask where is naagmani??
Shesha- I don’t have.. it is with yamini..
Yamini- no! You took it..
Shesha- No! Its with you.. you want all its power thats why you are doing this…
Yamini- No!! You want it and ritik!! Thats why you took it…
And their fight continues…
Gurumaa stops them and say- put your 2 boond blood on this nariyal and which will burst that person have naagmani..
Both do this by cutting thumb.. and guru maa put them in haven and after 2- 3 min says- you both do not have it, it is with someone else..
Yamini- but it is took by shesha.. and onlly nagin can change form…
Guru maa- shivanya!!
Yamini- i killed her and buried her!!
Shesha- it is not that easy, we must check her if she is dead or not…
Shivanya is shown listening to all this… they both leave in naagin form…

Near shiv ji, in jungle, where they killed her…
Shesha take her human form and say yamini told about this place only and shouts shivnaya…
Snagrama and ritik see her by hidden…
Shesha take naagin form and goes inside buried place.. and shivnaya is shown burried by holding breath…
Ritik- I need to take shivanya out!!
Sangram- wait shesha is here only!!
Shesha checks shivanya if she is alive or not and come out…
Shesha- Sorry shivanya!! Due to love you died and due to love i will live with ritik!!
Ritik gets angry listening this???
shesha takes naagin form and leaves and ritik digs out mud and take out shivanya…
Shivanya breathes heavily and ritik hugs her…
Shivanya thinks i need to get away far from ritik, otherwise he will be in danger always…

On sea shore-
Shivanya- I am sorry ritik, i hided truth from you that i am naagin…
Ritik- no! I am sorry as i never listened you!! You always told me truth but i not trusted you.. and hold ears..
Shivanya is not able to see him like this and hugs him tight..
They both were about to kiss?? but shivanaya goes back…
Ritik- i get know that due to lie yoy always gone far but why now??
Shivanya- becoz we can’t become one!! As i am naagin and you are human and one naagin and human cannot love each other, if they do so one will die and i will lose my powers.. and for now i can’t afford it as i need to protect you and baba(sangram singh) from yamini and shesha… after all reveange i will go my way and you on your way…
Ritik is stunded after listening to all this??????????
Shivanya- now i must leave and takes her naagin form and leaves…
Ritik is shown standing there and watching helplessly????????

At home yamini returns and say- i killed ritik but what will i say to his brother and sister??
Her younger son- where were you mom?? Your phone was unreachable??
Yamini in her drama- i don’t know what all is happening?? where is ritik went??
His son- bhaiya is at home!!!
Yamini in shock????????? and screen freez

Precap- Yamini sees ritik and shouts as she saw bhoot??????????????????….
Ritik in mandir to shivanya- I know how to handle yamini!!!
Ritik’s brother and sister- mom how can you stab ritik bhaiya???
LK’s friend’s wife- bhabhi how can you do so???
Yamini shock???? and in horrified!!!

Update Credit to: Shraddha Sharma

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  1. Hi shraddha our new updater? no you did not miss any point..
    Coming to the episode, I am happy that rithik and shivanya both are alive..? too angry with sesha? how can she kill his father-like gurudev just for naagmani and rithik..
    Hope this season gets a happy ending☺

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      thank you alia

  2. nice epi. thanks for updating

  3. Gud news guyzz. …shivanya to be a mother not before she takes her revenge. It is shown that shivanya will lose her powers after consummating with rithik. But she can regain her power back if a human sacrifices himself. Rithik decides to sacrifice but to everyone’s shock sangram Singh sacrifices himself thereby saving rithik. After gaining her powers back, shivanya takes kali maa’s form to kill yamini thereby ending the season. Their child will have some super powers as it is a combination of snake and human. Rest will be revealed in season 2.

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Thats true…. ii have also seen video related to death o sangram singh

  4. when will season 2 will come… plzz can any1 say the exact date…

    1. In October 2016

      1. 3rd of October

  5. kya koi ye bta skta hia ki, jub shivnya k pass nagmani thi to usne uski madad se guruji ko ku nhi bachaya?? :/

    1. it would be misuse of nagmani….and rittik was her husband so she can beg her husband life to god as like savitri.if she do this then she may loose nagmani power may be happen that she preys to god for his life and god can give him life only ….

      1. According to naafapurana the naagmani is a thing tht contains all the main power of naagin.the one who protects it can use the powers when they are in danger. Tht also when they can’t take chance. They can use naagmani power to protect their life and protect naagmani too

    2. becoz gurudev was already dead by the time she came
      in case of rithik he was alive so nagmani could cure him

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    iska answer to sirf tv show ke writers hi de sakte hai ki aisa unhone kyu nhi dikhaya

  7. Thanks shradhha Sharma

  8. She can save gurudev by the power of nagmani..she save rithik by nagmani then why she cannot save gurudev???

  9. Nagma Noshin

    Hi guys!!!!! rithik has that mark but gurudev doesn’t have

  10. Yes…Nagma Noshin is right…and i think the logic here is rithik belongs to the rajvansh family who protects the naagmani and naag,, naagins….and now he is the sole protector of the naagmani in this generation after sangram singh…so he has the right to get the help of naagmani if he faces any life danger…and only because of dat birthmark and he got cured by the naagmani on shiv ji’s blessing…moreover though guru dev is also a pure shiv bakht and protects naagins,, he does not have dat birthmark nor he belongs to raj vansh family…so he cannot be saved by naagmani….


      may be you are saying right

  11. @sofeya: did u see the sunday episode??

  12. @ Sofeya: Did you watch sunday’s episode dear??

    1. Upss Sorry Nandhini fr late reply
      No dear I dint watch it bcoz of power cut
      Story is going tooo good
      Waiting for upcoming episodes
      Have a good day dear
      Tak care ?

      1. Its ok sofeya…for me also same here…yesterday only i watched the sunday’s episode…we all thought only 4 more episodes remaining but its extended till middle of june…dont know wat twists are waiting for us???….

  13. Hi everyone! Our favourite show naagin will return in October this year?
    It will be when naagin will end on 14 may, the TRP ratings can go to “the kapil sharma show” as the show is getting a good response. On the day of the launch of this show, colors channel broadcasted “Bajirao Mastani”. And naagin is no.#1 from its first episode.. so to beat “the kapil sharma show” makers of colors will launch “naagin season 2” soon. It is scheduled in October 2016. Confirm cast is mouni roy, arjun bijlani and adaa khan. Shweta kawatra can make an appearence on the show as a evil snakewoman..
    Happy naagin is coming soon?

  14. Hey everyone!!!!! Really really good news!!!? plz check my comment guys plz..
    Our favorite naagin will be ending on 11 June!!! Yay!!
    Very very very happy? I got this news 30 minutes before..
    Plz guys check my comment plz plz plz yaar?

    1. This is the superb news.!!!! a cool treat in hot summer???

    2. This is superb news!!!! Whether dis news is confirm or not,, but for time being you gave us a cool treat in hot summer☺☺…if its confirm then you gave a big carnival treat for us??

  15. Please write properly. No one is asking for tough language, but what’s with the unnecessary punctuation?
    This was barely readable.


      Sherya it was not pantuations, i used emotions during update, but i think during confirmation it got hided as some pc/lapptops/ moblies sometimes do not support emtions, so they turned into pantuations..
      But anyways I am sorry…

  16. Sorry shreya for the inconvenience

  17. Hi Shreya!…one friendly request…its okay we can criticise the written update of this serial here but you have critized negatively abt naagin written update of sunday in SNS serial telly update…by doing dis it may hurt the feelings of the person who updated here…because as no one is available to provide the update on time,, one of our commenting friend has took her precious time and updated for the people who cudnt view the episode…yes thr are some mistakes…evryone wil do mistakes and each person who is updating has his/her own method of conveying the episodic summary to people…we can clarify it wit them here but we shud not criticize in other serials forum…its just my humble request please dont take it seriously….

  18. Hi Shreya! Its okay we can criticize abt the written update here but you have critized abt the latest naagin written update negatively in SNS telly updates…by doing dis it may hurt the feelings of the person who has updated here…because as there was noone to provide the written update on time,, one of our commenting friend has took her precious time to give the update in full detail to the people who cudnt view the episode and for all of us…yes there were punctuational mistakes…everyone of us make mistakes and each person who is updating here has his/her own style of delivering the episodic summary to people…we can clarify that
    with them here but we should not criticize it in other serials forums….its just my humble request…please dont take it seriously….and to telly updates please
    issue this comment here…dont show discrimination in eliminating our comments as you are doing this since yesterday????

    1. Extremely sorry! Won’t happen in future. 🙂


      Its fine nandhini, do get angry… it was emtions who turned into pantuations, might be due to non- support pc/laptop/ mobile .. sometimes it happens…

    3. @Shreya
      @Shraddha sharma:: Thank you friends☺…no hard feelings for me☺☺….


        Do not be so formal Nandhini…. friends do not keep harsh feelings as if they do so they are not friends…

      2. Woww!! Got it….Well said Shraddha!☺?



  19. wht happened Nandhini
    who criticised and wht ur talking iam not getting u

    1. Nothing serious dear….??

      1. Shreya plz don’t take anything serious
        Thanks nandhini for replying on my comment☺

  20. Deepak kumar

    Good to know it back soon….

  21. jaiprakash behera

    plz telly updates hindi main do

  22. Hmm everything got sought out
    Finally Happy
    How r u all
    Have a good day guys nd Take car


      Good day…

  23. hello …shradda why you are apologizing for is not exam note book because it’s comments box….we can write our expression in any mood…humans become robot or walking stone without emotions…if someone dont like then simply move to next…


      Its fine shubham..
      I agree with your verdict, but it is not that big thing….
      She thought i used pantuations but it was emotions, due to errors it turned into pantuations…


    It is my humble to all please end panutation matter now…. do not have harsh feelings for anyone… this site is made for knowing about serials, and getting to know about new people….

  25. does last episode end with pregnant shivanya?


      No… she will get in upcoming episodes… due to which she will lose powers and ritik will scarifice his life but sangram singh will die…

      1. yes …I have seen these things in a video but also i have seen shivanya arjun with a baby..

  26. krishnai aka ww

    A Note to all colors Serial’s fans:

    I had made a poll for colors serials to vote for the best serial and Jodi…. Pls do vote for your favorite Jodi and serial.

    Thank you.

  27. Hi shreya plz don’t take anything seriously and thanks nandhini for giving a reply to my comment

    1. My pleasure alia☺

      1. Hey everyone and for nandhini it is again a cool treat in hot and heated summer
        Naagin season 2 will be back on 3 October this year.. Plz reply everyone. If you want to check plz go to Google:- or Wikipedia app search naagin
        Plz guys check


        Is it true????? ???????

    2. TQ Alia
      It’s a Fabulous news dear

      1. My pleasure sofeya
        Where is nandhini ???

  28. Yes shraddha it is true news


      Yapiee….. thanks for the news alia

  29. Where is nandhini?? Did she get this news??

    1. Yes alia! Got the news! Dats sooo cool???

  30. Hi guysss
    Today r u ready for watching Naagin
    Iam excited what about u all
    Hav a great Weekend guys
    Lov u all❤

    1. Yes dear metoo excited…and i got the colors channel back? so i definitely wont miss today??

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