Naagin (Colors) 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Naagin (Colors) 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rithik telling Shivanya that he is in love with her and expresses his feelings. Shivanya reminisces Sesha’s words that Rithik is not her husband and she should stop feeling for him.

Guru maa does pooja and sends her hawk to catch Sesha and says naagin will die soon. Sesha gets getting severe pain and dizzy and thinks what is happening to her. She keeps her head under shiv ling and her attack eases. She thinks Guru maa must have done this.

Tanvi meets Rithik and shows him Shivanya’s childhood pic with her parents. Rithik reminisces seeing Shivanya’s childhood pic and identifies her. Tanvi says Shivanya lied that she is seeing haveli for the first time, but she is seen in front of haveli. She heard her speaking over phone that

she came here to take revenge. Rithik says he will never doubt his wife and says her allegations are baseless. Tanvi says she is not lying. Rithik says she is jealous of Shivanya, so she is doing this and angrily leaves. Shivanya watches their discussion hiding behind pillar.

Ankush tells Yamini that nagin wants him and his friends to fight, so she tricked and created rift between Shailesh and Suri. He has to reunite them somehow and until guru maa’s ring is with them, nagin cannot harm them. Rithik passes by smiling, carrying Shivanya’s family pic. Yamini asks why is he smiling. He says he got Shivanya’s parent’s pic. Ankush says he wants to see and goes near. Rithik says he wants to surprise Shivanya first and then will show it to them. Ankush taunts that he become joru ka ghulam/wife’s servant in 2 days. Rithik smiles and leaves asking them continue their romance. Yamini says she is happy seeing Rithik happy.

Rithik takes pic to room and tells Shivanya he has a surprise for her. She tries to snatch pic. He holds her. Their eyes lock. A romantic song starts. Shivanya then gets conscious and snatches pic, but it tears. Rithik apologizes and says he will paste it and leaves. She thinks she has to get pic from him soon.

Guru maa’s hawk returns injured. Guru recites mantras on kumkum and throws it on hawk and says now nagin cannot harm it.

In the morning, Manisha gets out of bed and goes to washroom while Suri is still sound asleep. Shivanya enters blanket in nagin form, sleeps nest to Suri, picks Manisha’s mobile and messages Shailesh to meet him in Shiv mandir before Suri takes her back to Canada. Shailesh gets happy. Ramya asks why is he looking so happy. He says nothing and goes to washroom. She checks his phone and sees Manisha’s message to meet him in Shiv temple. She calls Suri and asks him to control his wife as she has called Shailesh to shiv mandir. Manisha comes out of washroom ready. Suri tries to get romantic. She says her friends have come and they are going to watch historic monuments, kisses him and leaves. He thinks this may be his last kiss, he should follow her to shiv temple and catch her red-handed with Shailesh.

Sesha comes to meet Shivanya in servant’s form and then changes to herself. Shivanya locks door. Sesha says today they will kill their enemy for sure and tells what how she called Shailesh and Suri to Shiv mandir.

Suri reaches shiv mandir and realizes it is same old mandir where he and his friends killed icchadhari nags and took nagmani. Sesha comes there, but hawk catches her. It drops her down. She gets into suri’s car and gets locked. She somehow comes out of car and hides behind to escape from hawk.

Rithik sees Shivanya crying and asks what happened. She tells her story as film’s story. Rithik says he saw this film and says hero will be in delimma whether to save his father or help his wife, film will cross 100 crores because of emotional women like her. She smiles. He acts as seeing cockroach and getting afraid. She laughs. They both then sleep keeping pillows in between. She says she knows he acted as afraid of cockroaches to make her smile. He smiles. Once he sleeps, Shivanya wakes up and thinks she has to go and help Shesha and leaves. Rithik sees her going and follows her.

Shailesh enters temple. Suri hides behind wall, calls Ramya and says her doubt is baseless, Manisha did not come there. Sesha enters, changes into Manisha, goes and hugs Shailesh. Suri is shocked to see that. He runs and separates them and asks Manisha how can she betray him. She says he did not have time for him, but Shailesh has and he gave he what she needed. Suri panics.

Suri says they will get lots of money in exchange of nagmani, what else he needs. Shailesh says he needs Manisha and asks if her if she will come with him. They both start fighting and beating each other. Sesha changes back into her real form and waits for Shivanya eagerly and this the day has come where revenge has to be taken. She addresses shivji that these 2 killed his disciplines in front of his shivling, now they have to die. She sees signals from shivji and changes back to Manisha and stares are Shailesh. Shailesh says Suri he does not need his wife and leaves. Sesha starts torturing Suri.

Shivanya leaves in car towards temple thinking Sesha and Suri must have reached already. Rithik continues following her. A truck comes in between and he stops car. Driver scolds him and leaves. Rithik looks at 2 roads thinks which road she must have taken.

Suri asks Manisha to give her hand. She asks if he wants to get up and gives a long hand standing at once place. Suri is shocked to see Sesha. Shivanya comes there and asks what happened. Suri asks to save him from nagin. Shivanya asks which nagin, he killed 2 innocent nags and he will die for sure. She changes into nagin and he is shocked.

Precap: Suri pleads Shivanya to save him from nagin Sesha. Shivanya says she is main nagin and came to take revenge for killing her parents. She throws shiv trishul on him and he dies. Rithik watches this and is shocked to see his wife’s real identity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. is ritik realy going to know?

  2. OhOoooo no…Same precap….. And I’m really feeling sad for Ritik.. He is so sweet and caring… I wish I also had a husband…. Just joking:-P:-P:-P

    1. Hello.. Fatarajo …#desifriend… Are you here?

    2. Hello.. Fatarajo …#desifriend… Are you here? And Varsha.. Are you..???

  3. Terrible precape. Ritik really knews about him wife as naagin. I don’t belive this.and today epi really lovable only 4 ritik and shivanya scence. He is really sweet he want to her smile in face. And he acts gets afraid to see cockroach. I really like the scence. That time my face full of smile. How sweet husband.

  4. Nice epi… i need more of rivanya….n writers plz stop saying intequam shuru ho gayi…v al knw dat…hw many times do u hvfta say???????…..nwys lv rivanya..??

  5. I thought I would hate this show when I saw the promos due to the Naagin concept . But I was wrong. Naagin rocks. Rithik-Shivanya and Sesha rocks. It is infact better than the zee tv Naagin they used to show.
    OMG Rithik will know about Shivanya :O
    My aunt doesn’t watch any shows on colors but she only watches Naagin and loves it
    And I have good news for Naagin fans. Naagin is one of the top 5 new shows of the year according to india forums.
    So sad Naagin trp has decreased but still going strong at no.1 🙂

    1. even i also thought as its naagin concept i wont like…
      bt when i just watch it i feel its so good one serial..
      i wish instead of weekands it will be on all days

  6. luvly scene of RiVanYA??

  7. holy crap!! same precap

  8. Ana guys rivanya or shivik ????? One one for our ritik ans shivanya

  9. rivanya scenes are so cute……

  10. Friends I also want to suggest a name for them. Its “RIYA”
    RI from Rithik
    YA from Shivanya.
    do you like it?

    1. or “YARI”

      1. rivanya or riya is nice.

  11. wow..this couple is so romantic

  12. Superb episode especially that cockroach scene.Hey can anyone tell me the song played in background of riya’s photo scene.

    1. I can’t remember well the song played at that scene. But I think it is agar tum saath ho.or a song of film tamasha.

  13. so stupid u all r getting happy for stupid ritik and shivanya they look like insane all the scenes r nonsense concept is totally bakwaas what is nice here i am happy their trp is getting and i really want this serial get stop plz do this fast ….. sesha naagin h aur lagti bhi h and your so called riya rivanya whatever r also look like a naag and naagin how mad they r and full dramebaazi is their

    1. mottu whats ur problem na???
      u dont have any rights to abruptly to comment about our comments..
      if dont like the serial just comment u dont like it or dont ever comment.
      who are u to call us stupid on the whole????
      it is waste to talk u.
      because u r so firm in hurting others feeling.

    2. dont make us all together lose our temper.

    3. Howevr stupid v feel…dts our feeln….n our problem….nt dnt worry…??

  14. oh mr/miss mottu if u dont like this serial so dont watch it why r u wasting ur time in watching and writing these foolish comment look at urself i think u r better to be called as naag aur naagin understand. whatever u think about ritik and shivsnya its urs foolish thinking keep it in urs dont share with anybody else okk

  15. pagal serial

  16. Rithik and Shivanya.. ROCKING….

  17. Awesome epi . I like suri’s acting and expressions.

    1. me too thulasi i too like suri acting very much
      yesterday episopde was awesome
      like this serial very much

  18. I love this serial my fav serial???Rivanya#ROCkINg #Rithik♡ShIvanya#Wow!!cute couples#

  19. nice episode……

  20. Wow rithik wat a man u r

  21. Hi guys nice episode riya sciences are so nice and mottu if u don’t like the serial y r u seeing & wasting ur tym. Don’t see it & especially don’t comment bad for that serial u should understand others feeling toward that serial hey u should never do that I think u like all that saas & bahu type serial then go for it don’t waste ur tym + our feelings otherwise all the fans of this serial will not let u dlo so right guys we will not keep quite we r also having tongue to say but here we use fingers OK

  22. Plz upload yesterday in youtube

  23. Plz upload yesterday episode in youtube

  24. nice episode I tought I will not like it but show is great want to see riya romance and kuch asa krn writer g k is jori ka peyar show mai hamasha nazar ae q k kya nagin or 1 insan ki jori kubhe bun sakti hai

  25. hey wellwisher ,anjali and st uddin i live i n india and i hav right to say whatever i like to say understand and u miss anjali i think tum apne aapko mirror m dekhkar comment karti ho thats why u r calling others naag and naagin and u syeed correctly said we use our fingers to say and i am also using my fingers aur m to uss pagal rivanya ki jodi ko bol raha tha tumhe kya problem ho rahi h nonsense

    1. the Indain government has given right to each and everyone in INDIA to express their feelings. thoughts etc… But it has never given to anyone to hurt others.
      u dont have any rights to call us stupid.
      mind ur language.

  26. Really rithik going to know shivanyas true face?

  27. Hey motu,
    What’s up. Why are you being rude , I mean if you don’t like serial nagin then why watch it. And yeah chill man just have a glass of ice water trust me it will do you good.

  28. Hey mottu if u don’t like the serial plz change the channel&watch another programme.I know in our country each people have the right to express their thoughts so take the comment in good senseOK….Why should we bother about the concept of a serial it’s just for entertaining Year…….

  29. Hey mottu it’s a serial only for entertainment.If u don’t like the serial plz change channel& Watch another show.Take the comment in the good sense….yaar OK
    Waiting for Rivanya……Super chemistry……

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