Naagin (Colors) 17th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 17th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivanya goes to kitchen and guiding cooks what dishes to prepare for Rithik and asks not to add paneer as Rithik is allergic to paneer. Sesha says let him get allergic. Shivanya sees her and asks why did she come here and takes her aside. Sesha reminds her of their motto and killing Shailesh Mathur. Sesha says today Kabeer and Tanvi will meet and tomorrow after engagement, she will kill Shailesh Mathur. Sesha says today is pooranmasi and very dangerous for them, so they have to be together. She asks how will they kill Shailesh. Shivanya says his weakness is alcohol and they will get out his ring easily. Yamini comes to kichen and sees Shivanya standing and asks what is she doing here. Shivanya say she is getting dusting. Shesha changes to servant.

Yamini asks her to go and help caterers and leaves. Sesha changes back to herself and smirks.

Tanvi comes and Ankush tells her prince charming will be coming soon. Kabeer enters and clashes with Tanvi and tells Rithik to take out flowers as he is allergic. Rithik says yes. Tanvi says she does not want to meet him whoever he is and asks Rithik where is Kabeer. Kabeer introduces himself. Tanvi tells Rithik she does not want to meet him. Rithik forcefully introduces her to Kabeer. They both then get along well. Shivanya takes Rithik aside and says she needs to talk. He asks if she got romantic seeing Tanvi and Kabeer. She says no. Ankush with Yamini and Shalesh comes and asks Kabeer if he liked Tanvi. He shyingly says yes. Ankush tells he will inform his dad that engagement is tomorrow. Shivanya thinks tomorrow is Shailesh’s last day.

Shesha walks under moon light thinking how to get Shailesh’s ring out. Her skin changes to snake skin. Kabeer comes and asks what happened to skin. She says she has skin allergy. He asks why did her eyes sparkle. She says may be because of moon light. He opens curtain and she hugs him from behind to hide. He says moon light is so powerful that even snakes get back to their original form. He says he liked her gesture and draws back curtain. She runs beside wall. Kabeer gets romantic and asks what is her name. She says Reva. He introduces himself as Kabeer. She asks who is he. He says nobody and he wants to be the way he is. She tries to leave. He pulls her towards hima and starts singing that let the secret be secret. She says she has to leave as she is caterer and has to go to kitchen. He leaves her hand and says she is different and is beautiful.

Yamini calls servant and asks him to open all windows as pooranmaasi/full moon light is auspicious. He opens windows. Shivanya passes by and gets affected by moon light. A masked man rushes in and holds her. She asks who is he. He says he came to kill her husband. Rithik rushes to rescue her, but man slits his neck. He falls down unconscious. Shivanya cries that he cannot leave him alone. Rithik wakes up and asks where did this tomato ketchup come from. Man removes his mask and reveals himself as Tushar Kapoor. Rithik runs behind him. Tushar says he is promoting his new film Kya Kool Hain Hum part 3 and came to invite them for premiere. He says Shivanya that he and Rithik are childhood friends and apologizes for not attending wedding. He continues that Rithik is lucky to have Shivanya, etc., and says his promotion is happening near shiv mandir and leaves asking to attend premiere. Shivanya says she did not like his friend as he frightened her. He says at least she showed his love for him.

Shivanya selects her sari for engagement and asks Rithik what he will wear. He says tuxedo and asks what she will wear. She says Sari. He gives her bag and says she will wear this. She sees lace blouse and says she will not wear it. He holds her and says this is mumbai and it is common here. She says she does not wear these kind of clothes. He insists to wear it for him. She agrees and goes to changing room. Rithik gets ready and thinks she did not come out yet. He knocks door and asks to come out whatever she is wearing. She comes out nervously and he asks what happened. She shows lace. He says he will tie it. She says she will herself. He asks if she is nagin that she will tie it with big hands. He says he knows when she says no it is yes. He takes her aside and ties lace. Agar tum saath ho… plays in the background. He touches her shoulde romantically and holds her and asks how girls wear such complicated dresses and says it is time for premiere. She says 2 min. He says he will wait downstairs and leaves.

Sesha sees Shailesh inebriated and thinks until ring is on his finger, she cannot kill him. She poisons alcohol glasses and takes it towards him, but Kabeer picks glass and starts flirting with her. She gets embarrassed. Rithik also picks one glass. Shivanya stops him. He praises her patni dharm and says it is for Tushar. Sesha stops Kabeer and confuses him by changing glasses. Assistant says it has bacteria as Sesha touched glasses with bare hands. Kabeer scolds him and continues flirting with Sesha. She leaves angrily. Tanvi comes and asks what was he talking to her. He says she was just waitress and he was taking glass.

Sesha gives alcohol glass to Shailesh and thinks he will feel hell after drinking it. Shailesh throws drink due to guru maa’s ring. Sesha and Shivanya get tensed seeing that. Shailesh then goes to washroom to clean himself. Sesha thinks ring saved him and she will have to get ring out of his finger somehow. Shailesh washes his hands and cleans his dresses with water. He sees snake and shouts for help. Snake leaves and Shailesh thinks it was just his imagination and opens his pant. He sees Shailesh mathur’s death on glass and runs on underwear. Shivanya thinks wherever he runs, she will kill him.

Tushar and Aftab entertain guests with Gauhar Khan with a dance number on Oye Hoye Jawani Le dubi…song..Reporters question them about their film and they answer their questions.

Ankush sees Shailesh inebriated and pantless in washroom and scolds him that he arranged this party for Kabeer and Tanvi and does not want him to spoil it. He orders him to wear his pants and behave in party.

Rithik waits for Shivanya. She comes down with wet hair. He asks what was she doing for such a long time in bathroom. She stands nervously. He picks water drop from her neck and starts getting romantic. Tanvi sees that and takes Kabeer from there.

Rithik tells Shivanya that her friends Tushar and Aftab are coming to promote their new movie. He saw first 2 series first day first show. She asks if he sees those kind of movies. He says he saw them when he was bachelor and now he will watch with her. She says she will not watch adult comedy. Tushar and Aftab join them. Rithik says his wife is hesitant to watch their movie. They request her to watch it.

Kabeer stops Sesha and asks what did she give to Rithik that he became romantic after drinking it. She shows alcohol glasses and tells fancy names. He after a lengthy dialogue says he even wants to become romantic. She gives him a glass.

Rithik asks Aftab and Tushar to tell about their movie. They say their movie is opening on 22nd January. Shivanya gets shy and runs from there saying mom is calling. Rithik also runs saying mom is calling. Aftab jokes with Tushar if mom is not calling, he should stay with him.

Sesha stops Shivanya and warns her not to fall in Rithik’s love so much and concentrate on their target Shailesh. Shivanya asks how will they kill Shailesh until guru maa’s ring is in his finger. Shesha says she found a way and says Kya Kool hain Hum.

Tushar and Aftab promote their movie and brief about it. They then dance with Gauhar Khan on Oye hoye jawani le dubi….song.. Waiter gives note to Shailesh. Shailesh reads it to meet in a make up room and asks who gave it. Waiter points at Gauhar Khan. After dance, Shailesh stops Gauhar Khan and says he needs her jawani/youth. She complains Aftab and Tushar that old man is flirting with her. They both beat Shailesh in front of guests. Ankush interferes. They say this old man misbehaved with Gauhar and if he was not his friend, they would not have spared him. Shailesh’s ring falls down. Ankush rescues Shailesh and asks him to go to Shiv mandir right now. Sesha thinks Shailesh end is taking him there.

Precap: Tanvi tells Kabeer that Sesha and Shivanya are icchadhari nagins. He turns into mangoose, kills her, and shouts nagin’s biggest enemy is mangoose and not human.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Fatarajo

    I like Rivanya scenes in this serial the most and I always wait for it whenever I see the show. I feel so bad for Tanvi. poor Tanvi

  2. nisha

    hey guys Naagin story friends I loved this serial too much just needed to share something with all of u friends

    Naagin serial is too much interesting with the strong acting skills of Mouni roy (shivanya) and Adaa Khan ( sesha) both are very much talented and beautiful and gorgeous but my favourite is sesha

    You know Shivanya love story is Hindi movie Nagina part 1

    and sesha love story yes it is also going to be a love story of sesha and kabir of been Nagina part 2

    both the films of sridevi portraying naagin

    and in first part she love with a human

    and in second part she love and married with a mongoose cum human .

    and both are interesting and even sesha look the curls and the dress is same from nagina part 2 look and shivanya look is same as nagina part 1

    we know what happen next we know how the story goes but still very much love it because of the acting skills of the actors and

    the love stories

    I love the new pair sesha and kabir

    both are cunning yet egoistic but its very much interesting to see how their love story is going to shape up

    love u all deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees always by heart

    Keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend`

  3. nisha

    Guys both the stories of shivanya and sesha are nagina part 1 of shivanya and nagina part 2 of sesha fully even the look of both the girls are same as the picture and I love more sesha actually .

    love u all.

  4. I like some star plus serial like manmarjian,nisha or…,mohi,tere seher ya they flauate some time but gud then other but they idiot reject it coz they say they dont they romance so for all those if serial contain 50% s***x then trp will be above 10 million

  5. For all those who start criticizing me? Be open minded man world is changing you have to be change so stop running behind stupid serial use your brain you can criticizing me but dont abuse me

    • Nandhini

      Chill yaar! Its a fantasy serial…very far from reality…dats why we love to watch it…but it doesnt mean we are too stupid to adore them…aftr a long period of getting used to same kind of family and romantic storylines,, they are showing a new kind of romance devoid of all logical things…dats why we appreciate it…the concept is old and superstitious only but the way they are showing it onscreen is really good and better than other indian serials…the CG works are really amazing here and the acting skills of the cast are very good and different from the other glycerin using actors and they are not showing too much of emotions in all the scenes like they used to show in other romantic serials…we
      people (adorers of naagin) are open-minded only…dats why we love to watch them…

    • cutie pie

      I would suggest plz plz plz do not waste ur valuable time watching or commenting onthe serial.
      But let us waste our time and of course tou are a great scholar who has a vast knowledge on love plz keep it yourself l do not need it
      And watch your fav shows

  6. jakie you know what we will decide what to change and what not . And yaa indian viewer knows the real meaning of love and if they don’t know then who are you to say that.You know the meaning of love then keep your knowledge to yourself don’t show are right world is changing and we all are also changing.we watch this serial to enjoy not to think it happen.

  7. Mahe why so anger compare nagin with vampire diares then you will understand who is fool vd is 100% better creative than blo*dy nagin.and ya only beauty doesnt matter acting too they all may be beautiful but their acting level is 0.all indian actress cant become perfectinist like DEEPIKA PADUkONE I respect her coz she is only one who save bollywood varna priyanka ne badnam karme me kaser nahi chodi hae

    • Nandhini

      I am just suggesting you please dont compare those foreign series with our indian ones….ours is very special to us in many ways…and yes deepika is a perfectionist dats y she is no.1 even now…each indian actress has her own style of expressing onscreen…our actors became famous only because of only their hardworks and nothing else…just like dat
      they cant become popular without their own efforts…

  8. Im a critic from virginia so i know the cause why she win people chioce award we indian vote for her but after wining she say i work hard%-)liar even quantico was in the list of top diaster still making season2 oooo coz they think it will hit but was flop series .nina dubrev reject baywatch role(for dipika xxx3 movie) and now prinka is doing role .shame defaming indians in us

  9. mottu

    hey jankie evanko well said….dis serial is full of nonsense…..i mean if u want to watch dis serial den keep ur mind turned out….seriously yaar….okay agreed abt ichadhari naagin coz we listened n watched some movies abt dem butttt…..ichadhari MONGOOSE…..!!!!! lols
    i donno y people r going mad for dat serial……

  10. They will never understand .dude and no way to understand recent servey -10%women less than in 2009 quits these stupid serial%-)our motive is to quit We can watch meaningful thing

  11. mottu

    agreed n u knw wat if we criticize abt dat nonsense here den they starts abusing…..i earlier criticized it n its good to knw dat someone is also in world who also criticized that rubbish…..seriously yaar…..i jst wanna say dat 2 min silence for all naagin fans…….lol

  12. nishi

    this serial is the bst i ever watch…luv rithvanya…..i don’t knw y some people lyk @jakie evanko n @mottu hv prblm wid that serial…..if u both don’t lyk it than stop watching….y waste ur tym atleast stop commenting here…..y u r hurting our feelings by saying such stupid…..n @jakie evanko u hv no right to saying nythng abt priyanka
    everyone knws that hw talented she is…n i think u also knw that she was the miss world so her beauty reign all over world secondly she was also the national award winner….n i don’t think there is ny doubts on her acting skills…..after her debut of quantico she also won people choice award….its her starting in hollywood n i m sure she will reign in hollywood lyk bollywood…..
    luv u priyanka……

  13. Seriously is she miss world;LOL i have seen her in flight she look ugly and have hand like a one know her except india even she made hollywood dept but everyone know deepika before she made hollywood debt

  14. mottu

    hahaha……good idea yaar afterall they all r naagins fans so they will definitely start lyking their milk also…no doubt…lol

    • Ankita

      Jakie evanko u cant compare TVD n teue blood to naagin in induan television its far most best serial other than saas-bahu screenplay storyline etc American tv has already evolved n indian is still evolving well i agree TVD is best everyone should watch it delena r the best but naagin is loved by fans coz they do not have anything to watch current moment its something new even though its superstitious bt some of them love it let them

  15. nishi

    xcuse me jakie evanko she is miss world….dats y she is well recognised by viewers before deepika…..i m nt against of deepika bt can’t underestimate priyanka….she is d best…..n by the way awards always matters priyanka got her first national award in her initials….she is really talented in her acting singing….n yeah u can’t comment on her physic…..if u seem her ugly so this is ur perception towards her bt nt of all priyanka is the best thats y she is superstar……luv u priyanka…..good going….

  16. Whats your real name idont think you are mota person(sorry for teasing)B-)B-)its my style but here everyone got angery when when i tell against peechee %-)bhalai ka jamana hi nahi raha but point is logo ko chedne mae too much fun

  17. mottu

    no yaar i m not mottu type now it was a history of mine…haha…
    i m shreyansh nd urs…?
    btw every1 calls me by dat name so i don’t mind of it…
    n yeah i also luv to tease dem n jst enjoyed their responses…..they all start n said me bla bla…..luv dis lols….

  18. Me real jakie evanko my father agree to name that coz in virgina evancho is my dad dearest so they just change cho -ko .it look funny but it real .shortname-eve and mia

  19. Nandhini

    To all naagin fans: a disappointing news….kabir and shesha wont become a couple…kabir will die soon…either one of the naagins shivanya/shesha will kill him…he is playing a small role only…

  20. mottu

    bakaas serial bakwaas story bakwaas twists bakwaas actors bakwaas acting…n yeah BAKWAAS FANS EVER!!!!!

  21. Hahahaha i will to too repeat bakwass serial bakwass storyline bakwass plot bakwass nagin backwass acting backwass mangoss bakwass fan bakwass colors bakwass navla everything is bakwass here lol

  22. mottu

    BAKWAAS SERIAL…….totally illogical is naagin really exist in this world….?????lol….
    ….god i m jst praying for their would be childrens…….they will definitely the fusion of naagin n human….hahaha…
    than wat will we call them…….hahahaha…..

  23. Shraddha Sharma

    Shocking news… show is going off air on 14 May 2016….
    And ritik will kill Shivanya while saving his father….????????

  24. mottu

    hey mia hw r u…???lol abt their childrens…really socho yaar if this will really happen than wat we will call them….i think ye ekta ko clear krna hoga….yaar tabhi ekta end kr rhi h serial ko….lol

  25. Im apsoltuly perfect no one attack me till now!why?i was eagerly waiting for their reply bt they are big man easily bear insult anyway their is no BREAd so usko bacho ki to hope hi na karo

  26. Yar sunene mae aaya hae india mae setup box complsry ho gaya hae .bjp ne abtk ka sabse rgt dicson liya hae kam se kam ese khatya serial ke muh to nahi dekna padega!

  27. Nandhini

    Lol??? the haters really made me laugh after a hard day’s work…so thank you for dat (i am not kidding)…. i think u guys r so interested to argue with us…keep up the spirit!!! And as u guys suggested we will drink the special naagin milk provided by the spl ashram and we dont have any objections to share it with you too as its very good for your health?? you guys only need the naagin milk more than us because you really need to grow up??….anyways….i am not intersted in these kinda arguements and i dont wanna waste my time to reply to these bakwaas comments…i have my very own works to mind to watch and love my lovable naagin series….so GOODBYE HATERS???? and HELLO to my dear naagin fans! I am really excited for tomorrow’s episode and you too are excited as well☺☺….cant wait and dont wanna miss it!???

  28. mottu

    hey nandhini so y u wasted ur tym to write this whole rubbish….actually u people need naagin milk coz u really suits for it…..u luv naagin so y hate for her milk….n yeah i m jst making fun of u guys…u r jst a dumb that’s y u r liking this serial……

  29. Eve

    I change name cze idont no why india me jakie nam pet kyu dete?some one is abusing me recently badly ju8 cze i was suporting someone else.its unfair they behave with a girl bar-2 logo ko itni katiya gali dena jaruri hae’acha kare to gali na kare to maha gali! They show their class which efect country!!bale##

  30. Eve

    I hope that was not human!! he cross all limit “that incident was depressing for me ! He was like Eunuch “:-O:-O:-O:-O:-O

  31. mottu

    hey mia don’t b sad….don’t feel bad of wat others say…..jst luv ourself….n enjoy life…..n yeah gaaliya is their means of frustration…..n u luv to tease others so y r u tensed…
    hey don’t underestimate ourself its my request to u as a critic frnd…lol

  32. Eve

    But everything has limit. …abusing some whom you dont no badly is against the law…this is also intorlerence .they need treatment

  33. Eve

    You know their is strong twitter war ging againt colors ,viacom bcze a magzine publish that in bb9 since 1months peoples vote are negleted n their motive to became prince nerula winner’people r ataking raj nayak badly coze according to votes mandana n risab were at 1 n 2. Outsider were suppoting mandy (i give her 500 votes ) bt what the fu**k it was biased ! I will never watch any show of colors now !!! Most undersving who play with emotion n they made him winner!!!! Thats why there is no value of show in india its unfair but colors will sued by this act look whats happening

  34. Eve

    Twitter trainding- 10+million ‘hate you colors .20+million ‘biased show, 6+million ‘hate you biggboss … I request to please block this channel permanental,this chanel nt deserve respect he play with emothion onle ,my tag”hate u colors n biggboss both’

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