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Naagin (Colors) 16th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yamini asking Shivanya where is the chain which she gave her. Shivanya stammers. Yamini says it is with her and says she found it in guruma’s cave, that means she went there. Rithik says they both went near guruma’s cave as Shivanya got bitten by a snake. Yamini asks if they went in. He says he went in and brought out gurum and Shivanya did not go in. Yamini asks then why did she find chain in cave. Shivanya says this is not her chain and shows chain in her neck, reminiscing how she made chain’s replica. Yamini shouts that nagin is so powerful that she is making family members fight.

Rithik goes behind Shivanya and hugs her. She backs off. He sneezes and says she got cold. She says he got cold. Their romantic nok jhok continues.


tells Yamini that Shivanya is lying as one she is holding is the one they bought with Raheja’s written on the back and one Shivanya is holding is fake one. Yamini gets confused. Ankush passes by and asks what happened. Yamini gives him chain and says this is the real one. Ankush says if they confront Shivanya, it will create rift between Rithik and Shivanya and they should find a way to find out truth. Sesha listens to their conversation and thinks she has to do something.

Rithik tells Shivanya that he is feeling cold and wants to get into her blanket. She asks him to close his eyes. He gets excited. She dorns him monkey cap and he gets sad and starts running behind her.

Ankush and Yamini call gurumaa who keeps chain on shivling and says after pooja, nagin will burn if this chain is real one. They all close eyes for pooja. Sesha silently changes into snake form and steals chain from Rithik and Shivanya while they are busy running around each other. She then silently replaces chain and leaves. Guru opens eyes and tells Ankush and Yamini that this chain is fake.

Shivanya injures her finger with broken glass piece. Rithik sucks her blood and starts feeling dizzy. Shivanya gets tensed thinking her blood has poison and he will die soon. She makes him sleep on bed. He says her love is so tranquilizing. She brings herbal tea and asks him to drink. He forces her to sip. She thinks if she drinks, her body will burn but she has to drink it to save him. They both sip herbal tea and he sleeps.

Yamini sees Shivanya out and apologizes her for doubting her. Shivanya says she is nagin. Yamini is shocked. Shivanya then says nagin can be in any form, even in their form and it is obvious that she doubted her. Yamini smiles and leaves. Shivanya then turns into Sesha and smirks thinking nagin is all around Yamini’s place. Real Shivanya comes from her room and asks what happened. Sesha warns her not to fall in human/Rithik’s love, else she will repent. Shivanya thinks what happens to her when she is with Rithik. Shivanya gives her book and asks to read.

Shivanya on her bed opens book and reads story of an icchadhari nagin and human and their hurdles. She sees last 4 pages missing. Rithik comes and hugs her. Their nok jhok starts again and they run around each other. Tanvi enters without knocking. Rithik scolds her that people come without knocking in married couple’s room. Tanvi apologizes and leaves sadly. Shivanya says Tanvi looks tensed, and he should go and speak to her. He goes out and asks Tanvi what happened. She says Ankush wants her to marry his friend’s son Kabeer and she wants to know how Kabeer is as he has met him already. Rithik taunts at first and then says he is a good man. She says she will meet him then.

Kabeer (from USA) travels in car with his assistant and shows trantrums that Indian water is dirty and he needs only mineral water even for drinking, washing face and bathroom. Driver laughs. Kabeer says even laughing a lot is injurious to health. He enters car and panics seeing lizard. Assistant throws lizard away and says he is safe now.

Rithik and Shivanya pull Tanvi’s legs that Kabeer is a specimen. Tanvi gets sad. Rithik then says he was just joking, Kabeer is very handsome.

Yamini tells Ankush that she has hired some more cooks and servants for Kabeer. Ankush says she did good as he is coming tonight. He saw he saw Kabeer when was 5 years old. Kabeer comes ands says he can see him now. Ankush hugs him and asks how is his father. His father calls him just then and he gives phone to Ankush. Ankush speaks to his father and says his son reached safely. Rithik takes phone and says once Kabeer and Tanvi’s engagement finishes, he will send ticket to him. Shivanya thinks after Tanvi’s marriage, she will kill Shailesh.

Sesha sees catering team entering Raheja house. She stops a lady and tells her mom is ill and takes her out. Lady asks where is her mother. She says says here, turns into snake, bites and kills lady and wears her clothes. She reaches Raheja house and joins catering team.

Precap: Sesha spits poison in Shailesh’s drinks, but nothing happens to him due to guruma’s ring. Shivanya asks how to take out ring from his finger. Sesha says Kya Cool Hain Hum. Gauhar Khan dances with Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani and later alleges that Shailesh misbehaved with her. Tushar and Aftab beat Shailesh and his ring falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice story and thnx for the update hasan mam

  2. Thanks fr update

  3. Woowwwwww a fast update thanks Mr. Hasan and the episode was awesome as usual but yyy Rajat kills Tanvi plzzz anyone tell me I don’t know about it

    1. Tanvi wil see shivanya and shesha transforming into snakes and she wil record them in a video to show it to her family…she wil frst show the video to kabir…after seeing the naagin video kabir wil get enraged so much as he is a icchhadhaari nevla who wants to hunt and kill naagins…so out of extreme anger he wil kill tanvi…

      1. Thanks alot Nandhini and hav a great day dear?

  4. Nice episode…. Kabeer kills Tanvi upcoming episodes

    1. stupid

  5. rivanya scenes r amazing

  6. Nyc episode rivanya moments was nyc…….

  7. Nice update….missed today’s episode because of works?? but wil watch it soon….shivanya said they wont harm any innocent person in their revenge mission…but why did shesha kill that innocent waitress??!!

    1. shivanya said that and not sesha…..shivanya told to sesha that they wont hurt anyone but not sesha

  8. Wow i lykd dt specially rivanya’s nok jhoks….?????????????????????????????????

  9. @ sofe dude I think kabir kills tanvi becoz she came to knw tht sesha &shivanya are naagins she will see them transforming to snake take its video & shows it to kabir …….

    1. Thanks alot Liya and have a great Sunday dear

  10. Rithik n shivanya’s romance was fabulous

  11. Hi nandni today ep is so good but i think to remove useless chracter of tanvi writter think to kill tanvi….

    1. Hi deepak…i know yaar dat tanvi is a useless character ? so she will be killed…but i dont understand why dat shesha is killing innocent people like the catering team waitress…she is becoming so negative…

  12. Shesha is so aggressive, she killed many innocent people, but why?

  13. Nice epi.Rivanya Awsome?‍❤️‍?‍?Kabir is so handsome ..nice

  14. Hello nandhini….so much of twists…don’t know what will happen next…

    1. Hey sanam!? yes this naagin is damn full of twists and turns! Every episode is a twist and every scene is a turn.!..Loved dat soo much!❤

  15. Oh my god, I like this show a lot, Naagin rocks, so sad I have to wait for next week to watch this episode, Rivanya scenes were superb, so sweet Rithik consumes poison unknowingly by sucking Shivanya’s blood and Shivanya drinks herbal tea fr rithik this is true love, I really wanna see what Rithik does when he gets to know that his love of life is a Naagin.
    And Kabir, he looks so handsome but I hate his long bunned up hair, I feel like cutting his hair, nice start by Rajat Tokas in Naagin. I don’t know why I feel that Kabir and Sesha will fall for each other, hope that happens they make a good pair 😛

  16. how bad rajat tokas was looking …….a vry nonsense serial it is…………
    i mean all this kali maa…………
    and rajat tokas is really a perfect mongoose……….a icchadhari mongoose never listen about it……..
    a gr8 imagination power of this stupid serial writter…………
    all this kaali ma and full nonsense……….everything is nothing close to reality ……….writter is nonsense script is nonsense and the people who r appreciating this serial r nonsense ……….
    look the person who get died can get alive after doing pooja n all ….
    it only mean that guruma can give life to anyone………it means she is a god thats y she give lives oh amazing and this serial is on the top on trp charts saas bahu type serials r more interesting than this naagin…..and i also prefer to see this serial instead of this…………lols……..i

    1. Lol mottu I don’t know why but I really laughed when I read ur comment keep it up 😛


    3. Mottu I think you need a doctor because you are saying that this serial is bakwas but you never forget to comment and ya your comment clear that you have watch this serial.

  17. Nagin Roxx!!Luved it!!RiVaNyA RockS!! NiCe Epi..But..y did Sesha killed Innocent waiter…

    1. you r correct

  18. This update is very useful to me w y bcoz since I don’t know hindi I felt quite difficult to understand it. After I read written updates I cleared what they spoke thanks

  19. Nice episode thnx for update

  20. i think rithik is that old mans son who knows about nagmani

    1. Even I also think the same coz I had seen his eyes and heard his voice, and there’s a big royal photo frame of rithik (who’s not rithik but look like him, may be rithik’s real father) so I’m sure that old man was rithik’s real father….
      I’m sad coz soon naagin go off-air not coz of TRP Rating but this is a mini series (I heard an interview where ekta said this)… Hope soon naagin 2nd series will back with lots of romance, drama, revenge and suspense…..
      But anyways naagin rockzzzzz…..good star cast, nice and unique concept….love Arjun,Mouni and Adaah….gr8 work..???

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