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Naagin (Colors) 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode Sangram singh praying Seshnag and says he is shivji’s guard and nagmani’s protector. He hears someone shouting and goes out to check. Shivanya enters haveli in nagin’s form and thinks nagmani must be somwhere here and she needs to find out. She sees a crack in wall with light emanating out of it and thinks nagmani must be behind it. Yamini in killer’s attire hits Sangram’s servant’s head and drags his body. Sangram Singh runs out with sword and sees his servant unconscious on floor. Yamini hides. Sangram checks Servant’s pulse and says he is still alive. He goes and locks door back. Yamini thinks she knows all secret doors in this haveli and will enter it at any cost to steal nagmani. She breaks wall and enters room. She

sees nagmani on seshnag and tries to pick it, but gets hurt. Sangram enters and stops her. She picks gun and asks him to give her mani. He says nagmani is Shivji’s property and he will not give it to greedy lady. Yamini says she is Panchner’s rajkumari and nobody can stop her. She frightens him that she will kill Rithik if he does not give her nagmani like she killed his wife and icchadhari nag couple. Sangram gives her nagmani and she shoots him an escapes with nagmani. Shivanya who watches everthing hiding behind pillar comes out and shakes Sangram. Sangram requests to save nagmani as it is Shivji’s property. Shivanya says she has to save him first and removes his bullet from her tongue. She calls nagvansh and sends them to protect nagmani.

Yamini rushes towards her car and does not find keys. She tries to enter haveli again, but nags come to take nagmani. She runs into jungle.

Shivanya takes Sangram Singh to shiv mandir and Gurudev nurses his wound. Sangram gets up and says Shivanya she is exactly like her mother. She asks if he knew her mother. He says raj vansh and nag vansh’s relationship is centuries old, he is Raja Sangram Singh and he with soldiers and ichadhari nags use to protect nagmani, but his sister Yamini got greedy and killed ichadhari nags and took away mani. Shesha realizes why Yamini asked her to marry Rithik and spare Shivanya. Sangram says nagmani is very powerful and whoever possesses it will become immortal. Yograj says yes and Yamini would become immortal and can get wealth and power if she does nagmani prasanna yagna. Shivanya says she will s

Nags continue following Yamini and she falls from cliff and falls down on ground hitting her head on it. She picks nagmani and all her injuries vanish. She realizes powers of nagmani and laughs that she is immortal now. Ankush comes searching her. She shows him nagmani and says she is immortal now and asks him to shoot her. He shoots her on forhead and thinks he will get nagmani now. Yamini’s wound vanishes spontaneously and she gets up and asks if he saw nagmani’s powers. After peforming nagmani prasnna yagna, she will get lot more powers and nobody would be able to kill her.

Shivanya looks at family album. Rithik enters and asks what is she looking at. She says family album, but he is not in any album. He checks all album and does not find himself and says what is a big deal in it, his photos must have burnt. Servant informs them that Yamini is calling them downstairs. They go down. Yamini starts acting and says she wants to protect her family from nagin, so she wants Shivanya perform special pooja and yagna. Shivanya thinks she must be knowing who she is. Rithik insists Shivanya and she accepts and thinks she will find out where nagmani is and what Yamini knows about her.

Sesha reminsces marrying Rithik and romancing him and thinks why is she reminiscing Rithik so much. She goes to Shivanya’s house and Shivanya tells her about Yamini’s yagna plan. She says she does not have her identity at all and always lived for others. Shivanya ignores her emotions and says she will have to find out where nagmani is and what Yamini knows about her.

Sangram performs shiv pooja with guruji. Bees attack him. Sesha covers his body with her tail and burns bees by spitting fire from her mouth. Sagram says he has to inform Yuvraj/Rithik that Mahishmati clan is attacking soon. Sesha stops him and says she will go and inform Rithik.

Shivanya sees Ankush and thinks this Yamini’s puppet will help her now. She takes Ankush’s form and asks Yamini where is nagmani. Yamini says he will be alway greedy gardener and shows her kalash in temple and says nagmani is in it and says if he acts like this, nagin will realize that they know about her and they killed her parents. Once Yamini leaves, Shivanya takes her original form and fumes that she will not spare Yamini now.

Precap: Yamini tells Shivanya that she knows she is nagin. Shivanya says it is good even she knows she is her parent’s murderer. Shivanya takes Yamini to shiv mandir and Yamini turns into Sesha and along with Yamini and gurumaa cages her and takes her form and says she will perform suhagrat with Rithik which she could not in 6 months.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. will shesha and rithik consummate maariage

    1. Like Bell they will…. If they allow this ritesha nonsense for long then I’m going to kill the entire balaji telefilms for ruining every godd serial

      1. Sorry. Bell=hell and godd=good. Stupid Android keyboard

      2. Absolutely true

    2. No ritik will get to kno tht it’s nt shivanya BT sesha n they will HV a physical fight

  2. Sheshaaaaaaaaaaaaa u r such a b*t*h…………….. Hate u to the core……………… Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee ????????

  3. Thanx 4 the update

  4. I did not like the behaviour of sesha towards her lovely sister.. sometimes she tells shivanya that she is her family and just for rithik she is going to fight with shivanya and she knows that her sister’s life can go in this fight

  5. OMG its really happening even though Shivanya has got to know the truth in the end Sesha betrayed Shivanya.

  6. I did not like sesha’s behaviour towards shivanya. Sometimes she tells that shivanya is her family. And now just for rithik she is going to fight with her sister.. hope what you told mrunali maybe correct.

  7. Oh sesha it’s not fair. ..Hope shivanya will not die. somewhere that she will die. story then. ..

  8. Awsm episode. Hate u yamini

  9. Spoilers for all naagin fans….in the upcoming episodes shivanya’s truth to be shown to rithik and yamini. Rithik finds shivanya killing his father ankush (which is actually shesha killing anky). It is also said that yamini stabs shivanya and gets killed in front of rithik which seems to be rumour. It is still to be seen whether shesha is going to do drama or is she really betraying shivanya. But the climax of the serial is shown that shesha,yamini and gurumaa are fighting together for naagmani. It is still not finalised whether mouni and Arjun will be present in season 2.

  10. If Shesha knows everything, why is she opt against her sister…
    Don’t know why she did…
    After all Shivanya realized the truth….its good
    Ankush bechara bhagaa..
    Love today’s epi.
    Hope Ritik to realized the truth of Yamini

  11. riya( die hard fan of rivanya)

    Rithiks real father told that a human being and an ichhadhari naagin can never come close….. Else any 1 of them will die……. So I think sesha will die in shivanya’s form……. And that’s why I think all spoilers are telling shivanya will die…… Also rithiks real father told that of an ichhadhari nqagin possesses naagmani then without any rituals she will become immortal…… So sesha will become selfish for that……..

  12. What the hell Sesha is going to do now!! Ekta kapoor Madam y can’t a wamp lukg characters play a genuine role in ur serials…


    Episode was fantastic…. but i hope shesha should not seprate ritik and shivanya…. and one more thing i hope shivanya do not die in end while saving ritik as per seeing today’s episode it looked liked so….

  14. In the upcoming episodes Yamini will kill shivanya in front of rithik and bury her. Rithik will get depressed. But shivanya will be alive. She would have become a normal human being as she loves rithik. when rithik realises it or comes to know about it he will bring shivanya back home.
    Soon Yamini will get exposed . According to a report Sangram singh, rithik and shivanya will die but this is report is not confirmed..

    Guys if you like my update of the latest news then please comment.
    I shall keep you guys updated.

    1. Thank you shreyaa for the update…sure, please update us as soon as you get … Nevertheless thanks a lot 🙂

      1. Thanks

  15. As usual superb episode……. 🙂

  16. OMG!!! Shesha I Love u more than Shivanya dont do this with ur darling Sissy Shivanya , what is wrong with Colors never tolerate sister bonding whether it be Swaragini’s Swara nd Ragini or Naagin’s Shesha nd Shivanya , cmon sisters are the best friends u can get on earth?

    1. They even separated two lovely sisters simar and roli

  17. can ny 1 plz tell me clearly wats the precap i didnt understand in written frm n i missed the episode…plz ny1 reply

    1. Actually sesha disguised as yamini will tell shivanya that she knows that she is a naagin ans shivanya tells her that she(sesha as yamini) that she is the murdere of her parents and takes her to the temple but there shesha cheats shivanya and they (guruma sesha and yamini) cage shivanya. Sesha will want to take her relationship with rithick to another level………. hope u understood

      1. Thanks ahana… I understood .. I was also not able to understand before but now I understood..Good explanation

  18. Maybe just maybe ………. sesha is acting like that to trick yamini into leaving naag mani alone so that she can steal it back while yamini is busy celebrating shivanya’s supposed death
    Now wouldn’t that be a twist in this sass bahu serial naagin is becoming

  19. Friends this episode. was little difficult to shoot but finally shooted this episode.

    1. Hello, I saw ur comments in kasam serial u named ur usernames as Sharad malhothra and prank everyone….so plz stop this

    2. Sarayu(honey)

      Oh hello, don’t even try to act smart.

  20. Saksham Chaudhary

    Hate u shesha
    how can u betray your sister.
    digrace on you

  21. hey guys i just saw that sesha tries to consummate with rithik but he identifies that she is nagin and triea to kill her….waiting for it

  22. Ritesha are the best.
    Shesha looks so beautiful and hot. Her acting is far better than this shivanya

  23. ? director pls don’t spoil d frndship of shivanya and sesha

  24. i love swsha and shivnaya

  25. I don’t think sesha will cheat Sivanya, probably it is their game plan. It is my view.

    1. Yeahhh…i also think diz..

  26. please don’t make shesha a negative character..i will spoil the show’s charm 🙁

  27. Plz update next episode hi I’m new here I gave been always a silent reader thanks shreya for latest news

    1. Welcome

  28. I said before Rithik will end up with 2 wives Shesha and Shivanya. Rithik and Shivanya will die leaving Shesha to raise Rithik’s heir. Yamini will probably become immortal and it will be up to Rithik’s heir to finish her in season 2

  29. Today update please

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