Naagin (Colors) 14th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 14th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivanya praying shivji’s idol that she is ready to take revenge from her parent’s murderers. Bhairavnath blesses her and she leaves.

Shesha disguised as Shivanya knocks room door and asks Rithik to open it. He asks her to wait. She thinks there are a lot of secrets in this house. He calls her Mrs. Raheja and welcomes her in. She sees room well decorated with rose petals on bed and asks what is this. He says he decorated room as per her wish and hugs her. She thinks why is she getting attracted to him. He hugs her and murmurs in her ears that today is their special day and he will make it more special. He serves her champagne. She sips and serves him many glasses.

Shivanya reaches outside Raheja house and thinks she will kill her parents’

murder today. Sesha senses her and walks out of room in lieu of going to kichen. She goes out of house and changes into nagin. Ramya sees that from room window and panics. Shesha meets Shivanya and Shivanya thanks her for helping her in her mission. Sesha says they both will take revenge soon. Ramya informs Shailesh that Shivanya is nagin. Shailesh says she is telling out of jealousy. She says she is not jealous and even Tanvi must have seen her becoming nagin, so she was trying to speak to her, but she was busy in taking selfies and did not listen to her. Shailesh says let us go and inform Ankush.

Shivanya goes back to her room. Rithik gets intimate with her. She pushes him and shouts if he forgot his limits, they can just be friends. He says she wrote her wish on greeting card and he was just fulfilling it. Why he sees love in her eyes and asks if she loves her or not. She asks him to leave her as it is paining. He leaves and says he got his answer and says until she accepts his love, he will not come near her and leaves angrily.

Shailesh and Ramya inform Ankush and Yamini that Shivanya is nagin and Ramya saw her becoming nagin. They both don’t trust them and start fighting. Shailesh says he lost his daughter and does not want any more deaths, so he has to confirm once. Rithik comes down and Yamini asks where is Shivanya. He says she is upstairs. Ramya says shivanya is nagin. Rithik asks how dare she is to allege his wife and starts shouting. Ankush calls Shivanya. She comes down thinking what drama Ankush and Shailesh are planning now. Ramya says she saw her becoming nagin. Ankush says he has called guru maa to confirm.

Guru maa comes with saperas/snake charmers. Everyone greet her. Guru maa asks Ankush to give his ring in Shivanya’s hand. He gives and nothing happens to Shivanya. Yamini says she told Shivanya is not nagin. Gurumaa says she will test more and chants mantras around Shivanya. Shivanya stands still. Gurumaa says her powers are not working. She says she has one final test pending and asks saperas to play been. They start playing been. Shivanya starts dancing. Gurumaa says she is not nagin. Sivanya reminisces shivji telling she will get back her life but will lose her powers. Bhairavnath says Shivanya that her powers will be back on nag panchami and Krishna will return them. Shivanya thinks she saved today, else gurumaa would have caught her.

Rithik tells Ankush he cannot tolerate his wife’s insult again. Ankush scolds Shailesh that he is ashamed that he is his friend, breaks friendship and asks him to get out of his house. Ramya says she told what she saw, if Ankush breaks partnership, they will have to leave city. Yamini shouts to get out now. Shivanya thinks if Shailesh leave city, she cannot kill him. She tells that nagin misguided them by taking her form and made them fight, they should not break friendship. Ankush praises Shivanya and warns Shailesh that he will not spare him again.

Shivanya thanks Rithik for taking her side in front of whole family. He says he helped truth and makes bed for him on ground. She asks what is he doing. He says he knows she married him due to unforeseen consequences and does not love him. He continues his emotional talks. Shivanya gets sad.

Precap: Rithik sees Shivanya killing Shailesh as nagin. He informs Ankush that Shivanya is nagin. Ankush asks if he saw her from his eyes. Rithik nods yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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      Deepak most of them have studied some basic hindi in lower classes and some r studying it as a first language ,so i am understand hindi

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      We r watching naagin in colors in hindi only yaar…we can understand hindi because we r used to it in som other ways…i can understand it because i studied hindi as third language in my scool…not only naagin…after the recent development of indian television industry, most of tamil people watch most of hindi serials….because they r simultaneously being dubbed in tamil and telecasted in tamil channels also….so we watch them in both hindi and tamil…as for naagin, it is not dubbed in tamil yet…

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    • Still only this news are founds..
      The mystery behind the palace of Devdi and its association with Ritik’s (Arjun Bijlani) past is likely to be unravelled in the upcoming episodes of Naagin. According to reports, it will be revealed that the Devdi palace actually belonged to Yamini’s (Sudha Chandran) brother, Maharaj. He was entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of Naagmani.
      Ankush Raheja (Manish Khanna) and his accomplices kidnapped Maharaj and then went on to kill Shivanya’s (Mouni Roy) parents to take the Naagmani in their possession.
      It will also be revealed that Maharaj is the actual father of Ritik.

  4. smkty

    i studied hindi as a third language when i was in south .i can speak hindi fluently because my friendsof delhi taught me how to speak hindi

  5. smkty

    i learned hindi as a third language when i was in south .i can speak hindi fluently because my friendsof delhi taught me how to speak hindi

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