Naagin (Colors) 14th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 14th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivanya praying shivji’s idol that she is ready to take revenge from her parent’s murderers. Bhairavnath blesses her and she leaves.

Shesha disguised as Shivanya knocks room door and asks Rithik to open it. He asks her to wait. She thinks there are a lot of secrets in this house. He calls her Mrs. Raheja and welcomes her in. She sees room well decorated with rose petals on bed and asks what is this. He says he decorated room as per her wish and hugs her. She thinks why is she getting attracted to him. He hugs her and murmurs in her ears that today is their special day and he will make it more special. He serves her champagne. She sips and serves him many glasses.

Shivanya reaches outside Raheja house and thinks she will kill her parents’

murder today. Sesha senses her and walks out of room in lieu of going to kichen. She goes out of house and changes into nagin. Ramya sees that from room window and panics. Shesha meets Shivanya and Shivanya thanks her for helping her in her mission. Sesha says they both will take revenge soon. Ramya informs Shailesh that Shivanya is nagin. Shailesh says she is telling out of jealousy. She says she is not jealous and even Tanvi must have seen her becoming nagin, so she was trying to speak to her, but she was busy in taking selfies and did not listen to her. Shailesh says let us go and inform Ankush.

Shivanya goes back to her room. Rithik gets intimate with her. She pushes him and shouts if he forgot his limits, they can just be friends. He says she wrote her wish on greeting card and he was just fulfilling it. Why he sees love in her eyes and asks if she loves her or not. She asks him to leave her as it is paining. He leaves and says he got his answer and says until she accepts his love, he will not come near her and leaves angrily.

Shailesh and Ramya inform Ankush and Yamini that Shivanya is nagin and Ramya saw her becoming nagin. They both don’t trust them and start fighting. Shailesh says he lost his daughter and does not want any more deaths, so he has to confirm once. Rithik comes down and Yamini asks where is Shivanya. He says she is upstairs. Ramya says shivanya is nagin. Rithik asks how dare she is to allege his wife and starts shouting. Ankush calls Shivanya. She comes down thinking what drama Ankush and Shailesh are planning now. Ramya says she saw her becoming nagin. Ankush says he has called guru maa to confirm.

Guru maa comes with saperas/snake charmers. Everyone greet her. Guru maa asks Ankush to give his ring in Shivanya’s hand. He gives and nothing happens to Shivanya. Yamini says she told Shivanya is not nagin. Gurumaa says she will test more and chants mantras around Shivanya. Shivanya stands still. Gurumaa says her powers are not working. She says she has one final test pending and asks saperas to play been. They start playing been. Shivanya starts dancing. Gurumaa says she is not nagin. Sivanya reminisces shivji telling she will get back her life but will lose her powers. Bhairavnath says Shivanya that her powers will be back on nag panchami and Krishna will return them. Shivanya thinks she saved today, else gurumaa would have caught her.

Rithik tells Ankush he cannot tolerate his wife’s insult again. Ankush scolds Shailesh that he is ashamed that he is his friend, breaks friendship and asks him to get out of his house. Ramya says she told what she saw, if Ankush breaks partnership, they will have to leave city. Yamini shouts to get out now. Shivanya thinks if Shailesh leave city, she cannot kill him. She tells that nagin misguided them by taking her form and made them fight, they should not break friendship. Ankush praises Shivanya and warns Shailesh that he will not spare him again.

Shivanya thanks Rithik for taking her side in front of whole family. He says he helped truth and makes bed for him on ground. She asks what is he doing. He says he knows she married him due to unforeseen consequences and does not love him. He continues his emotional talks. Shivanya gets sad.

Precap: Rithik sees Shivanya killing Shailesh as nagin. He informs Ankush that Shivanya is nagin. Ankush asks if he saw her from his eyes. Rithik nods yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji

    Today epi was superb in precap I think it is sesha and not shivanya becoz she lost powers only sesha can kill them let us hope for the best

  2. Sam

    Happy valentine’s day all of my commenter friends.
    Todays episode is mind blowing.10 on 10.Guru maa ko joker banaya shivanya.Shesha thanks for helping Shivanya.But plz stay away from Ritik.Because ur & ritik’s Jodi is not good.Shivanya is best for ritik.
    Precap Mein sach Mein Keya a Sa hoga???Agar Hua bhi toh phir bhi iss serial apna interesting track nehi kho degi.Like other serial.

  3. Disiya krish raan

    Ritik will really know about shivanya is a naagin? Shivanya is come back but their love story is not moving good! anybody tell me please ritik will really know about shivanya is a naagin?then what happend!

  4. Anjali

    So finally Rivanya gets separated. Is it possible…? Rivanya is the pair made by god in Heaven. Wat’l happen when Rithik understands that his love, Sivanya is Nagin..

  5. Liya

    Happy Valentines Day to all RIvanya fans…….
    I am glad that shivanya is back in action.HOPING FOR THEIR CUTE MOMENTS….WISH THEY PATCHUP SOON…In the precap it shown that shivanya killing shailesh and rithik’s shocking face i don’t think rithik saw shivanya’s face.

  6. Anjali

    So finally Rivanya gets separated. Is it possible? Rivanya is the Pair Made by god in heaven. Wat’l happen wen Rithik come to know that his love is the real Nagin….!!

  7. purni

    i don’t wt wil happen 2 shivanya nxt week, aaj valentine’s day hai par rivanya ke beech kuch nazdeekiyan hai nahi ,un dono ko bas jagda hai hua aaj , i can’t watch ritik in pain but i hope tat all vil b fine nxt week. I read that new show mangalsutra is goin to replace naagin so sad na?

  8. Ohhhhh nooooo what a prepacap??really ritvik will know about shivanya secret now what will happen
    Is this the tym of separation of ritvik and shivanya yaar it should not happen??
    They look awesome ?with each other I like your jodi rivanya ???✌✌

  9. Liya

    Mottu you are funny not the story wasting your time watxhing the serial you don’t like and increasing its trp. atleast by seeing the trp rate of the show the writers should not end it…if its ending season2 should come up soon with rivanya itself no one can replace them they are made 4 eachother

  10. JJ

    Does it even matter who Ritik romances with cause when he’s with Sesha, she’s in form of Shivanya, so either way we get to see him with the same girl lol.

  11. According to a source, while the entire Raheja family will gear up for Krishna puja, Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Sesha (Adaa Khan) will decide to take revenge from Tanvi’s (Puja Sharma) father Shailesh. Both Sesha and Shivanaya will attack Shailesh and kill him. However, they will be unaware that Ritik (Arjun Bijlani) will witness them engaging into the action and will inform the family about the same.

    Wondering, if Shivanya’s truth will be revealed to Ritik and everyone else?

    Well, the answer is NO. Ritik will witness Shivanya committing the crime in her Naagin form hence he will not have any idea, who is the real culprit. And hence Shivanya’s secret will not be out yet!
    So guys dont worry about precap…..and take care

    • Nandhini

      Whoa! Dats really good news!…thanks a lot deepak☺☺?…as i am preparing for my sem exams,, i cudnt check out the sbs segments for the last few days so i dont know any latest info abt the upcoming episodes…you really helped us in providing these updates and to keep the track of info going on…so thank you so much dude!???

  12. sanam

    Hello dear nandhini ,deepak,dhivyanjalee and all my dear friends…happy belated valentine’s day…sorry nandhini I could not wish you yesterday…i was super busy…so sorry..? …hope u guys enjoyed the day with your valentines…❤

  13. sanam

    What??mangalsutra??.!! Purni what are u saying???? ….god save my life…this is really not fair..itna jaldi….

  14. Aditi

    I think shesha will be seen in shivanya avtar killing shilesh and when shivnya aka sesha will be proved as naagin

  15. sanam

    Hufffffff..???…i was sweating like a pig…@deepak u just saved me..thanx for the information…hail deepakkkkk…!!!!

  16. Neha

    I saw in trailor that Sesha did somthing and Shivanya was scolding her “Are you Happy now. you created rift between me and Ritik”. no wonder what will Sesha do in coming episodes.

  17. Mohit agrawal

    I think ritik will watch shesha who is in the shivanyas form killing shailesh & when he bring this to ankush knowledge he asks wheather he saw him killing… then reAl shivanya will comeout of room which will cleA their doupt about it.that when real shivanyais here c who killed shailesh would be nagin in sheshas form.

  18. Guys plz vote for naagin…
    According to a source, while the entire Raheja family will gear up for Krishna puja, Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Sesha (Adaa Khan) will decide to take revenge from Tanvi’s (Puja Sharma) father Shailesh. Both Sesha and Shivanaya will attack Shailesh and kill him. However, they will be unaware that Ritik (Arjun Bijlani) will witness them engaging into the action and will inform the family about the same.

    Wondering, if Shivanya’s truth will be revealed to Ritik and everyone else?

    Well, the answer is NO. Ritik will witness Shivanya committing the crime in her Naagin form hence he will not have any idea, who is the real culprit. And hence Shivanya’s secret will not be out yet!

  19. jay

    Now I finally understand Shivanya’s comment about Shesha me in dono ke beech me kisi bij bo diye or something.

    Also the serial will end by may because its story will be finished; not because of the colors. So a second season would out of question. Even if there was a 2nd season, all the characters and actors would have been change, mostly because Indian entertainment industry is full of illiterates who don’t know that a sequel and a reboot are two different things. Take movies like Singham, golmaal, masti and kya kool hai hum for example. Just hiring the same actors and giving the movie name part 2 doesn’t make it a sequel.

  20. Nandhini

    The episode was good though i didnt like the misunderstanding btwn Rivanya in yesterday’s episode…really we wer yearning for good rivanya moments but we didnt get it…pls writers clear ths misunderstanding btwn them in next episode…hey sanam its ok yaar☺☺☺…dats not a problem…???…i am really so very happy dat you wished me today…so thanks a lot dear???….

  21. Guys have you know….
    Aman Verma’s entry in Naagin as fifth culprit

    Naagin is gaining much popularity among audiences.
    Audience’s love for Naagin has been clear from its high TRP ratings.
    According to the sources Aman Verma is making entry in Naagin.

    If sources are to be believed Aman Verma is entering the show and will be a fifth culprit.
    Aman’s entry in Naagin
    Sesha and Shivanya were searching for their parent’s culprit.

    Shivanya and Sesha will soon find the fifth culprit and that will be played by Aman Verma.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    JAMAI RAJA–2.7
    SIYA KE RAM–2.6

  23. Priya

    Any one plz tell me where can i see this epi as they are taking too much time to upload in youtube.i missed this epi and i cant wait….i tried many sites like desitvbox dedi tashan etc but this epi is not available

  24. sanam…?? seems that you are the biggest fan of naagin…seriously man..u have gathered information as if u are a sort of reporter…kudos!!!…keep going man…and nandhini…I don’t want to commit sins by not wishing you..after all u are such a sweetheart ???… bonne chance for your exams…come out with flying colours…?????..

  25. Mohit agrawal

    Wait priya untill they upload ………kyuki in sites par kuch nhi hota …
    YouTube par Hi vedio colours upload krt hai ….by Wednesday kr dega ..
    & waise b yar wait karna patience rakhna achi baat hai na yar………..

  26. Ya sanam.i am great fan of naagin.and i think u too….take care and enjoy…hey nandni same here baby i also prepared for exam of 12th but extracted some time for this serial..and for best friends whom i share study time..kuki tum log jaise acche dost se door kaise rah sakta….best of luck for exam.frm i also concentrated on exam so i give low time friend…i am want to this but i will do…

    • Nandhini

      Ohh you too preparing for ur 12th exams,, dude you are really great! I really appreciate ur time management dat u allocate it for ur frnds and our favorite serial☺…because here i am getting scoldings frm my parents for watching the main telecasts and repeat telecasts of naagin evryday often instead of studying??….thank you very much deepak for ur wishes and all the best for ur exams too…prepare well and do well…wish you all success my friend☺☺???

      • Same sad position here nandhni bcoz i study in boys tv not allowed?? so i also enable to see live telecast..but i have android phone and net connection through which i download episodes from websites …

  27. From today i also concentrated on exam. … i give low time friends…i am notwant to do this but i will do due to pressure of exam…

  28. priya this for use these websites for downloading any indian serial… using these websites u download any serial…

  29. Jasmine

    this serial is so fascinating and enticing this is the following that is to occur
    There is flashback scene wherein Mr. and Mrs. Raheja enter some home and try to know about Naag Mani. The lady tells them that Naag Mani will appear only on the day when all Naagins will come to human form and perform dance in Aradhna. She says that day anyone can steal Naag Mani, but its risky for the thief’s life. The big secret is Ritik is not Raheja’s real son. Ritik has some connection with Naag Mani, and also Naags. Ritik’s identity is the new twist in Naagin.

  30. The forthcoming chapter of Colors Show Naagin will show that Rithik comes to lord shiv temple and finds some foot prints there.

    Rithik recalls some past incident and unconscious due to having much stress.

    Shivanya(Mouni roy ) reaches to the temple and is shocked seeing Ritik on the floor in unconscious state.

    Shivyanya tries to wake up Ritik and says to him that she loves him but unfortunately Ritik does not hear her love confession.
    Rithik and Shivanya join hands finding devdi’s truth

    Ritik comes back in sense and then both Shivanya and Ritik start mission about Devdi’s truth.

  31. sanam

    @Deepak..u have your exams..@nandhini ..u have your exams..and the greatest coincidence is I too have my exams…☺ Deepak is in 12,I am in 11 and nandhini is in????…u know naa nandhini…how curious I am..?? …….anyways all the best guys…

    • Hey sanam you are in 1st year.ohh then no worry its time to enjoy…bcoz firsy year is almost rest year…i am right naa.???..but i also relaxed and free after 4 march.that day my last math exam….i wait that day.hahaha???

  32. Nandhini

    @sanam and deepak….i am doing my college…MBA first year…it means i am ur senior???…and deepak i am and was a commerce student…oh so sad dat u r frm chemistry group its a really tough group!…how boy u r coping up in 12th wit ur exams wit a harder group!.????…really great!! But in our college hostel thr is no tv and even mobiles r not allowed??…study well dude…and sanam its really a coincidence dat three of us are in same situation??…now ur curiosity satisfied?????

  33. Nandhini

    And all the best for ur exams dear sanam..☺☺after exams u have only few more days to enjoy…then u gotta face the next big challenge of 12th board!! Good luck buddy!!??❤???

  34. Mohit

    Alll the best to everyone appearing in board exam ……….may NAGIN WALE shiv ji pass all of you with flying colours …..dearss ….
    Markup on your carriar that is your todays need ….its gud not to waste this precious tym on this platfrm ……

    • sanam

      Thanx Mohit..lemme inform you…i don’t waste my time here…the fact is I can’t study continuously for long hours…so whenever I take short breaks…i visit this platform…..btw thanx for ur concern..

    • Nandhini

      Hi mohit! I was really pleased and got into tears when u prayed for shiv ji’s blessings for us…thanks a lot friend☺??…and we are not wasting our time…we r only interacting here in our free time aftr our studies…and i feel thr is no wrong in talking abt our exams other than our favorite naagin serial…because i was the one who started this topic of exams frst,, in any ways if it has disturbed you i am sorry my friend…so cool boy…☺☺

  35. sanam

    @nandhini…i love you…i love you ?…. Atlast I got someone who is doing MBA…actually I also want to pursue MBA but I have no one to guide me…would you like to help me?? Plz…zzzz…i know u will say that internet is there…but how to trust it..? And I want honest suggestions…am not forcing totally depends on u…if u wanna help me then I will be grateful to you for as long as I live…and if not then it’s ok..i will seek someone else’s help…plz reply…i will
    be waiting for your response…..pllllzzzzzz help me….plllz..pllz….

    • Nandhini

      @sanam: i am more than ready to help you to pursue ur dreams my dear☺but frst lemme finish my exams sweety….its going on dis wil get over by dis month end…i already typed dis comment twice but dont know why it didnt display…today mrng i have my exam at 11…?…

  36. sanam

    And yaa..i just forgot to mention that I am a commerce student…and thanx for all ur good lucks…i really need them…thank u very much Deepak and Nandhini…

    • Nandhini

      I typed my email id 3 times to connect with you but its not displaying?…you can else connect with me in facebook yaar…at Nandhini suriyakumar …my fb id name…

  37. Ohh sanam@ u are commerce students….how can i forgot girls are always goes to commerce.???.i thinks mostly girls take commerce…wt the reason behind this… I want to knw…and i think this event is much more explained by senior as…nandini,and especially by any girl..

  38. sanam

    Actually we girls are money minded naa…that’s why..? ? ?…ha ha ha..arrey it’s not like that…let me tell u..our class strength is 65 and only 29 are girls…so now u see….I don’t know the exact reason..may be bcz girls are not much interested in scientific aspect of things…or may be there are some other reasons…who knows ???

  39. Sita

    Hi deepak can i know which board u r as i am also studying 12th but my exams begin by march 4th and i am for Tamil nadu board

  40. Hii guys i will ends all suspence….plz read…..
    With the first season of Colors’ Naagin coming to a culmination soon, the show seems to churn out some interesting drama with a series of revelations in the episodes ahead.

    The future track will highlight the much awaited connection between the Devdi and the protagonist, Rithik (Arjun Bijlani) who is suspected to be the murderer of the Naagin!

    The story will take the viewers in flashback where the episode will reveal that Rithik is not Yamani’s (Sudha Chandran) son.

    An actor on the condition of anonymity informed, “It will later be revealed that the mansion in Devdi belonged to Yamini’s brother – Maharaj. On learning that the mansion housed a Naagmani, Ankush (Manish Khanna) and his friends killed the protectors of the Naagmani- Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Shesha’s (Adaa Khan) parents and kidnapped the Maharaj.”

    How will Rithik react on discovering the reality? Will this episode mark the turning point of Rithik and Shivanya’s relationship?

    Let’s wait and watch!

  41. Nandhini

    @deepak: in my point of view more guys are only opting for commerce group because they are very much interested in business…girls are actually opting for computer, medical and engineering fields in most places…but u wanna kno why girls r selecting commerce group rite?? Its because these days they are very much interested to take up the jobs of managers and administrators in companies…they love to become as higher level executives in their careers more than other professions…so dats y they r taking up and studying commerce as their main…☺☺

    • sanam

      Yup nandhini u r absolutely right..i agree with u…see Deepak these MBA wale log are too intelligent…having answers for every queries….gud..gud..??…

    • sanam

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      • Then…kya??????.aur kisne kaha ki main ni rply karunga…that i always present here for u guys…..but i have low time to invest on it.kya kare exam hai na.but after 4 march i have full time….?????

  42. I think nandini reason are correct these days girls are also interseted to take a bank,and in commercial bussiness…….. …….

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  44. Bye it my last day..becoz my exam is on my head …i want best wishes from …..sanam,nandini,and many many more…i am come here after giving exam so guys don’t forgot .i will back soon…..and who want to make me friend on fb plz search as Deepak kumar.give request that cute boy who playing guitar..becoz in profile pic i playing guitar.. Thanks plz request me…..

    • Nandhini

      @Deepak: My best wishes are always wit you my buddy☺☺ prepare well and do well???…gonna miss you and ur wonderful naagin news reports for a few days??…but its ok we wil manage dude…take care…???

    • sanam

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  45. Nandhini

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    • sanam

      @nandhini….am glad to know that u will help me…actually u are my only hope…and plz prepare yourself for I will literally be eating your brain with many questions …? …btw how was your exam??

  46. sanam

    Hello shraboni…? u guys also watch naagin!!!!?…girl am surprised..anyways welcome… which stream ?? do u belong to???

    • Hey Sanam
      Ur also 11th Standard then same pinch to u
      Which group MEC or CEC dear.
      From were u r dear.
      Oh my God at least there are few people who are commenting daily.
      But some people are there u hate Naagin. I ❤ Naagin.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ? ❤ ? ? ❤ ? ❤ ❤ ? ❤ ❤

  47. sanam

    @sita [email protected] am a small town girl..I belong to Jharkhand…but I have been to vizag…so I have little knowledge regarding south Indian culture…and I have taken entrepreneurship as an extra subject…and sofe u r absolutely right…few are there who hate this serial and u must have noticed much I used to fight with him/them… I know everybody’s taste and preference differ…but that doesn’t mean they will use inappropriate language and create issues…?..anyways lets forget the
    past and u did pinch me right?? Lol it’s itching ?????…

      • sanam

        @sita I study accountancy,business studies,economics,English and entrepreneurship… Lemme know the subjects you study..?… Btw am from cbse board..and sorry for the late response.

      • Sita

        It’s ok and i study maths physics chemistry Biology tamil english and u r lucky as ur exam will over soon but for me it will end by api only

  48. Disiya krish raan

    Sanam and sofe Iam also 11th standerd. But I am from kerala.And Science student.if anybody here a science student guys?

    • sanam

      @Disiya Krish raan…!!!nice unique name…is that a real one??what does it mean??….and there are many science students here…

  49. Nandhini

    @sanam: you know wat?! Now i am not scared of exams…now i am really scared of ur questions dats gonna squeeze my brain in future??? and abt the exams…so far it was good dear…we r so stressed out as we r in mid-way??…waiting for the last day…and wow u belong to jharkhand! Good to know abt dat☺☺ how ur exams are going??

    • sanam

      @nandhini…heh..heh..ha..ha..?..don’t worry not that bad…and plz calm down …it is just an exam… Let not the fear or worry win…I know it’s easier said than done…but this is all I can do for you..and about my exams…it was good…but I could have done better…anyways leave it..I don’t want to worry about the past….btw what was so ‘wow’ about Jharkhand?? I mean it is a small,simple place with idiots residing.. like me..?..

      • Nandhini

        Thank god sanam! U really scared the hell out of me wen i frst read ur comment of u literally gonna eat up my brain…now i am cool??…and u kno why i was excited wit jharkhand?? Because i stil remember the day i was studying in 2nd standard,, dat time we had a small tv set wit no cable..we used to watch only DD regional and metro channels in dat time…one day wen i was watching news i saw the formation of new state of jharkhand frm bihar…i dont remember the ministers name but i saw they wer signing papers for the formation of new state and its people…i was watching dat scene in awe because they wer showing those scenes wit som added effects of sun rising in a new state,,and buildings are emerging frm its foundation(graphics)…as i was a
        small kid i thought dis was really happening as a magic and i discussed this wit my frnds in scool dat a state was born suddenly by God!??? and its also my favorite cricketer indian captain and chennai super kings captain M.S.Dhoni’s native place…girl u must be proud of dat!…while reading dis story it seems a lil boring to u?but it gave me many nostalgic thoughts wen i read abt jharkhand!☺☺

      • Hey nandini do u not knw the name of minister in the formation time of jharkhand….i says she was rabdi devi (wife of lalu yadav)…i knw this bcoz i am frm bihar…..hahaha???????

      • Nandhini

        @deepak: ohh woww good! You still know and remember the history of ur hometown!! Great buddy!! ???☺☺??

    • sanam

      @nandhini…no your story was not at all boring…am proud of my place…..once I was in vizag..I was in a mall..and this Telugu guy asked me about my native place…and I proudly answered…”I hail from MSD’s hometown”…and whenever I hear something about south Indian places,movies ..etc..I am like OMG..OMG..OMG!!!!..? a big fan of south it tourist destinations,movies,food or clothes..everything is so so so.. beautiful..

      • Nandhini

        @sanam:Ohh woww!! Great to hear dis abt ur pride for ur native☺…and i can also see the immense love u hav for south indians frm frst till now… girl you must somehow try to come here once…we people wont leave you then???…and i forgot to mention one thing…you said me to not fear for my exams wether its win or lose doesnt matter in before comment…i felt really good aftr hearing those wrds frm u☺☺…because i was really stressed abt my exams at dat time…ur positive words made me to cope up wit it till now…thanks a lot for ur comforting wrds dear!?? I was really in need of it because i am a kinda person wit lots of anxiety!

  50. Disiya krish raan

    Thanks sanam!!! and it is not my real name. March 9 my exam will start.and I am so tensed about chemistry. Mem kya karu? Kisine bathaona!!!

    • Ya dear friend these chemistry always create problem to eveyone…me from science and i faces this fear of chemistry exam i giving more time on it ans especially organic branch as amines formation’chemical properties and many more.thats the reason i studied whole time evenlly 2 am
      ..its hard time to woke up…but i will do due to this chemistry..i give one tips u always touch in lab to get great concept…me from science student and my chemistry exam on 29feb…..

  51. Hey friend…[email protected]@and whole naagin fan…afterall i back for sometime to touching my dear friends…..after million tries i backed to u guys for some time????..yr memories brings me back…..friends….after exam i decided to make naggin fan group…who support me….plz comnent fast..afterall it achive great trp…

    • Sita

      Deepak most of them have studied some basic hindi in lower classes and some r studying it as a first language ,so i am understand hindi

    • Nandhini

      We r watching naagin in colors in hindi only yaar…we can understand hindi because we r used to it in som other ways…i can understand it because i studied hindi as third language in my scool…not only naagin…after the recent development of indian television industry, most of tamil people watch most of hindi serials….because they r simultaneously being dubbed in tamil and telecasted in tamil channels also….so we watch them in both hindi and tamil…as for naagin, it is not dubbed in tamil yet…

  52. Hi guys what’s up
    How was ur exam @Deepak bro
    Sanam, Nandhini, Sita, Varsha(philo),Disiya and all others have a great day.
    Tomorrow at sharp 8pm I will be gaping at the screen
    What about u all.???
    Love Naaaaaaggggggiiiiiiiinnnnnnn?????

      • Oh how sweet r u Nandhini dear, love u so much bcoz u have replied to my comment and ur exams are completing so early
        Mine will be late.
        How was ur day today.
        Waiting for Naagin am I r8 dear
        Gud nite sweet dreams take care to all Naagin fans.☺

      • Nandhini

        @sofe: today my day was excellent becos in today’s exam alone i did very well compared to the earlier ones?…so i can sleep tonite peacefully☺ and the next 2 days are holidays…and on monday i hav exam…so tomoro nite alone i can watch our favorite naagin wit full excitement!! And yes i am eagerly waiting for it!…and thank u so much for ur loving words dear☺☺metoo
        love u soo soo much!!❤❤❤ Good night and have a naagin dreams???

    • And my exam ends in 4 march…..and after that i enjoying.. Hey sofe my great wishes to you bcoz yr exam starts in 2march.. . ….
      …….i think tm bhi commerce hi li ho. …….

  53. Disiya krish raan

    New friend smkty, how are you dear? you are so luky becoze you studying 9th std for me 9th is very good class.

    Philo it’s ok.

    • Still only this news are founds..
      The mystery behind the palace of Devdi and its association with Ritik’s (Arjun Bijlani) past is likely to be unravelled in the upcoming episodes of Naagin. According to reports, it will be revealed that the Devdi palace actually belonged to Yamini’s (Sudha Chandran) brother, Maharaj. He was entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of Naagmani.
      Ankush Raheja (Manish Khanna) and his accomplices kidnapped Maharaj and then went on to kill Shivanya’s (Mouni Roy) parents to take the Naagmani in their possession.
      It will also be revealed that Maharaj is the actual father of Ritik.

  54. smkty

    i studied hindi as a third language when i was in south .i can speak hindi fluently because my friendsof delhi taught me how to speak hindi

  55. smkty

    i learned hindi as a third language when i was in south .i can speak hindi fluently because my friendsof delhi taught me how to speak hindi

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.