Naagin (Colors) 13th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin (Colors) 13th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yamini shouting at Ankush maali/gardener that they lost nagmani, money, and even Rithik, how will they get back nagmani and money now. Shivanya rescues Rithik on time and shows her concern for him. He says everytime he is in danger, she saves him on time, how she does it. She says she heard someone talking at home to kill him and make it look like an accident. He asks who is it. She ays Ankush Raheja. He slaps her.

Yamini continues to panic and says everytime money slips from her hands. She beats Ankush maali and then cries that she lost her son Rithik. He consoles her. She asks how was her acting. He kisses her feet and says she has Ramola Sikand’s brain.

Rithik asks Shivani how can she doubt and allege his father, his father gave

birth to him and why will he try to kill him. Shivanya says he just wanted nagmani and once he got it, he tried to kill him. He says how can she think that and leaves. She thinks she hopes he would have shown him the footage, how cruel Ankush Raheja is.

Sangram Singh runs into jungle with nagmani. Gurudev says Shesha that Sangram Singh eloped with nagmani, so as a protector icchadhari nagin of nagmani, she should go and bring nagmani back. Sesha goes in a nagin’s form and sees him walking towards haveli and follows him.

Yamini and Ankush start crying loudly and shedding crocodile tears in front of children that they lost their son Rithik. Their drama continues when Rithik enters with Shivanya. Yamini acts as getting happy seeing him and asks how did he escape. Rithik says Shivanya saved him on time. Yamini asks Shivanya how did she go there when she was at home. Rithik says he had called her for outing and this accident happened, but she saved him on time. Yamini thanks her for protecting her son. Shivanya says until she is alive, nothing will happen to Rithik. Yamini thinks she got back her key to nagmani, now she will go to Guru maa and find out solution.

Yamini goes to Gurumaa and informs that nagins took nagmani. Gurumaa starts scolding her that even she has share in nagmani, but because of her foolishness, she lost it. If she could not identify nagin and gave nagmani easily. Yamini says nagins are very intelligent, they come in any form and came even in her form and says she doubts if she is nagin. Gurumaa says she is nagin, her chidren are nagin, they are all nagin. She cannot be with her always to identify nagin, so she has created her shadow who is nagin’s enemy. A beautiful lady icchadhari mor/peacock enters with peackock dance music in the background. Guru maa smiles seeing her.

Sangram Singh goes to haveli and knocks door. A man comes out and after identifying him as maharaj touches his feet. Sesha watches from a distance and thinks what are they talking. Sangram Singh takes store room’s keys and goes to store room. Sesha goes behind him in a nagin form but cannot enter store room because of belpatra on door. She starts finding way to enter. Sangram Singh prays and 5-mouthed nag emerges. Sangram Singh says he wants him to protect nagmani as his own family wants to kill him. He keeps nagmani on nag’s forehead and it dissappears. Sangram singh leaves. Sesha enters via a hole and sees room empty. She find old portrait of Sangram singh in raja’s attire with his wife, son Rithik, and sister Yamini.

Ankush’s birthday party starts. Rithik, Ankush and Ankita enjoy alcohol. Ankush says if Yamini sees him drinking, she will scold him. Ankita asks if he is so afraid of mom. Rithik says dad loves mom so much. Yamini comes. Ankush gulps a shot and runs from there. Yamini smiles. Shivanya comes there and Ankita leaves asking Rithik to enjoy with bhabhi. Shivanya says Rithik that Ankush is acting. Rithik says he is not and loves him a lot. Shivanya says he gave nagmani to his parents for family’s betterment, but they sold nagmani. Rithik says she must have heard wrong. She says he should ask his parents if they have nagmani.

Ankush introduces mayuri/icchadhari mor to family as his friend’s daughter who will stay with them for some time. Mayuri tells Shivanya that their names are opposite as she means mor/peacock and Shivanya means shiv’s devotee nagin. Shivanya excuses herself. Mayuri then goes to Rithik and starts seducing him with her witty talks and says he must be drinking as he loves someone so much or is angry on his love. She enjoy liquor shots and tries to get intimate by correcting his blazer and touching him inappropriately. He leaves. Shivanya comes and asks what was she doing with her husband. Mayuri starts and finally says they both are enemies, then says their names are opposite, so they will be enemies. Shivanya asks her to stay away from her husband and leaves.

Yamini watches Mayuri staring at Rithik wherever he goes and asks her to concentrate on her work and stop staring at Rithik. Mayuri says she is doing he duty and reminds her Gurumaa’s wrods where gurumaa says she has created icchadhari mor to kill nagin and introduces Mayuri. Mayuri asks Yamini to check what her bahu is doing.

Precap: Mayuri shows her icchadhari mor avatar to Yamini. Yamini goes to Shivanya’s room and is shocked to see her in half nagin and half human form.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. sreya

    First Icchaadhari mongoose and now Icchaadhari mor. I wonderrr after this mor dies Gurumaa might bring Icchaadhari sher/ Lion ..

  2. riya(die hard fan of rivanya)

    Noooo shivanyas truth should not be out to yaamini……. And today no rivanya scenes ??

  3. anni

    But morni (female peacock) does not have beautiful tail as they are showing … Only mors (male peacock) has beautiful tails…

    • Priya

      Ur 100% right anni.i too know it.these writters making us fools by such stupied stories.ichchdhari naagin is some what acceptable but what the hell with icchadari nevla and now ichhadari mor.. too much. they should follow some basic truths like female peacock doent have feathers.only male have those..

  4. neha

    Why writers you revealed shivanya’s identity so early in front of yamini…now I’m worried for shivanya how she escape from yamini evil plan, yes I know shivanya is naagin but still…. and what is morni doing here, I don’t like her she’s going close to rithik which I don’t like, even I don’t like if any girl comes close to rithik whether its tanvi, morni or even shesha….I love rithik and shivanya’s pairing a lot…I think writers should revealed yamini’s real face in front of naagin instead of shivanya identity revealed… Im shocked when I heard that gurumaa also has a part of that deal, she knows about naagmani also…can’t wait for next weekend…

  5. subhi

    o teri ki ! ab bechari shiwanya ka kya hoga….ye kahani likhene wale jab chahe jo chahe rakh dete hai..ab wo dusman ghar me aadha naagin aadha shiwanya….aisa to koi bewkuf he karega..ya naagin he rahati ya shiwanya hi….aisa lagata hai ak episode ko kheech kr 6 mahine ka bana diya wo bhi jaberdusti…

  6. Omg what is there in precap yaar yamini will get to know shivanya truth nooo it shouldn’t happen yaar hamesha aisa Hi hota sacchiye ki jeet bahaut late hote noo now it should not happen for God sake but episode was nice I love it watching.but now a days I can’t watch TV and unable to see naagin and scences of rivanya hope it is just awesome love u rivanya and atlast but not least thanks for fast update??????????????

  7. anu

    shivanya’s truth should not be revealed.And Rhitik should understand what shivanya is trying to tell him infact he should meet sangram singh,so that he can remember his past.Dont like that icchadhari characters.?
    Anyway nice episode.

  8. Rithik, why don’t you listen to your wife?, she saved u evry time wen u were in trouble. I don’t want to expose the reality of Shivanya but of Yamini.

  9. Jami'z

    Writers after icchadhari mor please bring icchadhari tiger,lion ,elephant and every animals and reptiles of the zoo.

  10. Simzain

    If yamini is wearing gurumaz ring in her locket den wenever she touches shovanya why nthng hpns to her???weras wenevr ritwik touches hr she strts cmng in her nagin form…n moreover ankush almost gve a strong hint saying dat yamini is wearing dat ring whch gurumaa gave dem stil dey did not doubt her….ichadaari mor part is intresting wil hve sumthng new to watch…show is bcmng intrstng week by week n best part is its not dragging evry weak dey hve sumthng new n intresting to show…keep it up wtng eagerly fr d nxt epi…

    • eddie

      shivanya only get changed her form while the ring comes in contact with her, yamini is wearing that ring as a locket. nd shesha shivanya didnt doubted coz now hrithik is also wearing ring that along with yamini for the defence from nagins attacks..

  11. Simzain

    [email protected]’z….rly dey r making every animal as ichadari wer as even ichadaari nagins dnt exist as such…but fr d sake of entertainment dey r mkng stories by introducing der own funny n unbelievable characters n dey cal it creativity…lolz…

  12. subhi

    mujhe lagta hai wo mata ji nahi balki sesha hongi aksar sesha shivanya ko surprise karti rahti hai…iske bad sesha aur myuri ki ladai hogi jisme shayad sesha marne ke kagar par pahuch jayegi par maregi nahi…kuch anokha hoga jis se sesha aur shaltishali ho jayegi….

  13. shochcho

    Yamini will come to knw shivanyas truth nd try to create rift between shesha nd shivanya by playing dirty plans…:(

  14. Nandhini

    Hi sofeya! I am here?….yes love naagin!!! No words are there to describe the awesomeness of the series in each episode! At first only the two naagin characters were given importance…but now the writers are turning all the characters into serious ones….i think rithik may surprise us at the end with his hidden past even which we also dont know….


  16. SR

    Hey sofeya i m always here only :-hthere is no words to describe Naagin as it is awesome n i love it always<3. I think tomorrow is ur last exam n all the best for ur exam do well

  17. SR

    Hey sofeya i only sita as sr don’t mistake me n i always like to change things quite often 😛

  18. wizra

    Hi guys its true shavanya truth will be revealed infront if yamini and then yamini will make plan againset shavaniya and shesha. Shavanya aur rithik ki 6th wedding anniversary pe wo shesha aur rithik ki again shadi krwa dy jb k shavanya us waqt ankuks ko marnay us k pechay jaye g

  19. Anki

    Hey and what about that little girl whom they showed in one of the episode (long back even before they revealed shivanya was a naagin)
    She had run away from her school and a nun came to fetch her back

  20. Guyssss my exams completed
    Oh my Godddddd
    Iam freeeee
    But before results the situation will be horrible
    Today it was Commerce exam
    I will get 90-95 marks in it
    May God blessings be with all those who are writing exams

  21. Nandhini

    Wowww sofeya! Great to hear this!?? not only in commerce you wil get above 90 in all the subjects….and now enjoy ur holidays dear…???

  22. subhi@

    oh no! myuri marry to ritik …what they are doing…and shivanya not able to stop them….i hate yamini and as like greedy type persons…ritik – shivnya are great couple …friends ready to surprise …

  23. alia khan

    I didn’t knew that guruma also had her share in the naagmani.. plz don’t reveal shivanya’s true identity

  24. alia khan

    I didn’t knew that guruma also had share in the naagmani.. plz don’t reveal true identity of shivanya..

  25. Sahil

    Guys….do u know that in the upcoming episodes morni will be killed by shesha. Shesha’s growing attraction towards rithik will make shivanya upset. Yamini who knows shivanya and shesha’s truth will play dirty tricks with them by creating rift between them. Shesha gets married to rithik….which puts shivanya in sorrow. But the best part is that they won’t complete their pheras as something happens in the house. Hope there won’t be any differences between shesha and shivanya.
    Hi all….nandhini, sofeya, deepaK, and all other naagin fans

    • Nandhini

      Hii sahil! Interesting spoilers! Thank God…sesha abt to be get married to rithik but wont complete pheras…i think later she wil fight wit shivanya dat she is also wife of rithik and she also has rights over him….

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