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Naagin (Colors) 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sesha telling Suri that he will not get a nagin like her. Suri shivers in fear and says she is icchadhari nagin and gets into his car. Sesha says he with his 4 friends killed 2 icchadhari nag couple and took away nagmani, she came to take revenge and kill them all. Suri speeds his car from there. Sesha smirks changing her eyes. Guru maa watches her with special powers and says she is just a normal naagin and does not know her powers.

Tanvi reminisces Shivanya telling over phone that she will take her revenge at any cost and tells her parents that maid Shivanya married Rithik to take revenge and she is up to something. She will expose maid and get back Rithik. Ramya says she should do it. Shailesh asks her to stop thinking about Rithik, he will get her

a better boy. She thinks she needs only Rithik.

Shivanya dreams about her parent’s murder and shouts leave, leave, leave… Rithik wakes up hearing her shout and tries to calm her. She resists and then wakes up to see Rithik on him. Rithik says she was shouting, she was trying to calm her. He asks what did she see in dream. She says someone was attacking her. He jokes if she was attacking instead. She says no. He jokes again and then asks her to sleep now. O re piya….song..plays in the background.

Suri rushes to Ankush’s room and insists to give guru maa’s ring. Ankush asks then why did he throw it before. He says he needs it now. Ankush gives him ring.

Sesha comes to meet Shivanya and says she wanted evidence against Suri, she got it now and takes her outside Ankush’s room and peeps from window. Ankush asks Suri why did he come at this time. Suri says he called him and told nagmani buyer wants to meets them tonight. Ankush says he did not. Sujri shows his mobile number. Ankush checks his mobile and says someone has called from his mobile, but he did not. Suri says nagin has come back after 20 years to take revenge and he saw her today. She looks very horrible. Ankush says he wants to know what must be her next move. Shivanya tells Sesha she will kill Suri now.

Shivanya comes to terrace and sees candle light dinner under canopy arranged there. Rithik also comes there and asks if she arranged this romantic dinner for them. Shivanya say she thought he arranged it. Tanvi comes and says she arranged it for them as an apology. She apologizes Rithik and hugs him. Rithik gets emotional. She sheds fake tears and says she will leave now. Rithik asks her to join them. She stops, but Angad sees her there and sends sister to call her from there. Sister takes Tanvi from there.

Rithik tells Shivanya they should dance now. She says she knows only bharata natya. He asks to show her mujra then. She fumes. He says she does not look s*xy. She then dances sensuously on Raat ka nasha abhi….song…Her pallu drops. He drapes it back and says he was wrong, she looks s*xy. She gets shy and says she will go down now and leaves.

In the morning, Tanvi brings breakfast for Rithik and serves him in his office. He says his friend is not angry on him now. She says she cannot be away from her and then changes words. She feeds him a bite and says she cannot prepare tasty food like Shivanya though. He says yes. She says her mom must have taught her, so she wants to meet her. He should call here parents here and they can give Shivanya a surprise. Rithik says Shivanya’s parents are no more and she stayed alone. Tanvi asks where was her house. He tells address.

Tanvi reaches Shivanya’s house and sees it full of dust. She searches for proof and finds a broken suitcase. She finds baby clothes and a photo of baby Shivanya and her parents in front of haveli. She thinks why did Rithik tell that Shivanya came to haveli only after marriage, she has to find out this secret.

Shivanya reaches Suri’s gym when is busy working out. He does chest exercise with weights and she adds more weights. He drops weights and thinks who added weights. He then walks on treadmill. She increases speed. He falls down. He then goes to washroom. She converts into snake and comes in front of him. He panics and runs into sauna room. She increases steam temperature. He gets more afraid. She then tries to bite him. He shows her guru maa’s ring with rays coming outof it. She gets afraid seeing it and backs off. He gets out of sauna room and kisses ring. She comes out and realizes that guru maa’s ring is saving him.

Ankush, Suri, and Shailesh party at night with alcohol. Suri says he is going back to Canada tomorrow. Shailesh asks how can he go so soon. Suri says wheever he will go, nothing will happen to him until ring is with him. Ankush asks what he means. He tells him about gym incident and says nagin cannot harm them until they have this ring. He says let us party and orders a crate full of whiskey.

Rithik searches Shivanya in whole home and goes to kitchen. Angad and Amrita are present there and taunt him that he does not even peep into kitchen and came here searching Shivanya. Rithik nervously says he came to drink water. Angad jokes that people get dumb in life and forgot to use phone. Rithik picks phone and walks out.

Shivanya reaches shiv temple with injured hand. Bhairvanth asks what happened to her hand.
She says she attacked her enemy with force, but he escaped because of guru maa’s ring. Sesha asks if he saw her. Shivanya says no. Bhairavnath says that ring has shivji’s blessings and if she had touched it, she would have died. He recites mantra and clears Shivanya’s wound. Sesha says until that ring is with Suri, they cannot kill her. Shivanya says she will follow him till her last breath and will kill him. She will get ring out of his finger at any cost and says she has to go back home as her husband must be waiting for her. Sesha says just because guruji blessed her to be sada suhagan, she is not married really and Rithik is not her husband, he is her parent’s murderer’s son. Shivanya says she knows that but has to go. Shesha says she does know what will happen if she loves a human. Bhairavnath says she knows, but she has to go back home at this time, else Rithik’s family will doubt her.

Shivanya reaches home via window and changes into human form. Rithik tells he came to know today that his wife is nagin and came via window. Shivanya gets tensed that he came to know that she is nagin.

Precap: Shivanya takes Suri to temple and he pleads to let him go. She kills him with trishul shouting she is icchadhari nagin and took her revenge. Rithik is shocked to see this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ritbik is not a murderer u guys dont have brain this murder took place some 20 yrs back n rithik is married he might have crossed the age of 20 better stop talking this nonsense

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