Naagin (Colors) 10th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Naagin (Colors) 10th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today there won’t be Naagin episode

Due to telecast of Stardust Awards 2015.

Next episode will come on next Saturday.

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  1. r u serious!!!!oh no………………….!!!this shouldnt have happened……………….!!will have to wait 4 one more week………….thts a lonf way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. *long

  3. This is not fair:(

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Vry sad new to all naagin viewers….
    Show will end in May 2016…. phele March me katam ho raha tha but ab May me katam hoga….
    Very sad…..

    1. yss…itz a vry sad news for all the viewrs of naagin

  5. not fair

  6. No Shraddha Naagin episodes will come back as season 2 so be happy 🙂

  7. Shagun...A Silent veiwer

    What is this …..everyone waits till Saturday to watch it and its not coming on this Sunday …….very bad……..
    I don’t want naagin to be over so soon yaar…..

  8. Not at all fair!

  9. Shraddha Sharma

    But season 2 aisa hi hoga iski koi gurantee to nhi hai na…
    Kyu k jayda tar season 2 hr show uttne aache nhi hote hai….

    1. That’s also true but if the show show ran like for 1-2 yrs it would have been dragged and boring , even though it’s an weekend show. Shows which had season 2 did have good trps but Naagin has much higher trps compared to them, and maybe it’s the first ekta show to have a season 2, so there may be a chance tht season 2 is also a hit. But sadly some other actors r lead, they should try to retain the leads

  10. Yes shraddha very sab naagin will wrapped up in may but chill season 2 will arrive but we don’t have lead pair as arjun & mouni Roy but gurmeet choudry will lead the showin season 2
    Ohhhh noooo today no episode of naagin awww 🙁 sooo sad I can’t wait 4 next week awww soo sad???????????

  11. omg, its truly bad…i was waiting to see yamini apologizing shivanya for doubting, and entry of our ichchadhari mongoose man(rajat tokas ,akbar from jodha akbar)

  12. ?…….
    1,2,3,4,5…….. so long ……

  13. why the award function is today why it can’t b on other days I was so excited for today’s episode it’s not fair

  14. Hey i m new ……

  15. Oh my my!!! No naagin episode yaar n next saturday my prilims will start n my phone will be taken away!!! How will I then read the update??? I had actually looked forward for todays episode
    N wat?????? naagins gonna end in may shit yaar

  16. Disappointed today… I hv to wait for one more week…

  17. But season 2 mein actors bhi different honge
    So sad????
    I want only RIVANYA????

  18. I dnt think it will get over so soon…..because its very interesting and became popular in short with highest trp tan daily soap…….

  19. Very sad

  20. It’s not fair.. naagin can’t finish so soon:'( love this show…

  21. Naagin is the only serial i watch.. One of the best on COLOURS but on sunday was very much dissapointed..i was looking fwd for sundays episode ..Atleast colours should have advertised or highlighted on saturday episode that there would be no Naagin Episode on Sunday..Cant understand why Stardust Awards were shown on Naagin timings…

  22. I luv this show it just can’t end like that . I want the same lead actors .They should telecast yesterdays episode and coming episode together for 2hrs it will be amazing But prilms is starting next week but still I’ll watch it.
    Nagin is so amazing yaar.

  23. Hi guys !! Anyone says that if this season end then how much after naagin season 2 telecast…. …. ….

  24. My heart says……naagin ye dhokha-dhadi Kr dega sochna na tha…???☹ ….why man why??? This is so not fair…..???

  25. Naagin mein woh raaj jaldi bahar ana chahiye! I m fed up of this nuisanse! I cant bear that much of suspense…..

  26. No fatarajo…
    There r many ekta shows having season 2, one of them is ‘kitani mohabbat hain’

  27. My base is out of India, and my favourite program in colors is Naagin, it should be fixed timings for the particular episode. It’s very disappointing, someone eagerly waiting for his/her favourite episode and then it doesn’t turn up.

  28. willvthe seson 2 cast the arjun and mouni roy(shivanya)? we dont want to show any other actors exept them.
    for how much long this season of nagin will run? and after how much time the season two will telecast?

  29. will the seson 2 cast the arjun and mouni roy(shivanya)? we dont want to show any other actors exept them.
    for how much long this season of nagin will run? and after how much time the season two will telecast?

    1. Nobody knows really when the season 2 starts ..and the star cast is also not finalised officially yet…and dis season naagin will run till the month of may…and i hope if it gets hit,,then they will extend the episodes of season 1 further as they did now…lets all hope for it!…more than season 2 i want a longer running for season 1…and in season 2 we all want the same star cast especially the Rivanya couple and adaa khan….

  30. Telly chakkar news says in the upcoming episode, kabir(rajat tokas) and tanvi will get engaged…in that event ,, the team of the film hum cool hai sab starring tusshar kapoor wil promote their movie…meanwhile shivanya and shesha will target tanvi’s dad shailesh to kill as he is the third murderer of shivanya’ parents but he wil get escaped frm them and unfortunately instead tanvi will get killed!…

  31. Sorry the movie name is kya kool hain hum 3**…..

  32. Tanvi will get killed by kabir!…when she sees shivanya and shesha transforming into snakes,, she wil record it in a video to show it to her family…she frst shows the video to he is an icchadhari nevla,, he wil get enraged in seeing the snakes and he wil kill tanvi out of his anger…dont know whether this news is true or not but sure tanvi wil get killed in the upcoming episodes..

    1. Nandhini tanvi has to get killed because she’s just an extra person in the show there’s currently no role for her and to make rivanya story a sucess the have to kill tanvi or else she’s gonna ruin rivanya story

      1. Yes Faisal….agreed?

  33. Im a big fan of nagin and the best pair rivanaya.I luv this sereal alot& its the best of all…………

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