Naagin 3 fan fiction (Part 5)

The episode starts with kush get ready for college . Rithik comes to wake him up but is surprised to see him already dressed up for college . He says not bad that girl already changed you , nice . Kush says i have to say sorry to her at any cost . He goes to college.

In college he finding the girl eveywhere but not able to find her . But suddenly he bump with her . They both feels the shock and moves away . She says don’t you have eyes be carefull while walking . He says i was finding you , i have to say sorry about yesterday. She says it’s ok and tries to go . But kush stops her and says that can we become friends and forward hand for shake . She says ok I don’t mind , i am new here and doesn’t have friends till now so we can become friends and forward hand for hand shake but they both feels shock again . They both reminds the shock which they feel when they first meet in childhoodand says to each other that we already first met in childhood . They both go for the classes.

On the other hand shesha says to servants well done good job . Now i will take navmani and rules the world . She says come with me i have to meet my son and husband after so long . They go from there. They reach in front of the house of Rithik . Shesha sees Rithik and smiles . They ring the house bell . Rithik opens the door and in shock after looking shesha in front of him . Shesha says i am back my dear hubby . Rithik says what you need . Shesha says you are saying like you don’t know anything . I came for nagmani . Tell me where is it and where is my nagmani’s key my loving son kush. He says don’t you dare call him your son. He is just mine . You are not a mother who tries to kill her own son . She says fine don’t tell me i will myself find him but first tell me where is nagmani then i will spare you and your son . He says i will not tell you, go ahead and kill me but i will jot tell you about nagmani. She threatened him that she will kill is son then also you will say the same . He says don’t dare to even look at my son i will kill you .

Kush is coming home but feels some itching on skin . At home shesha says that today is the day when kush first time comes to know about his real identity that he is nag . Then he will question you about his identity his truth . Then says to your son . Shesha leaves from there . Kush skins start changing into snake skin and ge is in shock after looking at snakes skin .


Precap- kush comes home in snake form and turns into kush again in front of Rithik . Rithik says that i can explain you everything just listen to me first. Kush breaks everything in home in anger .

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that kush is a snake.shesha is disgusting

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