Naagin 3 fan fiction (Part 4)

The episode starts with Kush going to college . Gis friends ask him you always come lait in college and we all got lait with you . Kush say relax guys you all want to attend lecture then vome with me i have a solution. He come out of the class room and secretly talks to some of his other friends for the help. His friends questions teacher about some there doubt so that kush and his friens can secretly enters in classroom and sits on there seats . After lecture they go to canteen and orders coffee. They says that today is fresher night in college and we should rag freshers what’say . They all agree .

In night they start ragging the students one by one . A girl comes in front of Kush and she says that i will complain to principle about ragging if you don’t stop it now . Kush’s friends says how dare you talking in front of kush like this . Kush stops them and is impressed by the girl about her beauty and her nature. He leaves from the party and come home. In home Rithik ask about the day . Kush says that as always nothing is change but ya one thing is changed. Rithik ask what . Kush says my opinion. Rithik says Opinion? How . Kush says that when you first meet shivanya mom then what type of feelings you have in heart .

Rithik says that when i first see her then i only saw her eyes and that was enough for me to choose my solemate . Kush thinks about his first meet with that girl. Her Bindass nature and her face . Rithik says what happened son i think you also met with your solemate right. Kush smiles and says dont khnow right now but may you right. Tomarrow i will go and meet with girl first and will say sorry about my today ragging essue . Then i will try to win her heart. Rithik smiles and says now go and sleep . They both go for sleep.

Shesha is shown in her palace and ask her servents to find Rithik fast . Now only 2 weeks are left for nagmani will shine we first have to find rithik and kush and then have to take nagmani earlier from the takshak king .


Precap- kush goes to college and talks with that girl . Her name is Priya( Takshak daughter) . They both try’s to shake hands but feels the shock again . Narator says that now is the time when if they managed to come together then they will be never part away by the world.

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