Naagin 3 Fan fiction

THe episode starts with Shesha and family going home after picnic. In her palace Some survent informs her that The Takshak king send some letter for you . Shesha reads message. In message Takshak wrote that I know you also want nagmani and you know that only Rithik know where is nagmani and I can help you with that . But on one condition you have to kill your own loving son kush. Shesha reads the message but is confused why Rajinder ( takshak ) want me to kill kush and he wants to help me in finding nagmani , he must be have some dangerous plan.
Rithik and kush watching movie and enjoying a lot . Rithik thinks about Shivanya and shivangi. He says he lost her wife shivanya but he doesn’t want to lose shivangi and kush , kush is with me but what about shivangi, she must be missing me and thoughts that i am dead . Shesha comes and says if you want to go to your daughter you can happily go but first tell me about nagmani. Rithik refuses to tell her . Shesha get angry and in anger she told Rithik that you think your daughter is alive but she is dead and i have kill her with my own hands . Rithik get shocked . He is not able to believe this and says you are just lying my shivangi is alive . Shesha says no she is dead . Now tell me where is nagmani . Rithik says he will not tell her atleast not now after knowing the truth . Shesha says fine if you not tell me then i will kill your wansh( clan ) your life KUSH . She holds kush with her snake tail and threaten rithik . Rithik says how can you be so cruel that you want to kill tour own blood kush . Shesha says i can do anything for nagmani even i can kill my own son because i know if i get nagmani i can reborn kush so i have no probleum with that .Rithik says fine i will tell you but first leave my kush . Shesha leaves kush . Rithik hug kush . Kush is so afraid and in shock about knowing that his mom is a naagin and she wants to kill me and papa . Rithik runs with kush from palace . Shesha runs after them . Rithik and kush hids in forest . Shesha could not find them and says great first i lost nagmani and now i lose the key of nagmani rithik which is the only one who knows where is nagmani .
Rithik says to kush that don’t worry i am alive i will take care of you . No one can harm you rill i am alive . He hugs him and leave from forest. They travels to some other city by bus . He says now we are safe here .

Rithik waking up kush and says wake up champ it is already 8:30 am and you are again lait for your college . Kush says dad ‘ did you are my real father , sometimes I doubt beacuse you always act as mumy mom’ and laughs . Kush face is shown and he is exact Rithik . His face voice all are same and his funny nature every thing is same just like rithik’s carbon copy . He and rithik stands in front of mirror and kush says that sometimes your old female friends think i am you and starts flirting with me . Rithik says i also have the same problem when ever i go to market shopkeepers think i am you and always ask me to pay your remaining bills . Now go and ready for college i will drop you first and go to office . Kush says no dad now i am not your 12-13 years old kush now iam a handsome cool dude of college , if i go with you all college will taunt me . Rithik says fime i will kot drop you OK now go get ready fast . Rithik goes to his room and see Shivnya’s photo and says i love you and miss you too . If you could alive today then may be my life could be different but you srn not with me and that is the reality tou are dead . Now I only have my kush if something happens to him I can’t live then . I will protect him like a sheald from shesha .

End for today

Author- Nav

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  1. Nandhini

    Very nice update.?..kush looks exactly like his dad and they tease each other…its good they escaped from shesha when she tried to kill kush…

  2. I love it … So creative. I like kush. So sweet..But naagin season 3 will not be interesting than season 1.

    1. Nav

      Ya right it just a fan fiction not the real one . In season 3 there will be no Rithik

  3. Jasminerahul

    glad that ritik escaped from kush. it’s a surprise that khush looks like ritik

    1. Nav

      In the season 3 there will be no Arjun so i thought to bring him atleast in fanfiction of season 3

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