Naagin 2 the coming of storm (episode 2)


Recap: Shivanya gives birth to two baby girls, one of them is naagin and other one is human. She abandons the normal child by mistake. A woman finds the child and names her Shivangi.

After 24 years;

Shivangi is sleeping in her room with blanket over her face. Her mother calls for her from outside. She wakes up hastily. She looks like Shivanya. She looks at the clock, it’s 9 O’Clock. She jumps from the bed and starts getting ready. Her mother comes there and says hurry up! we have to reach there on time. They are very rich people, don’t commit any mistake there. Shivangi nods.

Shivangi and her mother take a bus for Panchner. The bus stops in the way while Panchner is still about 10 kms. Driver tells that there is some problem in the bus and it will take few minutes. Shivangi gets down from the bus. She hears temple bells ringing and is attracted towards it. It is the same Shiv temple where Shivanya lived with her parents. She walks towards it. Naagin music plays. Her mother comes just then and says that bus is about to start.

In their way Shivangi asks about the temple. Her mother tells that it is a very old temple constructed by suryavanshi king. It is said that Naagmani is kept there only. They reach Panchner. Shivangi and her mother reach to the haveli’s main gate. Shivangi is mesmerized by its grandeur. She walks towards it.

Guruji’s meditation breaks as Shivangi steps inside the Haveli. He says no, this shouldn’t have happened. No one can stop the storm now.

Shivanya’s home;

Shivanya is waiting for her daughter. Its late in the night. She looks at the clock and gets tensed. Someone rings the bell just then. She opens the door. Its Shivani( shivanya’s naagin daughter). She is a lookalike of Shesha. Shivanya scolds her for coming late. Shivani tells that it was her friend’s b’day. Shivanya says that we are not rich as your friends and you should understand that. Shivanya gets upset and starts crying. Shivani hugs her and says sorry and promises to that she will never repeat it. Shivanya caresses her.

Precap: Yamini sees Shivangi and gets shocked!!!!

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    1. ARK

      Thanks Lucky!!!

  1. Jasminerahul

    Shivangi reached down shiv temple n she is normal.then why the guruji feels that storm is on the way?shivanya shivani scene was lovely.surprise is that she is sheshas look alike.hope she doesn’t turn bad like Shesha later

    1. ARK

      Thanks for the comment!
      Grateful that u remembered the story, I thought that no one will comment. Wonder why they kept it in Naagin -1 page.

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