Naagarjun Review: Another mytho-tale with right dose of fiction and interesting insight


Nagarjuna – Ek Yoddha started airing on Life Ok on 30th May 2016. It is a sci-fi mythological tale which brings few untold and unseen chapters of Mahabharat. Mahabharat’s war was known to everyone. But this show brings few secrets of the war which started after Mahabharat. The war was between Naaglok and Prithvilok. The enmity of serpents with human kind is depicted in the show. Naags did not forget how Pandavas’ Arjun has killed Naag king Takshak’s wife. A human was born by a Naag father and a human mother. He was named Arjun who does not want to lift weapons against anyone. Arjun doesn’t wish any war to occur.


The consequences drag the simple Arjun into the biggest battle of his life. Arjun then gets to know his identity of being Naag warrior Astika’s son. Arjun tries to avoid Astika, but gets involved in the protection of Naagmani. Vasuki is a divine serpent who wants to stop the war between serpents and humans. Arjun is safeguarded by Vasuki. Arjun realizes his super powers and tries to protect the human kind.

Main Characters:

Arjun Shastri:

narjun23He is the son of Shastri family. Arjun is a peacemaker and a gem at heart. He is shy and simple by nature. He is not aware that he is Naagarjun. His birth is such secret which was shut in Mahabharat. Arjun gets to know his life’s truth. The secret opens infront of him. Arjun is strong willed, ethical and a honest guy. By twist of fate, he loses everyone dear to him. Arjun’s birth was a miraculous one. Arjun is the son of great Naag warrior Astika and a human Pranali. When there was war going on in Naaglok for the Naagmani, Arjun was born to act as a savior of Naagmani. Arjun is the medium to end the fight of serpents with human kind. Arjun stays with Shastris and is loved by his parents a lot.

Astika is the Naag warrior. He is regarded a Mahabali by all the serpents. Astika does not want serpents to kill innocent people. Astika wants to present the Naagmani to Naag head Takshak and serve his king. Astika gets to know about Vasuki’s presence in Amraoli. His hunt for Arjun begins there. Astika believes in peace and getting things without much bloodshed. Astika gets violent at times, when his motives are not fulfilled.


Noorie is a sweet, smart and blabbering girl. Noorie is daughter of a police officer. She comes to Amraoli because of her dad’s posting. She wants to enjoy her life to the fullest. She does not limit her feelings and believes in speaking her heart out. Noorie falls in love with the shy Arjun. She often teases him about his link to Mahabharat, unknown to the truth that Arjun is the Naagarjun. Noorie has a bright nature. One thing she falls short of is time. Noorie also holds a secret, which Arjun is unaware of.



Vasuki is a serpent, who protects Arjun from Astika. Vasuki is fearless and have great powers to fail any living creature. Vasuki lives a Rishi’s life in Prithvilok. He protects Arjun on Astika’s mother’s request. Vasuki takes the responsibility of guiding Arjun towards the motive of his life. Vasuki becomes a link to Arjun’s past secret and the hidden chapters of Naag-human battle. Vasuki recovers the Naagmani from Takshak and fails Astika’s motives. Vasuki then lands baby Arjun to Shastri family, who were keen to have a son.


Anshuman Malhotra as Arjun/Naagarjuna
Nikitin Dheer as Astika
Keerti Nagpure as Pranali
Pooja Banerjee as Noorie
Mrunal Jain as Shankhachurna/Rajbir
Manish Wadhwa as Vasuki
Nawab Shah (actor)
Chetan Hansraj as Naagraj
Shruti Ulfat as Mrs. Shastri

Story So Far:

narjun4Arjun’s introduction is shown at first. Arjun does not know the truth that he is Naagarjun, and his birth secret is hidden in the great Mahabharata. The tale is taken 20 years back in past where Arjun’s birth is shown. A war for Naagmani goes on in Naaglok, while Arjun’s mum Pranali cries on Arjun’s birth. She regrets that one day Arjun has to fight with his father Mahabali Astika. Astika is shown, who fiercely fights with an army. Pranali is sure that Astika will hunt Arjun, but her love will protect Arjun.

narjun25Astika wants to get the Naagmani to please Naag king Takshak. Astika has a fight with Naagdev. Astika recovers the Naagmani. Astika’s mother is concerned about the battle and Astika’s service to Takshak. Astika hands over the Naagmani to Takshak. Astika is asked to attack the Prithvilok so that Naaglok becomes more powerful. Takshak orders Astika to get his human son Arjun from Vasuki. Takshak tells Astika that Arjun will be Naaglok’s biggest weapon. Astika’s mother heads to Vasuki and asks him to protect Arjun.

narjun5Vasuki first reaches the Naaglok and snatches the Naagmani from Takshak, knowing his evil motives to attack the world. Astika meets Pranali and asks her to giveaway the baby to him, so that he has make him more powerful snake warrior. Pranali tells Astika that he cheated her by lying to her that he is human, but he can’t cheat her anymore. She curses Astika. Pranali runs away with baby Arjun, while Astika returns to Naaglok to stop Vasuki. Pranali asks Ganga river to take care of her son and leaves baby in the water. Vasuki takes the snake form and saves Arjun. Vasuki then heads to a temple. He gives the baby the couple yearning for a son. Vasuki asks Shastri to raise the baby and names the baby Arjun, as he has won over death. The Shastri family showers lots of love on Arjun.

narjun18Arjun is shown grown up and working in some garage. He gets scolded by the garage owner. Arjun sweetly handles the owner by his talk. He takes the bike on a test drive. Takshak scolds Astika for not finding Vasuki and Arjun. Astika does not find Vasuki’s whereabouts and fails to find Naagmani too. Noorie is introduced then. She is guarded by her father’s guards. Her father happens to be city’s SP. She finds the trip boring and runs towards Arjun. She comes infront of his bike. Arjun gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. She sits behind Arjun on his bike and escapes from her dad’s guards. Arjun stops Vasuki following him. Arjun and Noorie have a talk on the way. They met with a small accident. Arjun worries for the bike’s repair cost. Noorie tells Arjun that she has seen enough of Amraoli on his bike. She decides to meet him again. She finds Arjun a nice guy. Vasuki meets Arjun and touches his feet.

narjun9Vasuki tells Arjun that the time has come when Arjun has to become a Naagarjun. Astika’s aide spots Vasuki. He tells Vasuki that he will soon inform Astika about Vasuki and Arjun. Vasuki stops the Naag and kills him. The other Naags takes the dead snake to Naaglok. Astika sees the Naag killed by Vasuki and believes its good sign for them. Astika tells Shankhachurna that by this Naag’s death, its confirmed that Vasuki is in Amraoli. Shankhachurna decides to kill all innocent people in that city. Astika stops him and limits from killing innocent humans. Astika decides to visit Amraoli and find Vasuki himself. He tells Shankhachurna that Amraoli will become a battle field now.

narjun8Arjun thinks of Vasuki’s words. Arjun spends his time with his sister Chutki and parents. Arjun recalls meeting Noorie. He tells Chutki how he met Noorie. Noorie thinks of Arjun and their bike ride. Noorie’s dad gets all the info about Arjun. He asks his guards to get Arjun. Noorie visits the garage and asks for a bike on rent. She thinks to go for mountain biking. Arjun comes there and tells owner that she is SP’s daughter. Owner allows Noorie to take a bike. Arjun takes Noorie on a bike ride. She chatters a lot and asks him why is he so he shy.

narjun16Noorie and Arjun have a sweet talk in the middle of the mountains. Noorie asks Arjun about his girlfriend. She tells Arjun to take coaching classes from her and she will prepare him to get a nice girl. Arjun blushes and starts liking Noorie. She tells Arjun that she will meet him again. Astika reaches Amraoli and is sure to have a battle with Vasuki. Vasuki realizes Astika’s arrival in Amraoli. He is content that Astika does not know Arjun is carrying the Naagmani. Vasuki tells Arjun that he does not want to create any trouble for him. Arjun goes to do puja along with his family. Arjun unknowingly meets Astika in the temple and touches his feet while picking the coconut. Arjun and Astika find emotional bonding with each other.

Our Take:

narjun20The show will be loved by the young audience. It has thrill, right amount of drama, action, suspense and a romantic track too. The mythological link in the concept acts as a great support for the show. A romantic story where the ordinary hero turns into a superhero would remind us of great superheroes tales. Anshuman Malhotra is very natural as Arjun. His great skilled scenes as Naagarjun will be seen ahead in the show. Nikitin Dheer has a tough personality and matches the role of fierce Astika very well.

narjun28Manish Wadhwa reminds his stint in Life Ok’s Mahakumbh, where he served the same role of guiding the superhero towards his life’s motive. Pooja Banerjee as Noorie also suits her bubbly role well. The actors are cast well. The show has taken the concept from Mahabharat’s history. A reference from Mahabharat is conceptualized in this fiction show. It raises interest in the story to know how the simple Arjun acts like Naagarjun. Naaglok sets are really well crafted. The city of Amraoli is presented beautifully. Naagarjun is a visual delight with grand sets and special effects.


narjun29Naagarjun is definitely a fresh concept and very much different from recently seen Naagin show. This show has more sensible track and well backed mythological concept. A good watch and a family entertainer. The show is a fair attempt by Life Ok.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  2. it’s just awesome

  3. Sriranjani (Tamil Girl)

    Best Story of Life OK Channel…………….BHRK ALSO BEST SERIAL

  4. Noorie secret is that she hate snakes that is related to her family past.

    1. then what will happen to the love story after revealing arjun’s secret

  5. yaar……. i cant find its written updates anywhere and i m also excited to know nooris secret?

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