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Naagarjun 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini’s soldiers attack Astika. Astika fights with them and kills them all. They bodies disappear.

Arjun sees injured Maskini, runs towards her and asks if she is fine and assures nothing will happen to him. He lifts her and walks. Maskini looks at his face and falls i love. She holds his shoulder and leans on it.

Astika looks at a tree hole and realizes Maskini entered earth via this door. He has to find out rttruth and gets into hole.

At home, Yashoda tells Noorie that she is worried about Pari, don’t know where she went. Arjun bring unconscious Pari/Maskini Yashoda asks where did he go and waht happened to this girl. Arjun makes Maskini sleep on on bed and says he doubted Pari unnecessarily and thought she is his and Amroli’s enemy. She opens

eyes. He apologizes. She says he should not apologize and she is thankful to him for saving her life. She felt he is dearer to her. Noorie feels jealous hearing this and leaves.

Astika walks via tree hole door into Maskini’s world and shouts Maskini I came to your world. Maskini hears his voice in Arjun’s house and thinks how did he find out the door, it cannot happen. She walks out and sees Arjun speaking to Tina over phone and telling about snake monster. She hides and thinks she has to reach her world soon. Arjun says Tina they have to find out what it was to protect Amroli and its people. Maskini runs from behind. He senses it, but continues chatting with Tina.

Astika continues searching Maskini and senses someone behind. A bat throws fire ball on him and he escapes. Bat throws fire again ad he tries to stop it withh this weapon, but could not and falls down. He realizes his powers won’t work here. Kalbhairav emerges. Astika asks if he was the one who went on earth and created havoc, why did he go there. Maskini comes and ties him via her superpowers. Astika says she will be defeated in this yug also. She says this is her world and she will suck even his powers and leaves him tied to a tree.

Arjun looks at his wounds and thinks they will heal with his superpowers, what wiill happen if Maskini attacks common people. Maskini as Pari entes locking door from inside and says she brought medicine for him. He applies medicine on his wounds. Yashoda with Tina and Aslam comes and knocks door. Arjun wears his T-shirt and oopens door. Maskini purposefully drops her pallu. Yashoda asks what is all this. He says nothing like she is thinking. Noorie angrily leaves. Arjun walks behind her and says whatever she saw was not true. She says she wsaw what she should and asks him to go. Pari/Maskini comes and says Noorie she is thinking wrong and tells Arjun she does not want them to fight because of her. Arjun says he is speaking and she should go. Maskini leaves. Arjun turns and sees Noorie leaving in car. He reminisces telling Noorie to forget him and thinks he wants Noorie to forget him but not like this.

Arjun goes to shiv temple and asks god why he cannot give his love to Noorie, why don’t he finish his love. He is a snake but also half human, he cannot stay away from Noorie and wants to die. Maskini comes and sees him crying and thinks even she cannot see him in pain, so she will finish Noorie. She tries to enter temple, but holy powers stop her.

Precap: Maskini goes to Noorie’s house to kill her.

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