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Naagarjun 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheemi tells Arjun and Astika that they should leave this place soon as Maskini lok people do some pooja tonight and increase their powers. Astika says okay and they all 3 start walking hurriedly. Ajgar reaches in front of Maskini carrying unconscious Noorie. He asks why did she wake him up, he would have woke up anyhow in some days. She asks why did he bring Noorie here. He says he did not like eating weak people she sent and liked this girl, she could not eat even her, so she brought her here. She says Noorie is her prisoner and asks to eat her. He says no and he will keep her alive until he does her work. She says he has not changed at all, brother. He laughs and says even she has not change.d Maskini asks her guards to put back Noorie in jail and they take her away. Ajgar asks

again why did she call her. She says she wants him to finish her enemies Astika and Arjun. He laughs.

While continuing to walk, Astika says he feels some super powers around. They see Cheemi missing. Cheemi on the other side laughs that she brought them here as a trap and they both will die. She just fulfilled maharani Maskini’s orders and now they both cannot go further from here alive, their death is for sure, but till they are alive, they will not know her secret. She is loyal to Maskini forever. She could not kill them, so she took a weak girl’s form, now their death is for sure, they did not realize her ruth at all. She laughs. Arjun tells Astika that Cheemi is missing and they have to save her. Astika says let us find her.

Tina also continues walking. Pandey says inspector that Tina is fooling her. Tina says they cannot stop at one place and should continue walking. Inspector says okay. Pandey asks why he is obeying her like a husband. Inspector warns to mind her tongue. Tina says if they hear any voice, they have to be silent. They hear sound. Tina signals to keep moving. Pandey speaks that they will kill him and he will go from here. Monster attacks him and kills him. Inspector feels sad and shouts he willl kill everyone who killed his people. Tina says monsters are very powerful, so they cannot fight.

Arjun and Astika continue walking. Cheemi comes. Arjun asks where was she. She says just like him, a bad dream haunted her and she came here wandering, they should go on the other side now. Astika says he feels they are on the right path. Cheemi says no, other side is the right direction. Arjun and Astika walk. Cheemi laughs that nagrani maskini will be very happy seeinng them. Four masked monsters attack Arjun and Astika. Astika and Arjun attack them, but powers surpass them. Astika says they should change their direction. Monsters follow them and attack again.

Yashoda wakes up and prays that Arjun should be safe. Aslam says these people will not spare us, so they have to leave escape from here, they have kept us like animals and shouts at guards. Yashoda asks him to calm down, Arjun will come for sure to save them, till then they have to support each other.

Maya and Loka serve drinks to Ajgar. Ajgar looks at them and tells Maskini that her aides are not as beautiful as Noorie, human are so beatiful. Maskini says she did not call him to praise human and wants him to take revenge from Arjun and Astika. He says he will fight even if he has to die.

Astika tells Arjun that these monsters are reflection without body, how will he kill them. Arjun says their eyes is their strength and they have to destroy their eyes. Astika says excellent, but it is not easy to kill them. Arjun stands in front of one monster. Monster throws power. Arjun escapes. Astika stands behind Arjun. Cheemi thinks their effort will be wasted, she will give good news to rani Maskini.

Precap: Astika says it s not a coincideence that Maskini is knowing their moves each time, Cheemi is informing Maskini. Maskini thinks Cheemi is betraying her, so she strangulates and kills Cheemi.

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