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Vasuki warns Astika not to provoke Arjun’s powers before time, else he may become nag rakshas instead of nagarjun. Astika says he knew he would break promise and come in between him and Arjun. Vasuki says he never breaks his promise. He lifs unconscious Arjun and pampers him.

Mohini asks Shankchurn to be specific and stop creating mystery like human. Shankchurn says he has created doubt for Arjun in Noorie’s mind, soon she will hate Arjun, Arjun does not even know what is happening.

Arjun wakes up reminisces all the recent events and picks spearhead to kill Astika. Vasuki stops him and asks if he remembered what happened recently. Arjun says 2 men were tried to kill him. Astika says it is not necessary he was attacked. Arjun tries to leave angrily. Vasuki asks him to

rest here. Arjun says he will not. Astika says he saw fire throwing monster attacked even him. Arjun says this is not true, he knows everything and is hiding secret from him. He leaves fuming. Vasuki tells Astika he should stop at least now before Arjun become nag rakshas and harms nag log. Astika says Arjun is becoming what maharaj Takshak wants him to be, nag log’s best weapon. Vasuki says uncontrollable weapon is of no use. He extends hand and says they both find real enemy. Astka says he does not need his help to find enemy and walks out.

Yashoda worried for Arjun when he does not return till midnight. Arjun comes and she ask where was he, she was worried abou him. He shouts he is not a kid now. She says he has grown up, she will bring paneer pakoras for him. He says he is tired eating paneer pakoras since childhood. She says she is his mother and is worried for him. He shouts she is not his mother and walks to his room. She stands in a shock crying and says she is his mother. Arjun goes to his room and behaves like a snake.

Noorie reminisces her and Arjun’s moments together and cries. She calls Arjun, but he throws his phone and looks into mirror angrily.

Shankchurn scolds junior to get solid evidence against culprit, it is SP sir’s case, Noorie should not know about it until he gets solid proof. Noorie hears that and asks what he is hiding. He says he cannot tell truth as it is of her close friend. She asks is it about Arjun, she wants to know. He shows fake forensic report that some human killed SP and not animal, nearby tea vendor saw Arjun with SP last time, even Arjun’s phone was tracked in that area that day. Noorie cries that Arjun cannot do this. Shankchurn asks what about proofs, even he wants to meet Arjun and ask about these proofs. He continues that SP separated Arjun and her, so Arjun killed SP. Noorie says Arjun cannot do this. He says he can, else why will he not pick her call. She asks why did he tap her mobile. He says he has to, to get proof. He will find out truth at any cost. She asks him to go and find truth and stop dragging Arjun in this. He says unwantedly all evidences are against Arjun. He then acts and says he would have tortured Arjun and got truth out, but he did not as he promised SP that he will not trouble Noorie and he knows Arjun is Noorie’s weak point. He continues that he knows that she loves Arjun and not him. He says he frees him from their relationship, she can marry Arjun if she can, it will hurt him, but he wants her happiness and will be her friend forever. He will feel guilty that he could not catch his guru’s murderer. Noorie says sorry, she does not want to hurt him. He says it is not her mistake, he does not if he has right on her or not, even then he wants to know if she really knows what is in Arjun’s heart, if he is same the way he looks.

Precap: Shankchurn tells Mohini that he has created so much hatred in Noorie’s heart for Arjun now that she will not forgive him. Noorie slaps Arjun and says he killed her father, she curses him that he will not be happy and will lose everything like she lost. Mohini and Shankchurn smirk seeing this.

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  1. epi was little bit ok but precap is just crab y didn’t arjun realize his reality till now as he also acts so much angry like snakes and what will happen with noori will she die if yes then kill her but don’t hurt noori or arjun

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    Yaa ooshi u r right

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