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Noorie drops Yashoda home. Arjun’s aunt thanks her and says she told Yashoda not to exert herself. Noorie says she will leave now. Aunt asks her to have tea and go. Noorie says not now. Yashoda wakes up and says why will she have tea with us. She holds Noorie’s hand and makes her sit. Aunt leaves to bring tea. Yashoda asks how are marriage arrangements going. Noorie says good, dad wanted same. Yashoda says we choose things for some months or years, but choose a life partner life, so we should take a right decision and if not, we will repent whole life. She says one should not lose their love.

Arjun comes home and scolds Yashoda why did she go out, he would have brought vegetable. She says she is fine, Noorie dropped her home even after so much happened, she thinks

he should speak to Noorie.

Arjun reaches Noorie’s house. Rajveer says Noorie they did not invite anyone for dinner. Arjun says he came to thank Noorie and thanks her for dropping Yashoda home. She says it is okay, she would have dropped anyone else also and asks him to leave. Rajveer starts fighting and misbehaving with Arjun. Arjun says he does not want to fight. Rajveer continues. Arjun confronts. Noorie shouts at Arjun to get out. Arjun leaves. Noorie then cries reminiscing his and Arjun’s happier days. Agar tum saath ho….tum saath ho yaa na ho….song..plays in the backgound. She asks god why can’t he give happiness in her life. Arjun sitting out asks why Vasuki made stories of maharabhat, he wantd to show him right path, but misguided him. Asthika hears Arjun via telepathy and says freezed Vasuki he should not have misguided Arjun. Arjun continues he hates Vasuki. Astika yells at freezed Vasuki that hate changes fates and Vasuki will lose. Arjun continues that he will follow his father mahabali Astika’s path and will not disappoint his dear ones.

Nagmaya tells Astika that Arjun is coming and he should stop Arjun, else Arjun will see freezed Vasuki and remove knife from his back. Astika shouts to shut up and hides freezed Vasuki behind chair. Arjun enters and seeing Vasuki/Astika asks why is he here, where is Astika. Astika says he did not kill Astika, his mother, Tina or Noorie yet. Arjun shouts if he was behind all this and angrily tries to hit. Astika ties him and asks what if Noorie is dead. Arun shouts he should not harm Noorie and aasks to free him. Astika leaves from there, goes to Noorie’s house as dog and captures her soul. He via telepathy asks Nagmaya to show her magic and free Arjun. Nagmaya becomes a nag sainik and frees Arjun and says as soon as Astika came to know that Vasuki captured him, he sent him to free him. Arjun asks where is Astika. Sainik says he is meditating for Arjun’s safety and told Noorie is in trouble. Tina calls him and informs that Noorie is in hospital and he leaves. Nagmaya changes back to her real form.

Arjun reaches hospital and asks doc how is Noorie. Doc says this happened first time in medical history. Nooorie’s body is cold as if she is dead, but her pulse and brain are working. Arjun goes in to check Noorie. A magical storm starts. Arjun controls storm and throws it back. He then holds her hand and says she ordered him to leave her alone, but he did not selfishly. He goes and sits out and thinks he does not deserve anyone’s love. He hears Noorie pleading to save her. He asks where is she. She says she does not know, some people are dragging him.

Precap: Arjun reaches a cave to save Noorie. Rajveer attacks him and he counterattacks. Astika says he captured Noorie, but Arjun is captured in reality.

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