Naagarjun 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun speaks to Tina over phone and says he doubts the girl staying in his house and it looks like she is holdinng his powers. He asks to speak to guruji and find out solution. He thihnks he has to do something before Tina’s reply comes.

A few children play near river bank. A boy sees bubble frm water and peeps in. A Kalbhairav comes out and captures boy and jumps back into water. All children panic seeing him and run away. Aslam stops them and asks what happened. They say a Kalbhairav dragged their friend into water.

Arjun walks towards Maskini’s room thinking of knwing her secret. Yashoda stops her and asks why he is going there again. Arjun says he doubts that girl. She says his thinking baseless and asks to stop troubling that girl. Arjun says he

cannot risk his family. Maskini hears their coversatioon and goes out via window. Arjun rushes out and sees vase broken down and says that girl is not at home. He runs behind Maskini into jungle. Maskini hides bbehind tree and sends her aide snake to inform Kalbhairav that it is time for them to take Arjun to their world and asks to open the door of their world. Arjun continues searching her. She then sits crying. Arjun asks her to stop her drama and tell who she is. She cries and says if he doubts her, she will not stay in his house.

Aslam goes to Arjun’s house and informs Yashoda about a Kalbhairav kidnapping a boy and jumping into river. Arjun enters and Yashoda says only he can save Amroli people now from Kalbhairav. Arjun asks if the girl came back. Yashoda says she came back and was weeping a lot and she left. Arjun thinks he has to hold the girl at his house to know the secert of monster. He goes to jungle and apologizes Maskini for his misbehavior and asks to come back home with him. She turning her face says he killed her brother, so he will be punished. Arjun asks who is it. kalbhairav comes out of tree and attacks Arjun. Arjun feels dizzy.

Astika on the other side uses his superpower and sees Maskini’s world’s door and thinks why did she open it here, whatever her intention is, he will not let her succeeed.

Arjun gets up and escapes Kalbhairav’s attack and says he knows it is Maskini and says he did not kill her brother. He holds Maskini/Pari’s hand and takes her with him. Maskini is surpised to hear he did not kill her brother.

Shankchurn and Mohini plan of stopping Astika from blocking Maskini’s world door and burn trees around. Astika comes and sees fire all around. Mohini says they cannot stop Astika for long. Astika blows off fire with his weapon’s power. Mohini then creates her monsters and sends to attack Astika and says Shankchurn it is time for them to go from here.

Arjun drops Maskini at a safe place and leaves asking her to stay here. Maskini feels Arjun holding her hand and thinks why she is thinking of this half human. Kalbhairav scontinues atttacking Arjun and Arjun escapes. Arjn closes his eyes and senses monster’s moment with his snake ears and punches hi. Kalbhairav falls into dirt and Arjun can see him now. Monster then attacks Arjun, but Arjun overpowers him and beats. Maskini falls feels pain. Arjun defeats monster and monster falls on earth injured. Maskini gets those injuries on her body and thinks Kalbhairav is her part, so she felt the injuries. Arjun tells MAskini that he did not kill her brother and says he will show the visual. Maskini sees visual hiding and is surprised

Precap: Astika fights with Mohini’s monsters. kalbhairav gets up and Arjun injures him with superpowers. Maskini feels those injuries and shouts no…

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