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At Arjun’s home, his cousin asks aunt to finish pooja as he needs to have parasad. Aunt says only after pooja. Arjun and Aslam are busy distributing prasad. People start falling ill after eating prasad. At Arjun’s house, Noorie asks Chutki if they should have prasad only after pooja. Chutki says today is mahapooja and this nirmalya prasad can be eaten only afer that. Maheshwar comes and she greets hm namaste. Chutki says she is her friend and even Arjun’s.

Arjun stops sadhu from having prasad. Sadhu says it is insult to prasad if he does not have it. Arjun eats that prasad and runs asking people not to have prasad. Asthika’s soldier closely watches Arjun. Aslam says they both also ate prasad and falls down due to poison. Arjun gets worried and says he will

take him to hospital. Aslam asks him to go and save mom and family first. Arjun runs towards home. Asthika with his men looks at dead people and says he wanted to see dead people and says he wanted to see dead people like in battlefield, he will snatch mani from Vasuki and will not return to maharaj Dakshak without it. jun sees children about to eat prasad and throws it on time.

Inspector informs SP that people are falling ill after eating nirmalya prasad. SP asks them to alert emergency services and ask hospitals and clinics to admit people without formalities. He says it must be terrorist attack. Inspector says Maheshwar prepares this prasad under his supervision. He says he is Arjun’s father and says let us go to his home. Constable comes and informs that Noorie escaped from home and her phone is switched off.

Arjun’s family is about to have prasad when he reaches and throws prasad and says it has poison in it. They hear SP’s car siren and Noorie says her papa is coming to take her from here and asks Arjun to hide her. Mom asks what happened. Noorie says her father does not want her to meet Arjun and earlier he got Arjun arrested for meeting her. Mom asks Arjun to drop her to her home. Arjun says he will not leave them alone. Mom and dad insist and he leaves. SP enters with his team and misbehaves with Maheshwar and whole family and says maheshwar and his son mixed poison in prasad. Maheshwar says he is preparing prasad since 30 years. SP asks his team to search house and find out where Arjun hid Noorie and warns Masheshwar that he and his son will be behind bars. Maheshwar says his daughter is safe and he can aunderstand his feelings as he is also a father. SP says by adopting orphan does not mean he is father and continues misbehaving. He arrests and drags him from there.

Asthika’s soldier informs that in whole Amroli only Arjun did not get affected by poison. Asthika says he is either nag or Vasuki and asks to keep a close eye on him. le dropping Noorie on the way, Arjun helps drop people in ambulance. Soldier watches him from a distance.

SP continues torturing Maheshwar and breaks his fingers and shouts where is Arjun. Arjun tells Noorie that he will call mom and finds his mobile missing. He calls via PCO at home first and then Maheshwar. SP warns Maheshwar if he gets Arjun’s address, he will spare Arjun, else he will kill him in encounter. SP himself picks call and Maheshwar asks where is he. Arjun says near bus stop PCO. SP says now he will put him and his son behind bars. Noorie tells Arjun that something is wrong as her dad asked him to wait instead of calling home, he should call dad and say he is coming home. SP takes Maheshwar in police car, handcuffed. Arjun calls again and asks why he asked him to stay near PCO. Maheshwar says stay there and SP disconnects call. Arjun realizes something is wrong.

Arjun says he informs Noorie what happened. Noorie says there is some problem. They hear police siren. Arjun asks Noorie to go as he wants to be with his father. She agrees and says it is because of her. He says it is not because of her and he will not blame her. Noorie sees him holding her hand and turns back. He leaves it and Noorie runs from there. SP’s cars come and see Arjun in the middle of road. SP comes out of car and inspectors drag dad in hand cuffs.

Precap: Vasuki tells his soldiers if Arjun is Vasuki, he will use his super powers. Arjun beats police. Vasuki says nag can change his form but not his power. Arjun even fights with nags to save Aslam.

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