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Naagarjun 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Astika tells Shankchurn that Arjun is a half human and his weakness is his family, he should attack Arjun’s family so much that Arjun should get afraid to use his nag shakti/powers. SP calls Shankchurn/Rajveer and he leaves.

Rajveer goes to police station and waits for SP, reminiscing how he injured Arjun and threw him well, but he getting back to normal. SP comes and scolds that he is not doing his duty properly and says he wants Arjun to be away from Noorie. He heard Noorie went to search Arjun, he was missing whole night and came back suddenly in the morning. He wants him to file murder cases against Arjun and put him behind bars forever. Rajveer thinks with Arjun’s death, many people will benefit.

Vasuki tells Asthika he is playing a lethal game by making his human

and nag sons fight, Arjun may not handle this. Asthika says he is getting ready. jun feels severe pain and writhes in pain. Asthika tells Vasuki that more Shankchurn attacks Arjun, Arjun’s nag powers will get activated more. Vasuki says again he is playing with Arjun’s life. Asthika says he knows what he is doing.

Shankchurn reaches outside Arjun’s house and says he will go on Astika’s shown path and will kill Arjun. He enters house as snake. Arjun senses something is wrong. Shankchurn goes and sits in kitchen shelf. Yashoda after finishing cooking asks her devrani Vrinda to switch off gas. She opens shelf and gets afraid seeing snake. Yashoda checks and says it is just cylinder pipe. She then goes out and asks chutki to finish her homework and sleep. She walks towards her room. Shankchurn follows her and sits on bed. Yashoda sees it and shouts snake. Arjun and Maheshwar come and ask what happened. She says she saw snake on bed. They check whole room and does not find snake. Aunt sees it on sofa and shouts. Family runs outside and does not find snake. Chutki shouts. They run into her room and see snake in front of her. Arjun tries to divert snake’s attention. Snake escapes from window. Arjun hands over Chutki to Yashoda and runs behind snake. Snake runs into jungle.

Asthika watches it via superpowers and says it is time that his both sons fight with each other with equal powers, nobody can change fate. He gives some super powers to Arjun. Arjun continues running behind snake and catches it. He then throws snake on stone and throws big stone on snake. Shankchurn turns back to human and breaks stone into pieces. Arjun is shocked to see him and asks who is he, he will tell his truth to everyone. Shankchurn taunts that he is seeing fear in his eyes, when he could not save his sister today, how will he save her tomorrow. Arjun attacks him, but he stands undeterred. He then starts torturing Arjun and Arjun shouts in pain. He says he does not know how Arjun saved himself, but today he will die for sure. Arjun falls down injured and unconscious. Shankchurn asks Astika if this is his astrology, he has changed fate by killing Arjun and only Shankchurn is Nagarun.

Precap: Mohini looks at Chutki and thinks Arjun loves this girl, what if she kills her. Chutki sees snake on her bed and shouts maaaaa…

Update Credit to: MA

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