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Astika, Astika, and Cheeemi conitnue walk via a cold place. Astika loses his powers and changes into common man. Arjun tires to walk towards him, but he stops Arjun and asks to use his weapon. He starts freezing. Arjun gets his weapon and throws it on Astika to unfreeze him, but Astika turns into ice totally. Maskini thinks she cannot trust Katya rishi now and has to call one of her most trusted aide. She asks Maya and Loka to call Ajgar and take a few Amroli people for his feast. Maya and Loka do same. A monster Ajgar roars from cave.

Inspector points gun at Tina again and asks who is she. Tina asks him to calm down and trust her, she is just trying to save Amroli people like him, and if he does not trust, he can walk back. He says it is not easy to return, so he will trust

him. He returns Tina’s book and gives even his gun.

Arjun tries to revive frozen Astika, but cannot. He then decides to use his nagmani powers, prays Shivji and throws power from his mouth. Astika normalizes, but Arjun falls down very weak. Noorie continues walking and stops seeing a snake. Astika scolds Arjun why did he sacrifice his powers to save his life, how will he save his family now. Arjun says even he is his father, so it was his duty to save him. Astika asks how will he defeat Maskini now. Arjun says with god’s help.

While walking, a stone falls on inspector, but Tina saves him and scolds what if stone had fallen on him. Inspector says he would have died, thats all, he saw so many people dying. Tina says Maskini is doing all this and tells her story, says she came here to help Arjun and save Amroli people. He says even he is with her now. She asks if he will not doubt her. He says no. She asks promise. He says yes. Pandey watches their expressions.

Arjun while walking reminisces Noorie, their romance, and Noorie telling she is going and he should forget her. He shouts Noorie Noorie, come back. Astika stops him and says if he shouts like this, evil powers will attack them. Arjun says he cannot think how bad dream he saw, it shattered him. Cheemi says whatever he saw is not true as it is the effect of this place, this place as Maskini’s black magic and affects one’s brain and one sees whatever he fears of. Arjun says he saw Noorie going away from her. Cheemi says this place is like this so that anyone should not reach here. Astika says they have to clear this path soon. Cheemi says they have to leave from here soon. They continue walking.

Precap: Ajgar asks Maskini why did she wake him up. She says to kill her enemies Astika and Arjun. They have not seen Maskini’s powers at all and will die

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