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Astika senses someone intruding in his house and warns them to come out. Agneye and Tara come out and say he is too sharp. Tara says he lost his powers, how will he save himself. He says he is mahabali and if they know consequences of attacking naglok’s mahabali. Tara says they will face consequences only if he is alive. He attacks, but Astika kicks him. Agneye throws fire from his eyes and Astika escapes again and picks holy water pot. Agneye burns his hand. Tara attacks Astika from behind and injures him. Agneye also attacks Astika and injures him.

Vasuki comes to Astika’s house and sees soldiers missing. He sees ashes on floor. Arjun hurriedly walks in. Vasuki stops him and asks where is he going. Arjun says to meet Astika and question about two snakes turning

human, then hawk attacking Astika, man throwing fire from his eyes and trying to kill him. Vasuki says slower. They both get in and see Tara and Agneye trying to Astika. Arjun shouts to leave Astika. They both throw Astika on floor. Agneye shouts he escaped from death and throws fire on him. Arjun shouts in pain. Vasuki asks him to retweak his powers. Arjun’s eyes turn into snake eyes and he attacks them both. Tara attacks Arjun. Arjun then holds Tara and kills him via Agneye’s fire. Agneye then attacks with fire repeatedly. Vasuki via telepathy pleads Astika to save his son. Astika gives holy water to Arjun and says this water will set off Agneye’s fire. Arjun throws water on Agneye and he turns into ashes.

Arjun then attacks Astika and asks what is secret behind Mohini and Rajveer. Astika says he does not know. Arjun raises hand to hit him when Vasuki holds his hand and reminds that he is Arjun Shastri, a good human. Arjun’s anger increases and his turns into half snake skin and he pushes Vasuki down and attacks Astika again, but his hand falls on pillar behind. Astika asks what he wants to do. Arjun goes to pick spearhead. Vasuki via telephathy rquests Astika to return his powers which he engraved in Arjun’s nagmani. Astika says he will not, else he will make Arjun like him, he will die instead.

Arjun picks spearhead and rushes to kill Astka. Astika holds his forehead and chants some mantra. Vasuki’s powers get out of Arjun’s forehead and gets into Vasuki. Vasuki stops Arjun and keeps hand on his head. Arjun feels severe headache and falls unconscious.

Noorie mourns her father SP’s death. People gather in mourning ceremony. Shankchurn and Mohini meet people. Shankchurn senses Nagmaya coming there and takes Mohini to a room. Nagyama comes and says both Tara and Agneye are dead. Mohini says how can Astika kill them when he is powerless. Nagmaya says Arjun killed them and she saw via her powers that Arjun became evil and was even attacking Astika, she saw so much fear in Astika’s eyes. She says Astika will kill them now. Shankchurn says he will kill Astika before his powers return, Vasuki will not attack them until they attack him, he knows how to handle Arjun and looks at Noorie.

Vasuki tells Astika that he is doing wrong by provoking Arjun’s powers before time, Arjun was trying to kill his father and warns again not to provoke Arjun’s powers before time, else Arjun will become nag rakshas instead of nagarjun.

Precap: Shankchurn tells Mohini and Nagmaya that he has created doubt in Noorie’s mind for Arjun and soon she will hate Arjun. Yashoda scolds Arjun for being away from home till late night. He shouts he is not a kid. She says she is his mother. He shouts she is not his mother.

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  1. yar yeh kya jalebi bn rhi hai seedhi si 1 story b ni bna skte ye writers

    1. True samaj Ni araha noorie kya kry gi nafrat Kr k Arjun kaisay Mary ga is say…?

  2. they should tell arjun about everything but they are not telling’s epi was awsm … 😀

    1. agreed

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