Naagarjun 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Takshak disguised as Arjun insists Yashoda to come along him. Chutki says they should not until papa/Maheshwar comes back. In jungle, Aslam tell real Arjun that they all know now that he is real Arjun, Yashoda had seen her going to Noorie’s house, if he was not Arjun why he would have gone there. Yashoda tells Chutki if Arjun is telling, then she should agree to him. Takshak picks Chutki. Arjun comes there with Arjun and is shocked to see his replica. He realizes it is Takshak and asks why did he come here. Takshak says he did not come to naglok, so he had com here. He even holds Yashoda. Arjun asks him to leave his family and fight with him instead. Takshak says he will not until he comes back with him. Arjun punches him, saves Yashoda and Chuti and asks Aslam to take them from

here. Takshak comes into his original form and attacks Arjun.

Astika watches everything via his superpowers. Urmi comes and says it s good he saw everything and says they should help Arjun. Astika gives his superpowers and sends her to help Arjun. Takshak repeatedly attacks Arjun and he falls down. Takhak laughs that nobody is powerful than him. Urmi comes there and transfers Astika’s powers into Arjun. Arjun wakes up and roars with half snake and half human face. Takshak realizes, these are Astika’s powers and he may be defeated by them, so he escapes from there. Arjun falls down and looks at Urmi. Aslam rushes and holds him.

In naglok, Shankchurn ffumes in front of Mohini that Astika is always worried about his human son and not him. Mohini says his father is worried about nagmani and not Arjun and tells him some plan.

Urmi takes bath sensously in her room. Shankchurn comes there. She sensuously asks if he will just stare or come near her. Shankchurn walks towards her thinking nagmani can wait but not this nagin.

Arjun gets well and smiles. Tina tells Yashoda that she told Arjun will be fine soon. Arjun smiles and asks where is papa. Yashoda says he is out and once he comes, she will convince him that he is their son. She goes to prepare his favorite food. Tina hopes there will not be any more problem on Arjun and Amroli. Arjun feels guilty that they all love him so much, but he tried to kill them.

Noorie gets Arjun’s dream and wakes up shouting Arjun. She shouts Arjun killed her father, why she is worried about him, where is he, she needs to ask him why he killed her father, so she will find him.

Arjun cries in front of Yashoda that Noorie loves him so much and he feels guilty going in front of her. Yashoda says Noorie has misunderstood her, once he speaks to her, all misunderstanding will vanish. Arjun says there is a huge diference, she is human and he is nag. Aslam says their ways are same. Yashoda says once he speaks to her, everything will be fine, it is a question of tust. Arjun says she does not trust him at all. She says she loves him but and love is biggest power. Mohini watches everything ia window and murmurs love is biggest weakness and Arjun’s weakness will be Shankchurn’s power. Yashoda asks him meet Noorie once. He senses snake/Mohini around and walks towards window.

Precap: Sankchurn bites Noorie and kills her. Mohini tells Nagmaya that with Noorie’s death, Arjun will be so weak that Shankchurn will easily kill him. Doc declares Noorie as dead.

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