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Astika confronts Shankchurn and asks if Maskini came on earth. Shankchurn says Arjun killed Maskini’s brother Praninath, so she sent Kalbhairav to kill Arjun and Kalbhairav is creating havoc in Amroli. Astika says if he will have only one son in future if he finds out that Shankchurn helped Maskini. Shanchurn thinks he is right, he will have only oe son in future and Arjun will die.

Shankchurn informs Maskini about Astika via super powers. She via her superpowers speaks to Kalbhairav on her hand and orders him to attack Astika. Yashoda enters and Maskini hides her hand. Yashoda asks what is she hiding and forcefully sees her hand. She sees hand empty. Maskini says she told hand is empty.

Astika in jungle searches Kalbhairav and thinks why he is not feeling Kalbhairav’s

presence here. He then sees someone and runs behind. Arjun at home stands thinking. Yahoda asks what is he thinking. He says nothing important, feels someone around and walks out. He goes to jungle. Astika senses him and hides behind tree. Arjun asks who is there and says he feels a black snake here. Astika thinks shankchurn was right, Maskini sent Kalbhairav to take revenge from Arjun.

Arjun goes back home and reminisces a mother pleading him to save her son. Maskini asks him if he is fine. He says yes. She says she knows he is tensed regarding whatever is happening in village. He says that means she knows what is happening in village. She nervously says she heard many children are being kidnapped. He asks how does she know. She says auntiji/Yashoda informed her. In jungle, Astika continues searching Kalbhairav.

Tina comes to Arjun’s house. Yashoda asks where was she. Tina says Arjun kept her busy in lab. She gives tea and says she forgot to add sugar. Maskini comes and says she will add sugar and takes tea cups. Yashoda says Tina that this is the girl whom Chutki found near rive bank. Maskini mixes sugar and then her poison in Tina’s cup and thinks she wants to know about her world, now she will repent know. She serves tea to Tina and Yashoda. Tina asks if she added 1 or 2 spoons of sugar. Maskini says one. Tina goes to add one more spoon of sugar, adds sugar and comes back. She is about to sip tea when Arjun comes and turns her. Tea cup falls down. Maskini fumes in anger. Arjun takes Tina aside and says one more child is kidnapped. She asks if he does not sense problem with her superpowers. Arjun says he feels when he comes near home and has doubt on this girl.

Yashoda searches something in Maskini’s room when Maskini is not around. Maskini cmes and senses her present inside and thinks if this woman sees her secret, she will create problem Yashoda is about to piick pilow, behind which Maskini’s black magic diamond is when Maskini enters and asks what is she checking and makes diamond invisible. Mohini says she is cleaning room and asks if she remember who is she and where she is from. Maskini says no and thinks she knows Arjun sent her here and will not know her secret at all. Yashoda asks if she does not remember her mother’s face as people can forget anything except mother’s face. Maskini sheds crocodile tears and says she cannot remember, anyways she is also like her mother. Yashoda says yes and walks out saying she will get some sweets for her. She then scolds Arjun that he is doubting the girl unnecessary. Arjun says he does noot know whom to trust. Yashoda says whatever it is, this girl is innocent.

Precap: Arjun asks Yashoda to let him check that girl as he feels something is wrong. Yashoda scolds something is wrong in his brain and not that girl. Maskini sends her messenger snake to call Kalbhairav and help her get Arjun.

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